Review of Jelena Jankovic’s 2009 ANTA dresses


Bróna, Ama and Zexy from Serbia wanted me to feature Jelena Jankovic in my retrospection of players’ yearly outfits, and I’m sure many others would like to see all the ANTA designs in one place and evaluate the new brand on the tennis scene.

Jelena Jankovic at 2009 Australian Open in green ANTA dressJelena Jankovic playing Fed Cup in Belgrade Arena

As you remember, Jankovic switched from Reebok to Chinese ANTA in the beginning of the season, while she was still ranked No.1. The sports brand then became the first one from China to sponsor a top-ranked WTA player.

Jelena Jankovic in orange ANTA dressJelena Jankovic at the Internazionali BNL d'Italia

The whole season has passed, and I’m still not convinced Jankovic made the right decision. There was no ANTA dress that I really liked, although some of them looked cute on JJ and brought variety, like the one she wore in Beijing and Moscow.

Jelena Jankovic at the Internazionali BNL d'ItaliaJelena Jankovic playing Fed Cup

The first dresses were a total disappointment, I’m talking about the green and orange ones, and don’t forget Jankovic’s horrible problems with ANTA’s shoes. Also, the yellow and red outfits presented in Cincinnati and the US Open reflect the style I would call cheap, but they function on Jelena to a certain extent.

Jelena Jankovic at Roland Garros 2009Jelena Jankovic at Roland Garros 2009

The above French Open dress with cute details on the back is one of ANTA’s designs I like, but in general, I feel that their style misses sophistication that Nike and other well-established brands have.

Jelena Jankovic at AEGON International 2009Jelena Jankovic at AEGON International 2009

Still, I wouldn’t write ANTA off. There is a lot of room for improvement, but I don’t doubt the ability of Chinese brands to do miracles.

Jelena Jankovic in yellow ANTA dressJelena Jankovic in red ANTA dress


What do you think of Jankovic’s decision to wear ANTA? Do you like their style? What are your favorite JJ’s dresses from 2009?


Was I maybe to harsh with ANTA, or just plain realistic? I would like to hear your opinion, maybe there is something great about the brand that I failed to notice.


(photos via: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, The Sandy, Elisa, timbojoeNBD, debby19, Tennis Served Fresh, WTA Women Tennis)


  1. Hi! I think ANTA are slowly improving as the year went on, hopefully they will be great for next year. My favourites are Roland Garros, Moscow/China and SE Championships. They are very Jelena. But i somewhat find them very simular and abit tacky to be frank… My least favourite was Toronto and U.S open. Its so hard to pull of yellow, and Jelena didnt do it justice. It is way to harsh against her skin tone, and the dress is very bad…. I love the photo of her in Moscow, perhaps she lost a point? LOL! Jelena should start to wear headbands i think, remember the 2008 medibank international? That was super cute! Not the bow one though, haha!

    Sorry if ive caused any offence. Thanks marija, hows China?

  2. Yeah, I think they improved over the year. Though one thing that annoys me about their dresses (although pretty when modeling them), they have so much material at the bottom that when you run it must get annoying and catch a lot of air. And I would have preferred Jelena either sticking to Reebok or switching to Nike or Adidas (they typically have the best tennis technology and designs), haha. I’m pretty biased. I liked the Fed Cup Week 1 dress, Beijing and the Tour Championships.

  3. Thanks Marija! Out of all the dresses she wore during the year there were only a handful that I really liked. I thought the French Open dress and the one she wore in Beijing and Moscow suited her the best. The SE Championships dress was alright, but overall her dresses for the major tournaments were a disappointment. I really don’t think she should have left Reebok because some of the dresses she wore in the latter part of the 2008 season were lovely, especially her red Olympics dress. It was ironic that just when she was beginning to look good she switched sponsors and never really looked as nice as she should have. Still, JJ’s outfits will never be up to the standard of Maria Sharapova’s because I can’t see ANTA producing the same sort of designs that Nike have for Maria every tournament she plays. I hope that JJ’s on-court fashion will improve in 2010 🙂

  4. Thanks for this overview Marija 🙂 I don´t know but I like the dresses JJ wore even though they are not like Mashika´s. They look like princess dresses and are cute. They suit Jelena cause she is very feminine. I can´t imagine anyone wearing them.:) I just hope she will have some different dresses for upcoming Aussie Open that she is supposed to wear 🙂

  5. Hey!

    Big JJ fan, and, I have to agree–I was not blown away by any of the dresses that ANTA came up with for Jelena this year.

