Maria Sharapova in Nike’s “Lace Up. Save Lives” campaign


Maria Sharapova is a part of an inventive and memorable Nike campaign called “Lace Up. Save Lives”, designed to fight AIDS in Africa. You can contribute to the cause by lacing up a pair of (NIKE)RED laces in your favorite shoes. Of course, you first have to buy them. 🙂

All the profits from (NIKE)RED laces are split equally between The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which funds AIDS programs that provide medicine for those living with HIV, and football-based community initiatives that deliver education and understanding around HIV/AIDS prevention. (source: Maria Sharapova’s official website)


  1. she looks like her favourite fairytail character – pipi longstocking 🙂 she is very cute 🙂
    BTW where I can get that laces ? some europe shop ?

  2. Quite inventive campaign. Maria is, I have to admit, a real representative character. She has got a big charisma.

  3. LuLinQa, have you bought them? They are really cool, I’m thinking of buying them as well, I just don’t know how much I would need to pay the customs.


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