Ana Ivanovic with boyfriend Adam Scott in Mallorca


Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott in Mallorca

Ana Ivanovic was seen chilling with her boyfriend Adam Scott in one of her favorite countries, Spain. More precisely, they were hanging out on the island of Mallorca, where Ivanovic has a dream house.

Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott in Mallorca

The world No.57 has some more time to enjoy spring, having decided to skip Fed Cup World Group Play-offs against Slovakia, to take place in her home Belgrade, Serbia, over the weekend. The reason Ivanovic will not play Fed Cup this time is the current bad state of her career, which we hope relaxing moments with the Australian golfer and the beauties of Spain can heal.

Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott in Mallorca

Ana Ivanovic and Adam Scott in Mallorca

The next tournament on Ivanovic’s schedule is the $700,000 Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, which starts on April 26th. (source: WTA Women Tennis)


  1. she looks like she has lost muscles a bit, when i look on her arms. she looks more feminine, she is still very beautiful πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t think she has gained weight, but she just doesn’t look as athletic as she may have done about 2 years ago. It’s because she’s not playing near as many matches now as she did back then.

  3. Girl is living the high life. Why should she worry about her tennis career when sponsors have given her a lifetime sporting goods contract regardless of her results. The young lady is beautiful, poses in swimsuits for magazine covers and plays tennis sometimes in little outfits. Ana got lucky and won the FO and got to No.1. She has achieved her career arc and she could give 2 tosses (sorry bad pun) about her career. If this is a supposedly professional woman who is interested in her career she would have hired a serving coach and fixed the problem with her serve. As it is she is quite content to be walking the golf greens with her boyfriend while fans of hers are left to agonize over whether she will even play tennis again. Whatever, I am over Ana. Next

  4. She probably lost the motivation cos she has reached everything a tennis player could wish. She has great sponsorships aswel so she can just enjoy her sweet life πŸ™‚

  5. You can leave Ana TennisAce. The “real” fans stick with their player through good times and bad. So is she not allowed to be around her boyfriend at all? Jesus Christ. *rolleyes* When was the last time we even seen Ana and Adam together?

    I agree, she should be playing more. A lot more, but I still believe she cares. Haters can go **** off.

    BTW, Ana looks very beautiful. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh, and how was “lucky” to win the French Open? Don’t pretend to be a Ana fan when you just a hater in disguise. Anybody who “actually” follows tennis would never say something stupid like that. She made it to 3 grand slam finals and destroyed the field at the french. Hardly a fluke. So what ever.

    Lets also remember Ana has been battling a shoulder injury.

    Oh and TennisAce, please tell me the last time you saw Ana walking the golf course? Because I can remember, it was over 4 months ago during the off-season! Seriously, enough with the Ana hate already.

  7. You know what is so great about this slump? We get to find out who the real true fans are and see all the fake fans leave the ship. What a bunch of frauds some people are. Once Ana struggles, lets dump her. I am a Cubs fan and they haven’t won a World Series over 100 years, I guess I should leave too. But I don’t because that isn’t what fans do. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry for my rant, but these frauds just piss me off.

  8. Anci, I had so much respect for you, followed all your matches (I still will), but your recent actions (on and off court), and the inability to win back your form is REALLY disappointing! I think you should play more matches and practice WAAY more! I’m cool with you having a boyfriend, but I think he distorts your perception of your real goals you set for yourself–winning Grand Slams and playing GOOD tennis. I find that he has a bad influence over you, and it seems you can’t handle two things (a relationship and tennis) at the same time.

    Also, I agree with Jacob, in the pictures Ana does seem to have gained a few kilos which is NOT a good sign. I think Ana should be in Belgrade now at least cheering for the Serbian team and showing that she cares, as now she is showing lack of motivation and strive!