    I HATED the Stuttgart/Rome/Madrid one-shoulder dress, and the Wimbledon dress was much too boring.

    However, the Fed Cup week 2 dress looks great on JJ and contrasts beautifully against the clay.

    Also, the Beijing purple looked great on her as well, IMHO.

  6. HI! It’s Macho Nacho! I haven’t commented in a long time! 🙂 But I think next year will have some fantastic designs. Her last two dresses were really nice (esp. the purple :D) But I hope she doesn’t revert to her ugly designs at the beginning of the year. I LOVE JANKOVIC, and I think she deserves some better designs. By the way Marija, thanks for doing Jankovic! 🙂 Hope she gets better with her tennis along with her designs! Have fun in China 😉

  7. BIG THANK to WOMENS TENNIS BLOG FOR DOING THIS! I ‘m sure that dresses will be better next year!Thank you for doing this and all things that you write to us about womens tennis !I REALLY LOVE JJ AND I HOPE THAT SHE WILL FINALLY WON A GRAND SLAM THIS YEAR BECAUSE SHE REALLY DESERVES IT AFTER ALL INJURIES AND PROBLEMS(her grandmother died before her second match at US Open) THAT SHE HAD LAST YEARS.once again THNAKS!!!:)))

  8. I think Jelena Jankovic created a lot of buzz at the beginning of the year not because she was the no. 1 player in the world but also because of sponsorship issues. When the curtain fell and everyone knew who will be the new apparel and shoe sponsor of jelena, everyone was surprised to know that she signed up with a chinese brand ANTA. I’m sure some raised their eyebrows when Jelena decided decided to sign up with ANTA but nobody knows as to what is the reason behind it but for sure, you are being offered by a company a 6 figure endorsement deal, will you say no?

    So here’s my personal opinion on her dresses for 2009. i have to say that ANTA did a good job in designing the clothes of Jelena. For a newbie company, ANTA made the clothes as simple as possible in order to make sure that it was Jelena who shines on the tennis court. Although there are some missteps in some areas of the design as well as color but overall her clothes are nice and simple. My personal favorite is the dress she wore in Beijing, China. The color is nice and the design is really sophisticated. My least favorite is the indian wells dress because by wearing it she looks like a copycat of Ana Ivanovic…. But of course, all of us knows that Ana’s dress is far more better the Jelena’s copycat dress.

    For 2010, am sure ANTA will also keeps us guessing as to what Jelena will wear. The more buzz it will create, the more publicity the company gets….

  9. For sure it was a colorful year for Jelena. I think ANTA could be more creative. Personally, my favorite is the one from Beijing, it’s very elegant.
    Good job!

  10. They failed most of the time imo. I only liked the AO and Moscow Beijing dress. :p US Open series and US Open were a huge mess.

  11. Macho Nacho, thanks for sharing. I can’t see the Dementieva photo though.

    Jelena’s dress is ok, Serena’s much better. I like how the orange looks on her.

  12. I love jelena and her looks. All your dresses suit her perfectly. I play tennis in my free time and adore tennis clothes. however, I m a bit tired of nike and adidas. I live in buenos aires argentina but travel to usa and europe occasionally. I ll be in England and paris in 15 days. Where can i get your stuff? Is there a store in argentina? What about New york? Loohing forward to your answer; Angie.

  13. Angela, I’m not sure where you can buy Jelena’s dresses in the places you mentioned. Just look for the ANTA store and you’ll hopefully find them.


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