Giant Maria Sharapova arrives in Tokyo


Maria Sharapova in Tokyo

Maria Sharapova has arrived in Tokyo, Japan, to compete in the Toray Pan Pacific Open, the first of the last two tournaments she will play this year, and to launch her Cole Haan Collection, which hit stores in Tokyo a week ago.

According to Maria’s weekly doodle she is excited about being back in Tokyo.

I can’t believe that I haven’t been here in over 2 years! That should never happen!

My favorite part of Maria’s doodle is the following:

Just took a run in the park and happened to pass by a group of 20 children which were clearly fascinated by my height. I don’t speak much Japanese (none at all as a matter of fact) but I thought I overheard them say “ooooh giant” Made me laugh.


  1. She’s actually 6’2″, 188 cm; I’m pretty sure she’s tied with the tallest- Davenport.

    Expect Oz to go crazy, Laura Robson’s (ex- Aussie) coming down under too.

  2. Precisely~ 🙁

    It’ll be interesting how the nation should assume loyalties with this one:

    Hewitt Stosur vs Murray Robson

  3. Maria has recently grown a lot more, and her management does not want to confirm her extreme height. She has grown 7 whole inchs since last being measured at 6’2″, marking the now gigantic Russian player at almost 6’10”. When asked about her recent extreme growth, Maria was ecstatic. Stating, “I want to grow as tall as I humanly can. I really am, believe it or not, am not happy at being my current height of 6’10”. You may think it’s tall, but if my doctor’s right, I have at least another 12 inches to grow, and that will put me at a height I like a lot more of 7’10. Actually, over 8ft is my preferred goal.


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