  9. Oh also, Marija will you be going to the Fed Cup tie Serbia vs. Slovakia? If so, can you take pics and videos and post them on your blog? That would be so much fun to see, since JJ and Hantuchova will be there! What about Serbia Open? It will be cool if you take time and post things from those big events which will be going on in Belgrade in the next little while.

  10. let the girl live her life the way she wants, Ana is only 22 years old after all, she needs to have fun, i mean of course we want her to play her best tennis again but that doesn’t gives us the right to intervene in her personal life.
    And hey BB relax, it’s not like she betrayed you or something.

  11. Curtis, we are well aware that you are Ana’s No. 1 fan, but come on let us look at this “slump” objectively. This woman has all the money in the world. She has been having issues with her serve toss for nigh on 3 years. During this time she has changed 3 coaches. At what point is she going to realise that she needs a serving coach. Someone to specifically address the issues that she is having. If I as a fan cannot criticise a player then what kind of fan am I? I am not wearing rose tinted glasses about someone who does not seem to care too much about her career. Watching her on court these days (could not really tell the last time I saw her playing actually) is like watching a car crash happen and not being able to do anything to solve it. If I am a hater for pointing out something that the whole world is seeing about this player then I will wear that hater badge with honour. If this were any other player who was going through this slump and exhibiting all the stuff that Ana has been exhibiting since 2008 people would have been sayin g that she is not interested in tennis and that she is a part time player etc. Why is Ana exempt from this type of criticism? Where is the professional tennis player that we all grew to love because of her dedication to her chosen field of endeavour? Let us see how she does on her perceived favourite surface. If she crashes and burns in Stuttgart then I wonder what you will be saying then. I am not telling you to abandon ship, just to stop calling everyone haters just because they are criticising Ana.

  12. Yassine, I have to strongly disagree. Firstly I never said she betrayed me, and secondly I don’t feel betrayed, so I deem the comment you made regarding me unnecessary!

    Anci chose her career path. Her career path requires a lot of focus on court and a lot of practice. She too admitted she does not like ogoing out to parties and having too fun. She likes quiet dinners with her family, reading books and watching DVDs.

    Also Yassine, Anci will not always be 22, she will not stay young forever. She should save her “fun” for her late 20s when she retires. How long will her downfall last? She is not even in the top 50!

    I completely agree with TennisAce. Her fans should critique her and talk about her downfall. We are not attacking her, just saying what we believe is right for her at the moment. TennisAce…who thought money would have such an impact on our Anchi?

  13. Bb, I’ve just written a post about today’s Fed Cup tie in Belgrade. Unfortunately, I’m not able to attend it because I’m having an exam which my job depends on, and it’s approaching very fast so I have to stay home and forget everything fun and enjoyable haha. πŸ™‚

  14. LoL…it’s ok, career and school over everything else! I’m sure you will do well! You are doing such a great job doing this blog, working and going to school! Truly an inspiration!

    All the best, and good luck (but I’m sure you won’t need it πŸ˜‰ )


  15. Late to the party, but ready to tick everyone off. Ms. Marija get the sensors ready. πŸ˜›

    I agree on what TennisAce said about Ivanovic. I would go even further and say that she has probably peaked out.

    Yes, as bb mentioned, Ana should have been in Serbia rooting for the Serbian squad. Maybe the rumors of Ana not getting along with JJ are true. Perhaps Ana would not root for a rival who has been more successful than her recently. Ms. Marija are those rumors true?

    Ivanovic has been irrelevant tennis wise after winning her grand slam. The only news that we hear from this woman is off court activities either photo shoots or boyfriend.

    I do agree with everyone who say that Ana does NOT look fit. We hear from Ivanovic’s fans say that she hits the courts, that she trains, hits the gym, if she does, why does Ana looks like an over baked Pillsbury Dough Boy?

