Ana Ivanovic posing for 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


Ana Ivanovic in 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit IssueAna Ivanovic in 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Ana Ivanovic’s clothes are dropping together with her position in the rankings (it’s just a coincidence) and the current world No.23 is looking fabulous in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, posing just like Anna Kournikova some time ago (another coincidence!).

Ana Ivanovic in 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Wrapped in a net, lying in a bunch of pink tennis balls or losing on the court Ana Ivanovic is always looking beautiful.

Ana Ivanovic in 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


  1. Ana’s facial expressions in the yellow bikini pics are a bit awkward, but I love the pink ball pics! Those are so hot!

  2. Adam Scott’s “Man Boobs” are bigger than Ana’s breasts, Believe it or Not! 😛

    I agree with you Curtis.

    Ms. Marija, Barbara Schett did a similar photo shoot like Kournikova, Ana did nothing new.

    It is like Ana is saying don’t pay attention on my on court results, -Fed Cup and A0 10- but look at my off court activities -new website design and pretty pictures-.

  3. Certainly is disappointing…. Ana is making headlines for taking her clothes off, rather than her tennis. Two steps back for female athletes yet again….

  4. To me also seems, that Ivanovic is following Kurnikova`s footsteps. Ana definitely is beautiful model, but why she still is trying to play tennis ? She soon will be out from Top100 with such an attitude.

  5. Carlos, at least she doesn’t have fake ones.

    I don’t think Ana ever wanted to be a Kournikova, but she is forced to follow in the footsteps and learn some cool poses from the Russian.

  6. iluvlucie, I haven’t looked closely at the new website, but in the old one, she had a topless (somewhat “covered,” but the message was clear) photo of herself on one of the pages.

    It isn’t just Ana. The tour has totally bought into the current very high level of sexism. Of course, Ana will get a lot more “fans” this way, but she probably wouldn’t want to see those fans’ Web postings about her.

  7. I’ll give you that, Ms. Marija. BTW I despise fake ones.

    What do you mean “she is force” she could have said no. She could have set herself apart from the eye candy, sex sells, underachieving tennis players. Instead she is following the steps of the most under achieving female tennis player Kournikova.

  8. Carlos, I meant forced cause her tennis is so bad now that she has to pose to stay in the limelight. And her posing is not always that good so she could use a lesson or two from Kournikova.

  9. I saw some of the pics on the sports illustrated website and I got to say that I am a little disappointed with Ana for doing the shoot. Not because I’m a prude, but because, I think this shoot is an indication of where her career could potentially end up! Also did any one else feel that she was a little uncomfortable while doing the shoot?
    If she keeps doing more shoots like this, people are going to forget that she plays tennis for a living!
    Personally, I think that her and her advisors need to sit down and work on getting her to where she was only 18 months ago!

  10. Ana has a cute face and her body is not so hot,when I was watching her match with Dulko I noticed that Dulko is way hotter than Ana,she has a nice feminine body and nice eyes.
    Ana is too big and has no curves…

  11. This is exactly the problem!! Why are we even talking about Ana’s body and her proportions, rather than her backhand and her technique? Ana Ivanovic is now more famous for her boyfriend and her ‘saucy’ pictures in FHM and Sports Illustrated, or some other ridculous publication. I want to hear about a female tennis player’s grit, their heart, their training, and their technique….that’s inspiring… not about who has the best body. Yes, it is apart of sports now, but as Carlos mentioned, she really could have set herself apart and been a fantastic ambassador for female athletes. Instead, she has become somewhat of a puppet, a brand ambassador and a part-time model. Really disappointing

  12. Oh come on, give the girl a break. Ana’s been doing photoshoots her antire career, but nobody cared until recently because for most of her career, she was winning. Photo shoots didn’t effect her game for those years when she was climbing the rankings, but now that she is struggling, it’s because she rather be a model than a tennis player? That’s just ridiculous. It’s way too easy to make the connection but totally wrong. Ana is struggling due to other reasons.

    Ana has a life outside of tennis just like every other player. How she spends it is all up to her. Modeling as a hobby is no big deal. How does standing in front of a camera during her off time effect her ball toss, serve, forehand, backhand, etc? It doesn’t. When Ana did FHM, the shoot was done right before Indian Wells in Palm Springs. Did it effect her game then? No, clearly not because she won the tournament. So many times previously to that she has done photoshoots in her freetime and had much success. But when she loses, somehow it’s because she doesn’t care and rather be a model, doesn’t have her priorities straight, and whatever.

