Roland Garros 2010 fashion radar – WTA outfits


Grand Slams are the places where tennis players want to look their best and sponsors want to use the opportunity of huge publicity to market their products. Let’s have a look at what women’s tennis stars are sporting during one such event, Roland Garros 2010 in Paris.

America's Venus Williams at French Open 2010America's Venus Williams

Venus Williams raised many eyebrows by her lingerie-like black dress. But the dress raises all the eyebrows when in action!

Romania's Sorana CirsteaSerbia's Ana Ivanovic

Sorana Cirstea lost on Day one to Svetlana Kuznetsova, but her adidas dress can win all the awards, if you asked me. Just like Ana Ivanovic’s.

America's Bethanie Mattek-SandsDenmark's Caroline Wozniacki

Bethanie Mattek-Sands is wearing her cool tube socks and looks sporty. Well, Venus took Bethanie’s role of ball boy distractor. Caroline Wozniacki, nice dress but nothing new, really nothing.

Slovakia's Dominika CibulkovaRussia's Elena Dementieva

Dominika Cibulkova always looks good, in my opinion, while Elena Dementieva is somehow the same all the time.

Italy's Flavia Pennetta

Flavia Pennetta confirms you can’t be wrong with adidas.

China's Zheng JieRussia's Maria Sharapova

Zheng Jie is bringing fresh colors, and whenever there is purple I’m all for it. Maria Sharapova has a nice Nike dress, although it doesn’t offer much to talk about (anyway, Venus stole all our words).

Russia's Dinara Safina

Dinara Safina, twice finalist at Roland Garros, lost in the first round, and no outfit can save her.

Belgium's Justine HeninAmerica's Serena Williams

Adidas + pink were luckier combination for Justine Henin than for Safina, and the Belgian four-time champion won her first-round match in the adidas Competition line. My favorite besides Ivanovic’s adidas outfit is Serena Williams‘ Nike dress.

Serbia's Jelena JankovicFrance's Aravane Rezai
Zheng is brightening the French Open with her yellow and purple outfit, but Jelena Jankovic took the color yellow to a level of too much. If the gold can help Aravane Rezai win another high-profile title, why not.

Russia's Svetlana Kuznetsova

We always know what to expect from Svetlana Kuznetsova – the Russian is sticking to her simple style, even for the title defense at a Grand Slam.

Who is your best dressed women’s tennis player at the 2010 French Open? Would you like to add someone to my overview? Feel free to share links to photos in the comments section. (photos: © FFT, Ralf Reinecke, © Neal Trousdale, y.caradec,, Tony, Stephane Martinache)


  1. I like the most Ana’s dress- cute and simple, plus great colour, and Serena’s- cool colours and sporty design. I think Masha’s dress is nice, too, i’ve always loved what she is wearing in Paris. I like the top of JJ’s dress and Jie’s colour combination.:D Caroline’s dress is nice, but the colour is to similiar to the previous one, i would like to see her wearing that skirt from Charleston again. As for the others, okay, but nothing special. As for Venus and Aravan, horrible! , especially Venus. I thought she was over that kind of stuff, she was so classy in most of 2008 and 2009…

  2. I love Ana’s dress, simple and still sporty, and I like orange. Maria’s looks like a fashion gown that’s been cut short, I’ve heard people say it looks like a curtain draped over another curtain and very drab (where’s the color like AO? haha)-I find that hilarious.

  3. i havent heard from you in a while lily! dinara safina looks bad, but maria kiralenko looks good with the white skirt and pink top. jelena’s anta dresses always look cheapy made and poorly constructed. serena looks the best, as per usual 🙂

  4. I like Ana’s look most- pretty girl in pretty dress in pretty colour. Perfect! My second favourite is Serena- her dress is amazing-colours are so bright and look so well together, especially with her skin tone.She looks great. But Venus…gush…what happend with her style?She was so elegant in 2008 and 2009, and now she looks so trashy. Hate it! Aravane’s too. Gold and black in undefined model-no! Maria’s dress is nice, even though it does look like a courtain.I’m not such a fan of heavy-looking dresses, but, it can pass. Dementieva-nothing new, but, looks pretty. I would like Jelena’s dress so much more if it weren’t so intensive yellow, some lighter colour would be much better, even though I like the model. I think Adidas did a great thing with those pink outfits-they look awsome on the red clay!

  5. Maria: every dress looks great on her
    Venus: trashy
    Ana: nothing special
    Jelena: sweet
    Aravane: what the hell is that?

  6. I like Maria and Ana’s dresses and the colour of Dementieva’s is lovely. I don’t like Venus’ dress, but I never do like any of them. Jelena’s is okay, but ANTA are still yet to impress me. Zheng Jie’s outfit is cute, I like the colours. I’m not a huge fan of Adidas, purely because you see the players in the same outfits for so long and there’s greater variety with Nike, you rarely see the same outfits on many players and they don’t wear the same ones for near as long. Rezai’s is….unique 🙂

  7. I like Dominika´s Lacoste dress, they are simple and cute. Than I love Masha´s and Serena´s. Ana´s are great, but many adidas girls are working them so it´s not that original.

