Kim Clijsters explains the strange mark on her face


Kim Clijsters face problem

Fortunately, we have had plenty of occasions to watch Kim Clijsters at the US Open, but one thing has been unclear by now: What’s that mark on Kim’s face? I’m sure you’ve noticed it.

The Belgian explains the bizarre and unfortunate course of events behind the strange mark. To watch the following video you will need to click on it and watch it on YouTube (why are they so unfriendly as to disable embedding?).

Additional info: Besides her YouTube channel which I would recommend, Kim has redesigned her website, and her Twitter account is very live as well. Check them all out!


  1. hello…think you have done well. I saw your child…( what a cute little girl) But if she is going to have a soother… make sure the handle is down… her nose will go indented… its okay she has a soother… but growing up…thought i would share.
    your awesome


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