Commercial for the 2010 Australian Open


As we’re slowly approaching the end of the 2009 season (for some players it’s already over), the first Grand Slam of the year is warming up for January’s action, by painting everything blue.

The 2010 Australian Open has released its TV commercial and the women’s tennis stars featured are defending champion Serena Williams and home favorite Samantha Stosur.


  1. I wish it was more real. Like, serena and samantha talking, and it was filmed for the ad, not the 2009 games. And even more of a wide range of players. If people see Justine and Maria and Kim in the add, it would totally atract viewers into buying tickets. I dont know, the creative team in australia really suck! Last years was bad aswell. Like people saying stuff would have been great like Serena saying “Are you ready?” and Justine/Kim saying “Were baaaaack!” I dont know. But yeah, the ad is a little dissapointing

  2. I may be an exception, but I like the idea of splashing blue paint, and I like the selection of the players – they featured last year’s champions and home stars.

  3. True. The players used were really good. However, casey dellacqua appears to have fallen off the face of earth 🙁


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