Serena Williams opens another school in Kenya


World No.1 Serena Williams had opened a secondary school in Kenya two years ago, which she said in her autobiography was one of the landmark events in her life, and has followed up her humanitarian work by opening another one in the same country.

This month’s inauguration of the Wee Secondary School in Makueni, Eastern Province, Kenya, is the continuation of the Build African Schools initiative and Hewlett Packard’s efforts.

Williams visited both the schools, about 50 km away from each other, and led tennis clinics during her three-day stay in Kenya. (source: Sony Ericsson WTA Tour)


  1. Jacob, it was because they had already started the project of building African schools, and it was logical to continue doing so.

    LuLinQa, from what I’ve read, Serena is enjoying that type of activities a lot, and it is surely improving the community.

  2. i thought about that. perhaps next she should make one in haiti. however, she has already made two so i doubt anymore, other players should create one as well. im wondering if Serena payed for this herself? or sponsors as well? etc

  3. Serena can open schools where she feels there is great need and Afrika is her choice period.I applaud her for doing that unlike Tiger Woods who spends his money paying off cocktail waitresses.Never heard of Tiger of helping kids to get ahead in life.
    Well done Serena!

  4. Hello Serena,
    Thanks for taking the time to help improve the lives of the next generation. I would like to assist you and your vision. There or other highly qualified educators that I have talked with here in Phoenix who are ready to teach in your schools.
    Looking forward to talking with you.
    Joy and respect
    Henry G. Miller
    Professor of Information and Technology

  5. Its good that Serena has opened schools named after her in Kenya but the responsible bodies should make sure that they follow up and help in further developing of the schools. The first school opened up in her name started up well but since the employment Mr. P Nzioka as the head teacher it is now pathetic. It worries alot to know that the teachers and support staff who get jobs there do not last for more than three months (a term). Can the school be run and managed by a serious person coz come 2012, the first lot will sit for their KCSE and what do you expect from a school without a library and no laboratory and mind you the students do not even know how a test tube or a burette looks like. pliz dont ashame serenas efforts.

  6. Way to go, Serena! It is such a blessing to give. Most people love to receive. Thanks for your unselfishness in giving to the less fortunate. Continue to lead as God would have you to. Stay positive and loving. God will reward you openly.



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