Queen Elizabeth II to visit Wimbledon 2010


Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II will attend Wimbledon this year, and it will be her first visit to the tournament since 1977. The exact day of her visit will be June 24. The tournament starts June 21 and lasts until July 4. (source: Wimbledon, photo: james_jhs)


  1. wow…that will be interesting to see…I bet she’ll watch Andy M. and Federrer play. Hope she watches Ana and Jelena as well…nonetheless a very symbolic gesture…

    thanks for the info Marija~hope examination preparations are going well…I finish exams tomorrow!! Thank God!

  2. I think she will watch a men’s game, probably Andy Murray’s. That is if Murray lasts till June 24th.

  3. Bb and Karunya, I was thinking the same thing, who she will watch, and I also believe it will be a men’s match.

    Bb, the preparations for the exam are going well, but I have resumed working today so it will be much more challenging to learn the things I haven’t yet (and it’s more than a half). And on top of all that today I got it confirmed that the examiners are very strict and you have to know everything. We’ll see how it goes…

  4. Constitution, European Union, some laws and rights concerning work, organization in an office, and things like that.

  5. UGH and I’m leaving June 12th. Would be awesome if I told other people I saw the Queen in real life lol.

  6. LuLinQa, thanks, I will need it. 😛

    Lilly, I suppose there will be a lot of people wanting to watch that match. I mean, not all of them will make it.


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