Ana Ivanovic triumphs over Novak Djokovic and a Spice Girl in Miami


Ana Ivanovic may be out of Top 50 as of this week, but partnered with music star Jay Sean, the former world No.1 is still tougher than her friend second-ranked ATP player Novak Djokovic and Spice Girl Mel B.

The four stars played an exclusive Glam.Slam.Match mixed doubles exhibition organized to celebrate the opening of the 2010 Sony Ericsson Open. The match was fiercely fought, but Jay Sean and Ana Ivanovic came out on top and have been crowned the winners.

Remember, Maria Sharapova was supposed to play this event, but due to an injury had to be replaced by Ivanovic.

Enjoy the highlights of the event!

Ivanovic is the 25th seed at the Sony Ericsson Open and has a bye in the first round.


  1. I love it anytime we get to see Ana and Nole together on court. They’re made for each other! Also happy to see Ana smiling and happy on the court too. It’s only an exhibition, but I’ll take any win from Ana these days. lol 😛

  2. Curtis, I know, that’s why I’m mentioning the win on my blog. However, it’s not just any win, it’s a win over a men’s tennis player. 😛

  3. lol @ Marija! The sad part is that there was virtually no one there! What a bummer. So happy to see Ana smiling, I hope this good attitude reflects in her game. I really want to see her go far in this tournament, especially since some of the top players are out.

    How far do you think she will get Marija?

    I have a feeling JJ will go pretty far as well, hopefully even win the title! That would be an amaizng achievment and confidence boost!

  4. I hope Ana will make it at least to quarterfinals. JJ looks strong so I would say semis or final for her. But I doubt any of them will win it.


  6. Bb, yes, basically no one attended the event. I figure that there were more news services writing about it, than people watching it from the stands. How far Ana will go? Well, Radwanska will be her first big obstacle, and my expectations are low, which doesn’t mean that Ana can’t do it. JJ should do well, but as always, you never know.

    Jacob, their outfits from the players’ party are beyond ridiculous, and Caroline is just topping the list. I so wanted to share some of the pics on my blog, but didn’t have time to do that unfortunately. Radwanska? Horrible. In general, I think that WTA players have bad taste and look the worst when they try to look good. And Serena’s skirt from the Award ceremony is also questionable.

  7. lol. the only player who looks good constantly is elena dementieva. i seriously thought caroline was joking… she wasnt

  8. I know they can’t help it but look at the players’ feet in any photo of any player’s party. Their tan stops at the bottom of their legs. It really amuses me 😛 Seriously, Caroline. Stylist needed. Pronto. And, as Marija said WTA players in general have no taste in clothes, with the exception of Sharapova and sometimes Ivanovic, Serena, Venus and Kim. The rest of them just have none. 🙂

  9. Totally agree with Marija! Caroline was a disgrace! What was that? Nevertheless it was not appropriate for the event. The rare players that can dress well are: Ivanovic, Jankovic and Sharapova. Sometimes Dementieva as well. But honeslty Serena and Venus? No sense of style. I guess it’s not Serena’s fault that nothing really looks good on her. I have a feeling Ana is putting a lot of pressure on herself since it is make it or break it time for her. Because of this, I think she will do well (praying to god lol). JJ will probably reach semis or finals and has great chances of winning, and I feel Caroline will do poorly. Azarenka (if she’s participating will do well)

  10. Go Venus, you dress well, love you and your beautiful legs. You’re the best and win your 44th title and i forgot later your sixth wimbledon.

  11. Ah well, the dresses were not great (Venus and the winter boots killed it!) but maybe it’s because they are too occupied by focusing on tennis and not fashion, LOL.
    Anyway, Elena Dementieva was a winner for me, simple and elegant. Radwanska sisters, especially Ursula OMG! What was that? An accident, no other word can express it better. Venus if it was not for those terrible boots it OK. Serena needs to wear longer skirts!!!

  12. They never opt for classic look, they try to look modern and end up looking ridiculous. Or alternatively, tennis players dress as if they are going to a market.

    Bb, the classic style I mentioned, Dementieva could be an example of that.

    Marine, Venus in winter boots haha like it was summer for all the other players except for her.


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