Maria Sharapova spotted with boyfriend Sasha Vujacic


Maria Sharapova and Sasha Vujacic

In November 2009 we confirmed Maria Sharapova‘s new boyfriend to be Slovenian-born Lakers player Sasha Vujacic.

Maria Sharapova and boyfriend Sasha Vujacic having breakfast

Now we’re having a photo update proving that the relationship is still in full swing.

Maria Sharapova and boyfriend Sasha Vujacic having breakfast

The two were seen having breakfast together in Los Angeles.

Maria Sharapova and boyfriend Sasha Vujacic having breakfast

Nice to see Maria happy, as fellow tennis blogger C Note remarks: “A Maria Sharapova smile is rarer than an Ana Ivanovic win, these days”.


  1. They are so cute together. They make a much nicer couple than Maria and Charlie. She looks really happy and comfortable with him and it’s great to see her like this. 馃檪

  2. OMG..they’re really look perfect together..perfect couple.both goodlooking..maria look so happy with him..hope they will last forever..sasha is really hot.

  3. Marija, I had never noticed all the hair gel but now that you say it his hair just stands out in the pictures! Maybe that’s why she dumped him 馃槢

  4. They are soooo cute 馃檪 Seem happy 馃檪
    Funny that this is the first time I saw Mashika with someone higher than her lol 馃槢

  5. she has to be careful with these ballers,there are groupies at every pit stop.NBA players are notorious for hanging out with groupies ,the leeches camp in the hotel foyers hungry and ready to pounce so pova has to be alert .

  6. why do Serbian guys always get the best girls? I thought Jaric and Lima was a fluke, but now that Sharapova and Vujic are together…there must be something special with Serbs!

  7. LuLinQa, I can imagine how difficult it is for her to find a taller boyfriend. Actually, it often crosses my mind. 馃槢

    Br贸na, I don’t like tons of hair gel, that’s probably why I can’t understand the fascination with Verdasco.

    Fyoto, she’s smart, she knows where she’s at.

    Bb, Sasha is not Serbian, he’s Slovenian. 馃檪

  8. Sasha is a clean Serbian…Mother and father are Serbian.He is a Orthodox!!!He was born is Slovenia and he want to play for the Serbian national team but they didn’t call him!He is a member Serbian orthodox church in LA!

  9. He was born is Slovenia and he want to play for the Serbian national team but they didn’t call him!

    Bullshit. He played for Slovenia Junior National team till he was 20 so he couldn’t play for Serbia or Italy or xy country even if he wanted.

  10. The Truth, thanks for adding more pieces of information. In the end we may finally uncover all the facts about him.

  11. It makes me laugh that Maria is always referred to as Russian, which I know she is, technically, but she’s been here since she was 7, and is as American as apple pie by now after more than a decade & a half here in the States… Have you ever heard her talk? She’s practically a Valley Girl!

  12. yeah Serbia could have called him but we have too many good players, plus he aint nothing special he is cocky as hell…… didnt know he was Orthodox… also we need to stop fighting which country he ought to represent lol or is representing…. <3

  13. happy for you maria. i think he is a keeper. enjoy off season coming up. will be waiting for you at australian open. enjoy

  14. Aww lucky sara….i always wanted to meet sasha. Now he’s stuck in New Jersey.. I hope he comes back to LA to play with the lakers….Sasha was the cutest guy ever to play on the lakers.. thats my opinion but she is one LUCKY GIRL!!!!


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