    For all you comparing AI to Anna K or making such a fuss about the modeling, read this piece by James LaRosa.

    She posed in a bikini. So what. Why doesn’t other players get the same reaction when they do such things? Why don’t men players like Fernando Verdasco as LaRosa points out get criticism? There’s a huge double standard.

    Ana has worked her ass off to have all the success she has had. She didn’t become #1 and make 3 grand slam finals by accident. She hasn’t done no more or no less # of photoshoots than she was doing a couple of years ago. If photoshoots like the SI one are the reasons for her struggles, Ana would had been irrelevant as a tennis player many years ago.

  13. “Why don’t men players like Fernando Verdasco as LaRosa points out get criticism? There’s a huge double standard.”

    No there isn’t. No matter how many photoshoot gigs the men do, they are still considered athletes first. But if a woman does one, all the focus becomes about her body. It’s called sexism.

  14. It is a double standard, Curtis, and I should have made that clear–only not in the way you mean. It is a double standard because a man will always be taken seriously, no matter what, and a woman will barely be taken seriously, no matter what.

  15. The simpleton who wrote that article forgot to mention that all of those women except for the Williams sisters are in a free fall, even Divapova. Kirilenko has played well lately lets see if she can keep it up. I did talk about Dani, Kirilenko, and Golovin when their photo shoot came out last year, like Ana all of them were in a free fall at the time when the the photos came out. You mean to tell me this is the norm? When a female tennis player is in a free fall, just pose showing her assets?

    Double standard? Please. There is a female blogger that ogles at the photos of men and writes about it. I bet she is not the only woman to ogle at male players. She is also very critical of their tennis play and she is not the only one either. When you talk who is going to win a slam Federer, Nadal, Muzz, or Djokovic comes to mind maybe Del Potro or Roddick. Verdasco is not even consider. There is criticism for the men as well as women. Like Dani H, the pretty boys Verdasco and Robrero are known more posing than their on court victories. Verdasco 0 slams, as well as Robredo. Remember this is a blog for women tennis.

    Ana should be on court practicing her toss, and trying to cut down her error filled game and not wasting time modeling. I also previously talked how Ana is not focus on tennis but extra curricular activities.

  16. How do you know Ana is not on the court practicing her toss? Like I said before, nor player spends 24 hours a day, practicing. THey all have free time aswell and wha they do in their free time is all up to them. If she chooses modeling in her free time, WTF cares? Explain to me why none of you made a fuss all those years when she was winning? She was doing the same exact # of photoshoots as she has done now. The photoshoots have nothing to do with her down fall.

    To say Ana is just focused on extra curricular activites and not tennis very presumptious. You know what she does every second of her life? That’s pretty crepy.

  17. Obviously this one is a contentious subject! Good to see all the different opinions.

    As Diane mentioned, when you are the majority group in society, in this case gender group, you do not lose credibility as other groups in society who have previously been subject to discrimination. Women are always judged more harshly than men for their actions, that’s the way it is.

    Yes Curtis, it is up to Ana how she spends her free time…. in this case, it is posing for Sports Illustrated. Whether Ana realises it or not, this contributes to a wider discourse which suggests female athletes garner attention only if they are ‘sexy’, ‘seductive’ and ‘pretty’. I’m tired of seeing female athletes ‘sexed up’…. if you look through the sports pages, male athletes have the majority of coverage. If a female athlete is present, very often she is featured scantily clad or with some mention of her boyfriend. Yes, Ana can do what she likes… but in her own way, she has again contributed to the double standards female athletes face on a daily basis.

  18. Ana is one of the hardest working players on tour. She puts too much pressure on herself. She overthinks things and let her emotions get to her. That’s her problem. If anything, she cares too much. I said and amny people said after USO that she needed a break and get away from tennis a little because it was consuming too much of her. If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be walking off the court in tears after every loss.

    EVERY player has a life outside of tennis. Nobody works 24/7 or they would have been burnout a long time ago. Who are you to ay what Ana or any other player is to do in their off-time and also claim that she is cutting down on her practice for more photo sessions when you have no proof? Ana has said many times that she values practice over a photo session anytime. Photo shoots is just a hobby for her. She can’t have a freaking hobby now? I guess we should start telling you guys what to do in your guys spare time also now/ *rolleyes*

  19. However, I do think the WTA plays a part in this too…. I think they have the attitude that ‘all news is good news’, and want athletes like Ana to be cross over stars. But at what cost? At the cost of credibility to the game and females in general? Is success as a tennis player now measured in terms of bikini shots and life time contracts, rather than grand slam titles? In the case of Ana Ivanovic, it seems that way.

