Jelena Jankovic to make Dubai her home


Jelena Jankovic in Dubai

Serbian former world No.1 tennis player Jelena Jankovic has decided to move to Dubai and make it her home base.

“I love so many things about this place,” said the world No.8 who has lost in the third round of the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship this week. “The people are good and the place is lovely as I can step out anytime and practice.”

Does anyone know what happened to JJ’s dream house in San Diego? I remember the talks about her building it, but I haven’t heard of it being finished or anything, and now she’s moving to Dubai.


  1. great call marija…completlely forgot about that.

    Dubai is a great place for JJ to practice. We certainly see Federer profiting from the climate. Who knows, maybe JJ will follow in his footsteps?

    Thanks a lot Marija for all the commitment, post some pictures of your trip to China, I would love to see them!


  2. Jacob, I like it how JJ easily adapts her style to new environments. 🙂

    Bb, oh she could never be like Federer, after all, it’s too late for her to match him. About my pics from China, I’ve shared two so far: one from Shanghai and one from Beijing. I don’t know in which context I could add more pics here.

    Karunya, I see JJ buying a couple of more by the time she retires.

  3. I think JJ has done a good thing moving into Dubai. If Federer likes it, well, isn’t that itself a guarantee. Yes, I think that Jelena won’t have as much success as him but still, she is a great player and an entertaining one,too.

  4. U press-u je pisalo da je izgradnja njene kuce u San Dijegu i dalje u toku , i da ce do kraja godine verovatno da se zavrsi. Kuca ce biti povrsine 2000 m2
    , i JJ ce tu imati saunu,svoj bioskop ,i ostale stvari uz koje ce uzivati , ali i teniski teren i teretanu gde ce vezbati u periodu pauza i izmedju sezona. veliki pozz za tebe Marija ;)))

  5. i know this going to sound crazy. but how is she going to get her nice red Porsche 911 convertible to Dubai, or will it stay in America so i can buy it from her.

  6. I can’t imagine Jelena without her red Porsche, although I can tell they have a wonderful collection of cars in Dubai, she should find something for herself.

  7. she could buy another, i think she can afford it, those beetle’s aren’t that expensive. Marija your right Dubai does have a great selection for cars. Although your right i always associate Volkswagon/Porsche with Jelena since she has two.

  8. I’m sure Jelena can buy more than a ‘couple’ more cars and houses before she retires, especially if she is going to settle in Dubai. You don’t have to pay personal income tax there!

  9. JJ is completing her Rancho Bernardo home (“castle”) in north San Diego county in California, complete with 10-car garage, pools, tennis courts, etc… It should be move-in ready by this summer, 2010… I’m surprised about Dubai AND San Diego county, as I thought Serbia was her home! If she picked America to live in, I’m suprised she didn’t pick Florida, given all the time she has spent at Nick Bollettieri’s & with Chip being her coach… No matter… Good for Jelena! She did great at Indian Wells and I’m happy for her success!!

  10. After her victory at Indian Wells JJ stated that California will be her new home. So, yes, she will live in San Diego.


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