    Can somebody explain to me why Ana got a wild card for the Barcelona tournament? Even better, why did she get seeded at the Miami Open, -the fifth slam- when she is ranked outside the top fifty. Wickmayer was ranked in the top twenty and she did not even get a wild card for the AO 10, she was forced to play the qualifying rounds. Is it ass and pretty face that gets Ana such commodities? If she was a Hollywood talentless actress doing awful movies that don’t rake in money and she would still get top roles everyone would be asking, “Who is she sleeping with that keeps her getting this roles?” or “Does she has photos of a head honcho in a compromising position?”

    Why are some Ivanovic’s fans getting vile? Is it her slump, is it getting to you guys? πŸ˜‰ You are even attacking other fellow Ivanovic’s fans who are being critical of her. BTW those criticisms are fair. I wonder Ms. Marija if anyone can be critical of Ivanovic without being assaulted by these rabid fans? Can I viciously assault anyone on this blog and get away with it?

  16. Mr. Carlos, I think I can answer two of your questions. Firstly, Ivanovic was seeded for Miami because from what I can see, they do the seedings based on the rankings from the week before the draw was made, not the current week. At the time, on the WTA rankings, Ivanovic was ranked in the top 30, so she was seeded. To give another example, I think last year, after Indian Wells, Azarenka entered the top 10, but she was still seeded 11th for Miami because they didn’t use the new rankings.

    I’m not entirely sure about why she got a wildcard into Madrid but I would assume that is because she asked for one; and she probably asked for one as with Madrid being a mandatory tournament, she probably would not have made the main draw as a direct acceptance as her ranking is too low. Which means she would have to go through qualifying, and I don’t know if Ivanovic would consider that. The Madrid tournament organisers probably gave it to her as a) she is still a popular player worldwide; b) is well-known, so would further raise the profile of the tournament; c) Ivanovic seems to have been quite involved with the tournament itself, visiting it whilst it was being built etc. So I guess they were returning the favour.

    Wickmayer’s situation is one I can’t explain – but she doesn’t have the popularity of Ivanovic to probably be ‘worth’ giving a wildcard to in an organiser’s mind, whereas for the Australian Open, a local wildcard will have garnered a lot of support.

  17. Small Observer, thank you for explaining the seeding of Ivanovic in Miami, I was puzzled, no more. As for Madrid, all of you the three points that you mentioned make sense. Money wise, is a good move for tournament officials to give Ana a wildcard it will bring her fans to stadium seats, which turns into revenue; but to be honest tennis wise I don’t think she deserved it. Personally I would prefer to see a quality player than a popular player. I imagine a fresher Wickmayer at the AO 10 would probably had defeated Henin in the fourth round or given us better display of tennis. She ran out gas in that match. Ivanovic lost in the third round in Miami.

  18. Carlos, I don’t believe that was the reason Ana wasn’t supporting her team in Belgrade.

    You are questioning Ivanovic about the things that are regulated and are black and white, like for example the seeding.

    It’s obvious that Ana got more chances in her career just because people find her pretty, but those things came her way naturally and why wouldn’t she accept them. Still, I don’t think Ivanovic is a Kournikova, she always puts her career first despite everything, it’s just that her career has been in a difficult phase for a long time.

    And of course, don’t insult anyone. You can get away with it, but why would you.

    Small Observer, nice observations. Thanks. πŸ˜‰

  19. You’re welcome for the observations/explanantions.:)

    Mr. Carlos, maybe at the moment, tennis-wise, Ivanovic doesn’t deserve a wildcard, but her reputation is that of a quality player. She has won a Grand Slam and reached finals and semi-finals of others. Unfortunately for her, her tennis hasn’t lived up to her reputation for a long time now. I suppose another incentive for organisers to give her a wildcard is that they may hope that her revival starts at their tournament and that she starts to play as well as she used to be able to. It’s a nice story for them, and they benefit financially from a crowd-pleasing name being still in the tournament who is hopefully putting on a good display of tennis. Whether you think that’s a good enough reason or not is another thing.