  20. Fair point iluvelucie. I can understand where you are coming from. I too am not a fan of the WTA sexing their players up, such as for those iconic photoshhots or “Looking for a hero” campaign or their proffile pics. Unfortunately, sex sells these days. I don’t think they should be forcing players to do it. However, if the player voluntarily does it, I see no problem with it.

  21. That’s interesting Curtis… I liked the idea behind the ‘Looking for a Hero’ Campaign, but the shots of them all ‘pretty’ and with careful makeup application was a bit disappointing.

    The WTA needs to have a serious look at their promotion of female athletes… after all, women’s tennis is the most successful global sport in terms of television coverage, sponsorships etc for females (Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I recall reading this somewhere!). Therefore, the WTA could set a new precedent and take a stand against sexualising their athletes. But alas, they do not.

  22. And to the continuous subject, i think Ana looks beautiful, and thats all that matters really. i don’t think that modelling has effected her playing, curtis has some good points. however, everybody else has some good points too. in my conclusion, i don’t think Ana should have done this IF she doesn’t want to be none as the “new” Kournikova, or anything like that. If she did want this, and she is happy, i am. I say, keep ’em coming (in a non seedy way)

  23. Hey Curtis, can I call you “Lack luster genius” don’t miss quote me again! I said, ‘Ana should be on court practicing her toss, and trying to cut down her error filled game…’ I never said she cut down practice for photo shoots. Learn how to read. I also never claimed that I knew your precious Ana, but I take it you’re claiming you do. So explain how exactly did Ana lose focus? How you know she is the “one of the hardest working players on tour”? A typical cliche for defending an athlete *not rolling eyes but puking at you feeble defense*. Do you go to all of her practices? -And you talk about creepy- or are you part of her team defending your boss? Tennis is a profession with a very short life span, she must breed, eat, and live tennis when she is in a tournament/the tennis season; like any professional would do in their careers. People can agree or disagree. On the off season, on her spare time, she can run naked through her neighborhood for all I care, not my f’ing business.

    Why did no one had a fuss when she was winning? That is because she did not have problems with her ball toss/serve, and her accuracy, you “lack luster genius”. So how many photo shoots Ana did when she was at her height and now? You are claiming you do, just say it.

    No wonder why you like the article simpletons stick to each other.

  24. Carlos: “‘Ana should be on court practicing her toss, and trying to cut down her error filled game…”

    There, I qouted you. Now show me proof that she hasn’t done this. Come on, back up your claims. 😉

    Carlos: ” So explain how exactly did Ana lose focus? How you know she is the “one of the hardest working players on tour”? ”

    I never said Ana lost her focus. She didn’t lose her focus. She is struggling due to poor confidence, poor mental game, folding under pressure, injuries, etc, I never said she suffered because of a lack of focus. And how do I know she is a hard working player? Her coaches, former and present say it. Journalist say it. People who know her say it. These people know her so I think they have more credibilit than a person liek you who doesn’t 😉

    Carlos: “Why did no one had a fuss when she was winning? That is because she did not have problems with her ball toss/serve, and her accuracy, you “lack luster genius”. So how many photo shoots Ana did when she was at her height and now? You are claiming you do, just say it.”

    How does her ball toss/serve and accuracy have anything to do with photo shoots? Dumbest argument I have ever heard. I don’t know the exact # of photoshoots she did, but she did a lot and was still winning no more than she does now. I actually have followed her career so I have a better idea of what I am talking about than you clearly do.

    It is just stupid to say that doing photo shoots are the reason for her slump and dumb to say she has lost her focus when there is no proof of that. If you’re going to make accusations against a player, back it up with hard evidence instead of all this BS.

  25. Oh, and thanks for calling me a “lack lusted genious.” All I was doing is defending Ana from what I consider cheap attacks that really have no logic to it. No need for the name calling, but I can handle it.

  26. I read somewhere where Monica Seles said that parents and agents come to her with their daughters asking if they are cute enough to get endorsements.I guess tennis is a means to an end…since winning RG08 endorsements started pouring in and the hunger for winning gone.I guess her dream was to make money to start with.Jankovic also started playing bad after a big endorsement,few players are in it for the titles.Players like Federer,Nadal,Roddick and the sisters have made millions but still have the hunger for big titles and its clear they love to compete ,for others they treat the tennis court as a catwalk especially the not so succesful.

