Wimbledon: Rezai still shocks with style, Henin keeps it simple, Ivanovic introduces leggings


Aravane Rezai Wimbledon outfit

You may think it’s difficult to create something different when all you can do is make a white tennis outfit, but Aravane Rezai has succeeded and followed up her gold and black dress with an equally memorable and eye-catching white outfit for Wimbledon 2010. We will get the full impression when Aravane takes off that embellished jacket, but from what we can see of the skirt, it follows the same style as her last outfit, which is pretty much a bad thing, although it can be argued that it matches Aravane’s personality, which is always a good thing.

Justine Henin adidas outfit for Wimbledon 2010Ana Ivanovic dress for Wimbledon 2010

If Aravane’s outfit with lots of strange details imposed some stress on you, here’s a perfect relaxation – Justine Henin and adidas. There’s nothing disturbing about Justine’s Wimbledon outfit, although, you may get frustrated with the fact that Justine’s always wearing the same type of clothes. Still, some of her outfits are better than the others, and I see this Wimbledon piece has a touch of elegant on top of being simple and sporty.

Ana Ivanovic will wear adidas’ Women’s adilibria Dress, as you already know, but now we get to see an addition – leggings for cold days. Wonder if Justine will also wear them. I think better not.


  1. aravanes skort looks like my pyjama lol. leggins, great idea especially for wimby cold weather 🙂

  2. Aravane wears… different outfits on court. 🙂 Adidas is always a winner- simple and pretty. As for the leggins, I don’t mind them when it’s cold, but I doubt we’ll see Ana wearing them. 🙂

  3. Justine’s outfits are really boring. They’re all the same. Aravane’s is nothing compared to the black and gold one, but I suppose it would take some dress to beat that one! I like that the players wear leggings when its cold. The trend was really on display in Rome, especially with all of the players that Ivanovic beat! I remember Sharapova wearing them in RG 2007 first of all and of course she carried it off pretty well.

  4. Aravane has a new dress I think I’m getting scared a little :-D. She seems to be Nike’s guinea pig when it comes to crazy designs. What Sharpie refuses to wear they probably pass on to Aravane, hehe. Justine looks no nonsense as usual. I think the outfite is very nice, sporty and sleek. Ana’s leggins are a nice change I think all the male fans will be thrilled to see her curves defined nicely…:-) (Boys will be boys, LMAO).

  5. I like Rezai outfit, I can’t wait for Venus to shock us for what she is going to wear to wimbledon I hope it’s something hot! Justine outfit looks to simple…

  6. rezai’s jacket looks nice. leggins look bad in that drasticly photoshoped picture, justine, boring. also why did adidas put maria kirilenko in the competition line? why not adilibria? i think adidas wastes kirilenko’s beauty

  7. I like the leggings on Ana. I’m not surprised Justine’s picked the same outfit, she keeps it simple no fuss, and I just can’t imagine her wearing a dress like some girls, ex. Ana, Maria, etc.

  8. I like adidas clothes (especialy Ana’s). Aravane is pretty girl but she is always dressed poorly (at least strange).

  9. i would like to see two things at wimbly.

    JJ winning and her outfit for wimbly.

    Ana making a deep run to boast her confidence and her ranking.


    rezai’s “friend” has something special for rezai to ware at wimbledon!

    why can’t she just get a decent sponsor!

    and jacob i know they were part of an official photo shoot and officialy photo shoped by adidas also!


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