  20. Small Observer, I keep saying Ana has probably peaked out, A. Radwanska finished off Ana in the first round in Stuttgart, does it prove my point? So where’s the tennis quality in a first round loss? I could care less who or what pleases the crowds, what I care about is watching quality tennis. Ana is not playing at a good level, are you saying we should take into account what she did a year and a half ago and not what she has done recently on the tennis courts? To overlook a good player for a popular doesn’t make sense, popular doesn’t mean the product is good whether you like it or not is your thing. A tournament should have the reputation of having good tennis play, if someone ask, “Should I attend/watch this tournament on T.V”. The answer should be “Yes because you will see great level of tennis play”, NOT, “Yes, you will see fine chicks on court”. BTW I also think due to her injuries Sharapova has been irrelevant tennis wise for a little more then a year, and she is also far more popular than Ana.

    Ms. Marija seedings are black and white? I thought seedings were a result directly from rankings, which I thought rankings were directly from on court results, am I wrong? Quality wins doesn’t seemed to count nowadays, so how many quality wins does Ana has this year? How many quality wins Ana has in the past year? From personal experience I say confidently that pretty women can get away with anything, but you already knew that since you are very pretty. πŸ˜‰

    Ms. Marija I’m confuse, any Ivanovic fan can be vile and others can’t? Did I misunderstood you?

  21. Carlos, your point of view about the tournaments is absolutely accurate, but good-looking players attract tennis crowds and Anna Kournikova is probably the most well-known tennis player.

    About the seedings, with black and white I meant the points, they are exact, it’s not that you can sleep with someone and get higher seeding. πŸ™‚

    You know about my comments policy. You asked “Can I viciously assault anyone on this blog and get away with it?” and my answer was that you better not. And of course I don’t give more rights to Ivanovic’s fans, why would I do that?

  22. Ms. Marija, bad, good looking players can only attract crowds to one or just maybe two matches because they lose. They can bring the buzz to the tournament they are playing, but how much money can they bring to a tournament when they go out so quickly?

    You are right players can’t sleep with someone for higher seeding, but a player can sleep with someone for a wild card, haHaHA. πŸ˜›

    About the vicious attacks, on the previous post you said, “And of course, don’t insult anyone. You can get away with it, but why would you”. Early on this post an Ivanovic fan attacked another Ivanovic fan, I thought it was vicious and you let it go. You being an Ivanovic fan you might subconsciously let go an attack directed to an Ivanovic critic. I Hope I’m wrong. πŸ™‚

  23. Mr. Carlos. I agree with everything you say about a tennis tournament – it should be about good tennis and only good tennis. The question then is if Ivanovic is capable of good tennis – and she is. It could be argued that all professional players, on the right day, are capable of playing good tennis, but in Ivanovic’s case, there’s the history of playing tennis well.

    I don’t think it would be fair to other players if we overlooked her bad form,so I can see your point. There will be lower-ranked, lesser-known players who maybe tennis-wise, have earnt a wildcard more. However, in my opinion, you never really know what you are going to get with a wildcard – they’re kind of an unknown quantity (except when they’re given to the higher-ranked players who have decided they want to play a tournament after all). If Ivanovic is given a wildcard, she may bring the quality play a tournament will want, maybe she won’t. But if tournament organisers based everything on current form, then Henin and Clijsters would never have received wildcards on their comebacks, as really they didn’t have any idea about what their play would be like. They both didn’t go out in a blaze of glory in their last tournaments before they retired either. Reputation counts for a lot.

