Ana Ivanovic officially having a boyfriend, holding hands with Adam Scott


Ana Ivanovic officially having a boyfriend, holding hands with Adam ScottAfter the failure with Fernando Verdasco, Ana Ivanovic has more and more been seen with golfer Adam Scott (things started warming up in the Australian sun in January), and now we can be 100% sure that Ana has a new relationship.

Am I right, this is the first time we’re seeing Ivanovic and Scott holding hands? I have an impression that with Verdasco the public display of affection happened much faster.

Ivanovic and Scott were spotted strolling the streets of New York. Ana has had plenty of time to enjoy the NYC, having lost in the very first round of the US Open.

Additional info: Here’s a photo of Adam supporting Ana at Wimbledon, and after that the evidence of Ana supporting Adam at the Scottish Open.

You can see more of Adam and Ana enjoying New York during the US Open over at Great Tennis Photos.


  1. He has man-boobs and a beer gut! She definitely down-graded from Nando in my opinion but it must be his personality is better or something or he makes her look good being with him. Neither one has helped the other’s game in their respective sports so they deserve each other. Both over-rated IMO.

  2. It’s true that Ana looks pregnant in the photo but no way is it true. It’s just the way the photo was taken. I’m still wondering how low her ranking is actually going to go because, let’s face it, the slump is still in full swing and I cannot see it ending this season.

  3. I like him more than Verdasco…but I doubt this relationship will last a long time!

    She should find a more suitable companion! Maybe a Serb, after all she said she has travelled the world and Serbian guys are the best! What a hypocrite!


  4. Ow, she have a boyfriend, ow, so great news, I’ll gonna cry!!!

    Blaf, so stupi…go hit some balls girl, your situacion is bad bad bad!!!

  5. At first I joked to my friends that she’s pregnant. Anyway she’s probably not pregnant, yet. She’s just fat. 😛

  6. well, he has big boobs, she has big belly, so they’re a great couple:D:D:D
    this picture shows (even though we all know)that ana is totally out of form so I think her tennis career is over and only left to her is to make a family:)))

    just a bunch of bull s**t :@

    p.s. i liked fernando more than this charlatan

  7. People, don’t be harsh on Ana, she’s not fat. She looks to have gained a bit of weight, but she can’t be called fat.

  8. Ms. Marija, so you mean to tell us that all the weight that she gained went straight to her gut? haha 😛

    I think is the design of the dress and the picture in front of dress that gives the optical illusion that she is pregnant. Although she has gain weight.

    Well, F.U. to you too 😛

  9. I’m not a fan of Ana’s at all…but why all the nasty commments? When someone in the public eye gains weight, is that an invitation for us to become experts on the matter? No. She’s a young woman who has major issues with her game… she doesn’t need to start developing issues with her body image to boot.

  10. Ana is over-rated. If she doesn’t like all the press then she needs to step away from the game and quit doing all those photo shoots and media events which do more to promote her looks then her game. She is creating her own misery by being in front of the camera so often. She needs to get some maturity and realize that this is the price of fame. Why should the media quit doing their jobs just because she is “uncomfortable” with all the attention? If she’s so uncomfortable with it then she should retire or else learn to deal with it. Grow up, Ana, you’re almost 22 years old.

  11. Carlos, I like the dress, but yeah, it makes her look pregnant, especially that illustration in the front.

    Iluvlucie, I support your comment, we should leave Ana’s weight alone. After all, she’ll always be pretty.

    Tinder ash hahahahaha

    Ana’s crisis won’t last forever, and I hope she’ll be able to win more Slams. BTW, even though she does a lot of photo shoots, I don’t see her as a player who puts modeling first. And also, I think it’s healthy to have a boyfriend, whether you are a tennis pro or a lawyer or whatever. If you have a good boyfriend he will influence you in a good way, it’s just that Ana wasn’t lucky enough.

  12. Well said Marija!! Your comments are always intact and in place!!

    Ana does train a lot, more than people think.
    Yes, she did indeed drop longer than expected, but I am positive she will return to the game soon and with full force!

    Cheers to Marija and her well-recieved blog!

  13. I hate it when people say Ana does too many photo shoots and not enough practicing. How do you know? The girl is one of the hardest workers on tour and he slump has nothing to do with photo shoots. If it did, then why didn’t it effect her in 2007 and the early part of 2008 when she was doing just as many, if not more photo shoots? She does them in their off time so stop attacking her unfairly. Ana herself said she would never put a photo shoot over a practice session and Ana isn’t the person who would just lie like that. You Ana haters really need to get a life and stop attacking a girl who is trying her hardest to get back.

  14. Curtis, I agree, I think the photo shoots have nothing to do with Ana’s slump. She’s balancing modeling and tennis very well, and tennis always comes first.

  15. Ana had a good second half in 2007, a good first half in 2008 (and a horrible 2009). I can conclude from this results that Ana is only a half season player or modeling and other extracurricular activities are a distraction.

    I said this before I’ll say it again, Ana tends to gain weight and that is a fact that I don’t have a problem with. If someone disagrees they’re blinded by passion. It is not an attack on Ana either because her weight has been well documented.

  16. Ana gains weight, that’s right, and I don’t care.

    Ana has some problems which she needs to grow out of .It’s a process that will take some time, but I think that she will overcome them sooner or later.

  17. Why don’t anyone attack other players like Sharapoa and the Williams Sister when they do extracurricular activities? Double standard?

  18. Divapova and the Williams sisters know how handle those extracurricular activities. At this point Ana doesn’t. Not a double standard, again this is a fact not an attack, no need to get defensive.

  19. I think Ana needs a boyfriend, just a good one. Look, JJ has had a boyfriend for most of the time, and nobody’s blaming her boyfriends.

  20. I’m glad it’s no longer with Verdasco!
    That kind to him really throwing!
    I do not understand why you must choose just the popular.She wants to be important, so it is clear that it is not serious but only because he wanted someone popular

  21. What ever u guyz talk about Ana, both the good and the bad side of her… She is my Magic 1 in Tennis. She is the only player that motivate me to b come a Tennis fan since Rolland Garros 2008. So i will always follow her game and support her till the end of her carrer… Ana stay bless

  22. ana is suit only with me so leave him ana and come with me darling.i am waiting for u darling………….come fast


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