Maria Sharapova’s on-court fashion in 2009


As promised, Women’s Tennis Blog is continuing its tradition of revising on-court outfits from the season behind us. This year’s retrospections will start with the best-dressed WTA player – Nike-clad Maria Sharapova.

Maria Sharapova at the 2009 BNP Paribas OpenMaria Sharapova at the 2009 Warsaw Open

Sharapova started the season late, because of her career-threatening shoulder injury, playing her first match of 2009 at the BNP Paribas Open in March. She was introducing herself to competitive tennis slowly, playing doubles first, but her style had to be spot-on from the very beginning, and it was.

Maria Sharapova at the 2009 French OpenMaria Sharapova at the 2009 AEGON Classic

People argued that Sharapova’s Roland Garros dress had too much fabric, but I liked it, and I especially favored the blue color against the red clay.

Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon 2009Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon 2009

The Wimbledon dress was neat and elegant.

Maria Sharapova at the 2009 Bank of the West ClassicMaria Sharapova at the LA Women's Tennis Championships and Rogers Cup

Later in the season Sharapova started wearing a headband, which wasn’t welcomed by the majority of tennis audience. I never really mind it. Maria can get away with a lot of things.

Maria Sharapova US Open 2009 Day DressMaria Sharapova US Open 2009 Night Dress

Of course, for the US Open there were two dresses – for day and night.

What’s your favorite dress Sharapova wore in 2009? I like the US Open night dress the most – it’s simple, the cut is nice, and I like the combination of black and silver.

Maria Sharapova at 2009 US Open

Impressively, this is the third consecutive year Women’s Tennis Blog is featuring a revision of Sharapova’s Nike outfits. I’m sure you would like to remind yourselves of what the Russian was wearing on court in 2007 and 2008. Do you maybe think her style was better in the past? (photos: Maria Sharapova’s official website, Ralf Reinecke, Stephane Martinache)


  1. Thank You! I love it!
    My favourite is the Warsaw Dress, so pretty. I also liked both of the U.S Open dresses, but i disagree i like the day one more!xxx

  2. Thank YOU, Jacob! Yeah, the Warsaw dress could be my favorite too, but I picked the US Open night dress because I would rather wear that one, I like more neutral colors on myself.

  3. thanks for the great Masha retrospective, Marija…’s very interesting to see them all together like that.

    My favourite was the Rogers Cup/Bank of the West Classic one…..the style had a kind of ‘gothis’ look with the black arch trim, but a bit of feminine frill….I loved the colours of the Roland Garros outfit, too 🙂

    wasn’t so keen on the pink shade for the daytime US Open – made her look like she had been dipped in melted strawberry ice cream! Night one, I agree, lovely.

    cheers and thanks for your hard work

  4. Claire, thank you for supporting my blog for such a long time, practically from its very beginning.

    I understand your point about the US Open day dress. It’s cute, but too “sweet colors” for my taste.

  5. Thank you so much Marija!! This is great.

    My favourite has to be the Wimbledon dress. I loved everything about it. As you said, it was neat and elegant, perfect for Wimbledon. I loved the Stanford and Rogers Cup one aswell, the black detail was gorgeous. I agree with you about the US Open night dress, the colours were perfect for nighttime.

    I really disliked the Warsaw Open dress, I just wasn’t a big fan of the yellow part of the dress. Also, her French Open dress and the day dress for the US Open were not her best choices. However even though I wasn’t a big fan of some of the outfits, Maria could still pull them off, as she always does.

    I’m looking forward to seeing her outfits for next year, they should be interesting. I thought her outfits from 2007 have been the nicest over the past few years. Thanks again 😀

  6. Haha, I also like the Warsaw one, and then the US open night one next. I’m a huge fan of the color yellow, it always looks fresh and reminds me of spring lol. I hated the combination for the daytime US Open one and I personally don’t think she can pull off a headband. Also, I don’t have a problem with the color of the Roland Garros dress, it was more of the shape of he outfit that bothered me. But Maria’s a fashionable person, so I expect a lot from her outfits lol. I appreciate your effort to do a recap, I love looking back at what the players wore.