  24. Small Observer, if I remember correctly you are a JJ fan, are you also an Ivanovic fan? Your points are taken, but I think both Belgians Henin and Mrs K.C. are better players and have better careers than Ivanovic. Henin suffered from burn out, I remember the match where she lost to Divapova in AO 08 she was yelling at her coach, and her body body language on court from that point on was screaming burn out. Mrs. K.C. did surprise me a bit when she retire I thought she had a couple of years of good tennis left. When they came back both of them fresher, I knew they would make noise on tour. If you look at both Belgians’ records they are inconsistent from tournament to tournament this year. Just look at Indian Wells and Miami for both players and is telling the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Just to let you know I despise when a player retires and comes back. You had the hype both Belgians back on tour, and you knew that they would bring quality play due that both of them were refresh, so yes they both deserved the wild card at the tournaments that they play in. Back to Ana, after winning her slam she hasn’t won anything and is not that she is reaching deep into tournament. Ana is not even inconsistent, I’m sorry she is bad. She was bad at Fed Cup, at the Olympics (I thought that she just wanted to be in the opening ceremony fully knowingly that she couldn’t play), in Grand Slams, and regular tournaments, whether she is playing on hard courts, clay, or grass. I give her credit she knows how to keep herself in the lime light, but is it worth a wild card? A month shy from celebrating Ana’s rise to the top of the world RG 08 two whole years ago and its been down hill from there. I used to be an Ivanovic fan the last time I cheered for her was RG 08, after that I did find phoniness in her, I truly despise that, so I stopped being a fan. Her slide commenced coincidence?

  25. Actually, Mr. Carlos, I’m not an Ivanovic fan at all and never have been. I only meant to answer some of the more straight-forward things you highlighted, not to debate with you about Ivanovic’s merits as a player! However, I try to be objective as much as I can, and whether I like Ivanovic or not, I have to admit that once upon a time ago, at her best, she did play good tennis. That was the only point I was trying to make about her receiving a wildcard, as we were talking about how tournaments should be about the quality of play not about popular/good-looking players. I guess the Henin and Clijsters examples I gave were not very good ones.

    You are right in saying that Ivanovic isn’t inconsistent (which was what she was a lot of the time before she won RG), she’s just consistently not playing well. So we are back to the point again about whether she merits a wildcard. I guess probably not, but there will be a lot of people who will argue that she does. I guess it’s a tough call for tournament organisers when they receive wildcard requests and they have to think of revenue and marketing. I’m happy it’s not me making those decisions, and I think I’ve said all that I can say on the subject!

  26. Carlos, hhahahaa that’s true for a wildcard. πŸ˜€

    It doesn’t depend on the player attacked, it probably depends on my state of mind and level of perception in the given moment.

    Small Observer, yes, besides all the things already mentioned there is also the reputation and the hope that the player could perform well after all. I absolutely agree with everything you said about Ana and tournament organizers and I think you are objective.

  27. Small Observer, read my first comment on this post. πŸ˜›

    Ms. Marija, I only call them as I see them. πŸ™‚

    Nice discussion. πŸ™‚

  28. Adam Scott, huh!!! is a LOSER and is not impressive with golf, so his disease transcend to her and she accept being a loser, since there is no motivation with Adam, besides he is not good looking. Ana is wasting time with this guy, maybe the love and sex make her stay oh.

  29. Ana Ivanovic is hot. She’s a crowd pleaser because she can hit big. I didn’t realise she is only 22. Wow. Sponsors will still give her stuff because she has great marketing appeal, and will always be famous in the eyes and hearts of her fans. She’s hot. She’s a former #1 player and a grand slam winner. Can’t ignore those facts. I just saw her go down to Kim Clijsters at the US Open. She still can hit the ball. But her service toss looks to be still plaguing her. Gosh, I can’t figure out how come it still bothers her. She should simplify it and relax. I am glad that she has a boyfriend. She deserves every joy and happiness a young, sexy woman can have. Lucky dude. She’s hot! And has millions or billions of fans and probably always will. Enjoy the tennis when she can and life. A tennis player’s career can be brief or long. Go Ana! Love ya

  30. Hot Ana observer, the latest news is that Ana broke up with Adam! πŸ˜› It could be a rumor, but it could also be true.

  31. i love ana ivonovic because she has a real beauty and she is a vry cute.she is a good tennis star.i alwys pray for him that she win every title and beat every one in the match.


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