  27. So you quoted me correctly “lack luster genius” but you reasoning/analysis is no better than a third grader so let me explain: ‘Cut down the unforced errors’ meaning your precious Ana should practice so when is in a tournament playing a game, the number of unforced errors would be to a minimum. Is that simple enough for you? I’m guessing not.

    You take the words of her former coaches? Like Sven the Adidas guy who can coach her still? Who are this journalist? Are those the one who kiss Your precious Ana’s butt? Name them! Don’t hide them under the journalist umbrella.

    I asked you how did Ana lost her focus, I didn’t write that you were saying that, you like twisting my words, so sad. BTW you did not answer the question either, like the question how many photos shoots she did at her height and now. Am I suppose to take you seriously?

    Let me give you a comparison if a doctor is operating on me I want that doctor to be focus on what he is doing NOT on his vacation. Knowing what you’re going to say next how do you know Ana is not focus while she is playing, simple look at her face, at her eyes, and you tell me if she is focus. Oh that’s right you haven’t! you “lack luster genius”. When I’m watching an Ana match on T.V. it doesn’t matter who is commentating they say the obvious Ana is not focus. It is like saying the sky is blue, sorry that you don’t see it. At this point Ana looks more comfortable on a photo shoot than in a tennis court. I bet you will twist this comment also.

    I’ll tell you what, learn how read and analyze what you are reading so you don’t jump into erroneous conclusions. Until then don’t waste my time. You shouldn’t take sports too seriously, you might end up with an ulcer or something worse.

  28. Carlos and Curtis, I’m glad to see you having a discussion, but don’t insult each other. No need for that. I don’t even think your opinions differ that much, but by attacking each other you have entered a vicious circle and there is no way out as I can see. Just leave it and prevent getting an ulcer, as Carlos said. Gracias.

  29. Sorry Marija, didn’t mean to get in this cycle.

    Carlos, read my posts, it will help answer your questions. 😉 I never twisted any of your comments. You’re just left to petty attacks because you can’t back up any of you claims and didn’t so so either in your last post. Geeze

  30. I’m not apologizing. In the U.S. there is a news organization, who blatantly supports the right wing political party and corporate America. This guys will distort reports, mis quote, twist the words of any one who doesn’t agree with their agenda or opinions. You can give them proof but they brush it off and say that “their’ sources say other wise, that they are right and every body else is wrong. When you ask them questions they will not answer them. They will do this on the record and shamelessly deny it they are doing so. It doesn’t take a “lack luster genius” to figure who is using this tactics on this blog.

    I’ll send you an e-mail Ms. Marija. Most importantly I wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY!!!

  31. I am done with this argument. I have no clue how I misquoted, twisted your words and not answer your questions. If your going to resort to childish, immature attacks then fine. I dont have time for it. Obviously you didn’t read any of my posts. All I am doing is defending Ana Ivanovic. Why did you have to turn this is to a name calling match? It’s ridiculous and silly. I really wanted to have a reasonable debate, but you unfortunately didn’t. And your last post made no sense what so ever.

  32. Curtis and Carlos, I think we’re done with this debate. You have both stated your points, I’m sure you both want the best for Ana, the name-calling and insulting were apparently not necessary but I will forgive you this time. This blog welcomes all sorts of discussions and clashes of opinions, but try to keep them within the reasonable limits of nice behavior and tolerance. I know that you are both polite and smart, but this time you failed to keep your discussion in the right direction. I’m sure that in the future everything will be fine and you won’t always pick on each other.

    I hope it’s all ok.

    Yeah and happy Valentines Day! 🙂

  33. The yellow pics suck…her facial expressions are so awkward. Also, she isn’t as pretty as everyone thinks she is. She’s wayyy too big and she looks like a man. Not feminine at all. She’s not ugly, but people overrate her beauty. Even by photoshopping,her body looks thick and her boobs are tiny. Ana sucks.

  34. sss I agree with you,when I saw her playing Dulko in Australia I was amazed that the blonde looked way better than Ana.Dulko has nice feminine proportions and very sexy whereas Ana in comparison looked big and gauche…she is overrated obviously at least pova has nice legs to compensate for her boxer shoulders.


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