  8. I thought the WTA was going to crack down on “too revealing outfits” aka ‘The Alize Cornet Rule’. How is Venus getting away with it?

    Ms. Marija, you clearly said that you wouldn’t wear Venus’s outfit I wonder how many women are willing to wear that outfit?

  9. I agree with Angelina but my favorite dress is JJ’s, good color for this season and it looks great on her.

  10. Well Dominika said she wouldn’t wear Venus’ outfit on AO radio as it would be uncomfortable and I definitely agree! You need clothing that holds in everything and doesn’t have you constantly and pulling to keep things in the right place haha. I really like Zheng Jie’s colors, love that purple, but its’ true Anta hasn’t really impressed me yet either-I don’t like Zheng’s ruffle/ruched sleeves. Is it weird that I like Kimiko’s outfit? Or maybe it just looks really good on her? Adidas is obsessed with yellow and orange this season!

  11. I like JJ the most. The tone of yellow she wears is actually quite nice. Plus it makes it easier to watch her night matches, hahaha 😀

  12. Lilly, I also like Kimiko’s outfit. And I agree with Jacob when he says that Anta’s outfits look cheesy and poorly designed. I sometimes think they use bright colors to shift the attention from bad design. 😛 However, I see many people absolutely love JJ’s dresses, so it’s all relative.

  13. love JJ’s dress!! great color on her.. and I actually think is a good design..
    wozniacki looks boring.. the stella’s dresses looked better on kirilenko altough they didnt get much exposure..
    serena looks really good.. sharapova’s design is good, but i don’t like the color choices..
    aravane and venus.. just no words for it…
    the rest is mostly boring (sveta, safina, henin)
    Ivanovic looks good but she is been wearing the same dress for a while now..

  14. JJ’s dress is the best at this year’s RG. Nice color and it fits her perfectly. Maria’s is nothing special. It does kind of look like drapes. Ana’s simple and sporty, but something with more edge would fit her better. REZAI? WTF? lol…but I understand why you would like it Maria, it is so unique and in your face/like a clubbing dress gone wrong…

  15. If you like the classic look Cibulkova looks the best this year; clean lines, sporty, no fuss.

    Henin, Safina, Kuznetsova and others look like they don’t care about their appearance at all, which is fine, but it’s boring.

    Hantuchova, Dementieva and Ivanovic always look feminine and true to themselves. They have sweet personalities but are also professional athletes and need to be able to move aggressively. They always looks comfortable in their tennis clothes.

    Wozniacki and Sharapova have very boring dresses that don’t do well on television. Maybe live, close up there is more to see. Sharapova always wants to look elegant on the court, and she tries too hard without succeeding. She’s a big girl. She’s a strong girl. She’s an athlete for goodness sakes. She shrieks everytime she hits the ball and she isn’t the most graceful mover on the court. She should try to look less like she’s going to the opera and use less frills and soft fabrics. I think she’d look great in the classic styles updated for today’s world, like the outfits worn by Margaret Court, another tall woman; crisp tennis whites that are well cut and fit properly. Petrova is another big girl who has these pleats or flounces, little feminine touches that actually look silly on her. She’s a strong powerful athlete, and her clothes should complement that, not try to make her something she is not.

    That brings me to Kuznetsova, Peer, Schneider and Jankovic among others who have appeared in clothes that don’t fit them properly, aren’t well made or have designs that don’t work with sweat and running. Serena Williams has some hits, some misses, I’m not a fan of her fashion sense. For this group, clothes are too loose, too tight, or just not right for their bodies.

    Jankovic is another one who tries very hard. She wants to stand out. Sometimes her colors work well, sometimes not, and her dresses seem one size too small.

    Then I lump Mattek-Sands and Rezai together, I don’t know what they are thinking, but they certainly are brave.

    Venus Williams certainly made a statement this year. If your body looks that good, I think it is less of a fashion “crime” to be revealing and teasing than if you were not in such good shape and showed too much.

    In the end, let the tennis speak louder than clothes, personalities and grunts.

  16. I like JJ’s yellow dress the best so far. I do not like having to watch players who wear the same outfit each say – ie – Serena. Boring! Obnoxious! and why do they have to do this?

  17. the best surely is serena..beautiful simple great colour..ana will be second..simple nice great colour too..maria is okay..jelena is great favourite brand will be adidas..even all their players wear same outfits they still produce the great one..

  18. checking out the dresses of women tennis players is another reason why i love tennis and you’ve done your assignment by posting it here. anyway, i love serena’s and maria’s Nike dresses. but, venus’ designed dress really caught everyone’s attention.


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