Unilever’s Clear Shampoo transforms Maria Sharapova’s hair


Maria Sharapova is appearing in a new commercial for Clear Shampoo, the product of Unilever with which the Russian signed a deal earlier this year.

I don’t remember Sharapova’s hair looking anything like this, neither her voice sounding like that, but hey, Clear Shampoo makes it all possible. 🙂


  1. ahaha…good one marija! and thanks for the article!

    I bet that was not even Maria Sharapova saying the thing in Russian. It was probably someone else, but synchronized!

    Does she even know Russian? She never has interviews with Russian media!!!

  2. I lol’d at this commercial the first time I saw it. God, I just hope they let her have her hair next time.. and her voice. D; !!

  3. yeah it’s not her voice and she does have interviews in russian! anyways she looks beautiful!! stunning! supermodel!

  4. that it is not the hair of my adored María.. has gone out with their own hair that is beautiful to the natural one.


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