Serena Williams facing investigation for her conduct in the US Open semifinal


As you all know, the US Open women’s semifinal between Serena Williams and Kim Clijsters ended infamously. Williams was called for a foot fault which handed Clijsters two match points. Provoked, the 11-time Grand Slam champion yelled at and threatened the line judge and was consequently penalized which caused her to lose such an important match.

The incident will be investigated by the International Tennis Federation, Grand Slam Committee and US Open referee Brian Earley. A representative from the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour is also expected to be included.

Let’s see what the world No.2 Williams, who is expected to be fined heavily, said about the scandal at the post-match press conference.

(source: Women Who Serve)


  1. Well apparently this isn’t going to end easily. I wonder if this will affect Serena. However, I really don’t mind at all. Like really, when was the last time women’s tennis made the front cover of newspapers and online news websites? This is what I like about the WTA, and why I only watch the WTA mostly. Love the drama, keep it up girls! 😛

  2. Last night was another proof that Serena Williams is crazy and has absolutely no sportsmanship!!! Who does she think she is!!!??? After last night I think she should be suspended. The 10g’s is nothing!

  3. This will never go away for Serena. It is burned into the memory of every TV owning person in the world. Not that I care for Venus any more than Serena, but it’s unfair to her to suspend Serena just before the Ladies Doubles Final. Not to mention the hard working people that paid for tickets. I’m sure that people will boo her and it will end ugly just as the Indian Wells event did several years ago. They won’t even attend the event as they now view it as “racial”.

  4. She has no shame and professionalism in her. To do such a horrible thing to someone and than not have the decency to apologise to them ON THE SPOT is too bad already. But to come to the press conference with a broad smile and laugh and LIE about what happened is an absolute disgrace. It shows that she has no respect other people at all. She behaved like a primary school kid saying “oh, but the others do it too,mum” and said she is “still young and has to learn”. Well,better word would be immature and brazen liar.

  5. Actually, it’s nice to notice that Kim Clijsters and her super cute daughter Jada are more popular with audience at the moment than this incident. At least judging by my blog’s statistics.

    @What a looser: I read that Serena was expected to play the doubles final.

    Update: Serena was fined $10,500.

  6. I think Serena went way over the line, and she went way over to the line judge a second time. She looked like some steroid driven lunatic and should be suspended on top of the mere 10k fine. By the way maybe the Tennis Association should do testing for steroids. As Nancy Grace says “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck……….” p.s. I changed the channel for the ladies doubles.

  7. Well…Here we are, several weeks after the event and still no official conclussion from the official “investigation”. The Tennis Association is unfortunately once again showing that it’s a spineless organization hoping that everyone has just forgotten. Well, I haven’t and I’ll make sure my kids don’t. If a soccer player did what Serena did, the player would quickly receive a red card and not be allowed to play the next game, even if the next game was the finals. Similarly, Serena should not have been allowed to play in the doubles final. Hey Tennis Association: what’s to investigate? What Serena did is pretty clear to the other two million people who watched it.


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