Revealed: Maria Sharapova’s, Serena Williams’ Nike dresses for US Open 2009


Nike has unveiled the US Open 2009 outfits of their tennis players during the Nike’s US Open challenge in New York.

Maria Sharapova Nike US Open 2009 day dressMaria Sharapova Nike US Open 2009 day jacket

Maria Sharapova’s day dress will be dusty-pink with fluorescent green shoulder straps and piping. Of course, the Russian will have a matching visor and a jacket.

Maria Sharapova Nike US Open 2009 night dressMaria Sharapova Nike US Open 2009 night jacket

The night version of the dress will be a combination of navy blue, almost midnight, and silver color blocks and piping. A jacket with oversized hood will make Sharapova warm during cold evenings.

Additional info: Sharapova will be wearing Tiffani & Co. earrings designed by Frank Gehry.

Serena Williams at the Nike

Serena Williams
was wearing this Nike Women’s Athlete Open Dress for Nike’s US Open challenge in New York, so I  would say it’s confirmed that her US Open outfits will be the following.

Serena Williams Nike US Open 2009 dresses

The pink dress is for the day, the black one is for night sessions.


  1. As a fan, not really impressed with Maria’s outfit. The night dress okay, the day dress is hideous. Last year’s dress were a lot better (you’ve probably seem photos of them), she didn’t get to wear them, shame. Her day dress last year is great, the night dress was the bomb. But this year, not really.

  2. l like the night dress!! but i dont consider hideous the day dress it is a lot better than other’s palyers dresses

  3. think the dresses are just ok
    wondering if anyone from nike looking at this will be at the usopen…looking for someone to do a favor and do some shoping or looking for me at the nike us open booth

  4. I love the night dress! I think it will suit Maria perfectly!! With the Lights and the earings she’s gonna look great

  5. Thanks for the fashion updates, Marija!!

    I think both dresses will look much better on, than in the pictures….

  6. If kirilenko is no longer the face of stella mccartney, what does she now wear?? Does she just go back to wearing standard adidas gear? That would be tough!! Such a downgrade from designer gear….

  7. serena look fat in that shot, i dont think her dress will look good at all.
    sharapovas are disappointing, last years were so much better, these ones look more like generic designs, not sharapovas usual personal ones.
    all her dresses since she has returned have been average. pick up your game nike

  8. Well I won’t believe they are her dresses until she really wears them. 😛

    I mean seriously, the dress (especially the day dress) is so, hmm, don’t know what to say about it. Last year’s dresses were the bomb and stuff. I hope she’s like “screw this, I’ll just wear last year’s dresses”.

    The color of the night dress, black and silver, thing is okay. But the dress, not really, I expected more. But whatever. 😀

    P.S. Maria went to two (?) events this week. One was Blake Lively’s birthday. Who knew they were friends? Maria should make an appearance on Gossip Girl. 😛

    Also another one, the launch of her Cole Haan Collection. Her hair looks stunning on that one. Probably her best look this year yet. 🙂

  9. I think the dresses will look very good on Masha. Especially the night dress. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she choses to were other dresses during the tournament, because she did not wore anything she was expected to wear at the majors last couple of years. She can donate these dresses to Serena and were last years dresses herself.

  10. sharapovas dress remind me of like 2005 dresses and stuff. serena would look good in her outfits. serena’s dress is so fug

  11. I’m not in love with either of Sharapova’s dresses from the pictures, but I am confident that she will be able to pull them off. After all, she doesn’t pick bad outfits, except for the Victoria Azarenka style headbands she has been wearing as of late in day matches. Those are hideous on her and she needs to return to the visor. However, my favorite Sharapova dress of all-time is the black US Open (2006?) dress with the Swarovski Crystal detailing of the New York skyline on the chest. Stunning!

    Serena’s dresses look fine in pictures, but I honestly think her chest is too big to make them work! Based on the pictures, there is a bit too much puckering going on…

    I am excited to see Ivanovic and Jankovic, as they usually pick pretty dresses. And then, of course, Maria Kirilenko and her Stella McCartney for adidas outfits should be good.

  12. Karolina, oh, sorry I didn’t reply earlier: Kirilenko will be wearing adidas’ Competition line! :/ Not even Adilibria.

  13. Well, I like the dresses. The dresses from last year were much better, I agree. But, if these are Maria’s dresses they will look good on her. Nike wont give her something in which she looks a horrible mess :] Ofcourse, Maria is known for pulling off a switheroo of her dresses, so I’ll be not surprised if she does it with one these dresses this year either. But I like them, so these are good for me :]

  14. As for Serena’s dresses, I don’t care a lot about them. If they fit Serena well, it’ll always be a good outfit ;]

  15. Year after year, Serena has been wearing the same old designs; the same dress with wide straps over the shoulders or straps just slipping onto the side of the arms. It seems Nike has shifted it’s interests more-so in Maria. Now nike has tweeked the designs for Serena, and it looks even worse. Venus always out-trumps serena in the fashion stakes. hands down

  16. maria’s outfit is awesome like always(both the day and the night dress)…ofcourse the night dress is cooler…Go Maria!

  17. i really like the day dress, not so much the night one. bi’ve seen sharapova wear the night dress and the stripe down the back makes her look like a space age skunk. and as for the dresses last year that everyone seems to love, the day dress was very cute but the night dress was hideous.

  18. I’m not sure really, but I don’t think you can buy it right now. I’ve seen Serena’s Nike dress at Tennis Warehouse.

  19. Watched the Sharapova/Oudin match live. Maria looked as much like a model in her pink/green dress as she did a great tennis player. Where can I get the dress? I asked at the Nike booth and they said they didn’t have the rights to the dress.

  20. I thought the day dress in pink/green was spectacular, and I’d like to buy it – but it’s not available on the Nike website.

  21. i think that both of marias dresses are awesome the day dress really brings out a cool look. the night dress is a bomb and it looks great with her accessories. both of the dresses look really great on her especially since her body is great

  22. i think both of marias dresses are awesome. the day dress really brings out a cool look in maria. i loved the night dress especially with all the accessories and everything. both of the dresses look great on maria and her body is great for them.

  23. Debra landry, you’re like the 10th person to ask that, but I still don’t know where one can buy it. I’m really sorry. If I happen to hear that piece of info, I will publish it in a post here on Women’s Tennis Blog.


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