  7. mm yeah, the colour of yellow is amazing! i dont think i could pull off the bright yellow/pink either – but i think maria did

  8. I always like Maria in a tank top skirt. So I have to admit 2009 is not my favorite year regarding Maria’s outfits. However, the Wimbledon outfit, especially the jacket was haute couture. So that’s probably my favorite. The French Open one was nice too. I really look forward to her next dresses, of course, I never really get tired of seeing her new Nike designs. 🙂

    And I emailed you, Marija. 🙂

  9. See you didn’t need my help in finding the pictures. 😀 Well done Marija, I love the retrospections. 😉 My favourites were the Warsaw and US Open day ones. I loved the colors on her. 🙂

  10. my pick is the orange warsaw dress and the night dress at the us open! last years maria’s dresses were better!! i will always remember her amazing black dress at the us open 2006 inspired in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. simply the best she’s ever worn!!

  11. Seems that the US Open day dress was Maria’s worst choice in 2009.

    Bróna, Lilly thanks so much for your support.:)

    Jacob, yeah, I liked how the yellow looked on her, it especially suits her blond hair.

    Teerin, I saw your email, can’t wait to see the video! 🙂

    Pietaar, oh sorry, I forgot you had kindly offered your help. Anyway, it wasn’t so difficult to compile all the photos of Maria’s dresses. I’m glad you like the end result of my individual work. 🙂

    Nacho, my absolute favorite ones are Maria’s US Open 2007 dresses (especially the red one), inspired by the New York skyline.

  12. I like the Warsaw dress the most followed by the Wimbledon outfit. Also the US Open day dress suits her really well.

  13. Hello! I choose Wimbledon dress, it looks so classy but natural at the sam time, perfect for such tournament, and i like it more than the version with black. The U.S. Open are pretty good too, a little bit futuristic, but i liked the jackets more than the dresses. I did not have any problem with her French open dress, although it didnt look that good at movement as i thought it would. Still,my favourites are her 2007 outfits- extravagant and classy. 🙂

  14. hahaha marija i don’t like the us open 2007 dresses just for one reason they bring bad luck to Maria!!! Lol i can’t forget the third round loss against radwanska that year!! and she didn’t won a single one with that dress!! that’s why i don’t like those dresses!!

  15. Marija, sorry for commenting on this about 5 times! I just wanted to say i agree with Nacho, that the 2007 outfits arnt very good. However, not a bad dress in the 2008 season. The australian open and roland garros are my favourites. However i love the rogers cup and amelia island etc. Fantastic! Favourite here is warsaw! Its funny how i hate the green version oit but love the yellow 😀

  16. Teerin, I replied to your email. 😉 I’ll say it here once again, the video is great and I’ll share it on Women’s Tennis Blog these days. Thank you so much for your work.

    Jacob, you can comment as much as you like. 🙂 I like the 2007 outfits. :/

  17. dang, i wish daniela hantuchova was good these’s days, then you could have used my photo from the medibank international. i’ve probably said this 1000 times, but she is a class act when shes on the court. Stunning technique

  18. hello! is it possible for you to do a retrospection of Zheng Jie’s ANTA outfits? I think they’re much better than Jankovic’s outfits.. Yan Zi’s Li Ning dresses are pretty too..

  19. Nico, I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to do a Zheng Jie retro, because I was on vacation, and now that I returned it’s 2010 already. I’ll do a Zheng Jie retro at the end of 2010, just ask.

  20. Green dresses, crimson, black or purple,
    were never worn by ladies,
    nor golden hair tied in a fair braid,
    as beautifully as she who robs me
    of my will, and takes away the path
    of my liberty, so I cannot even
    tolerate a lighter yoke…


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