Tanmayee and Francesca win free passes for Wimbledon Live


Wimbledon has just begun and I am happy to announce that we have selected the two lucky winners of free passes for watching the greatest tournament of the tennis season live on the Internet. Congratulations Tanmayee and Francesca, you are the lucky winners of our contest and I will contact you right away via the email addresses provided!

Tanmayee, unfortunately you are not located in any of the regions eligible for the service, but you always have the option of giving your prize to some other participant in the contest or to some friend from eligible country. If you want to award some reader of Women’s Tennis Blog, just let me know and I will get you two connected.

Of course, the answer to the contest question “On which date will Queen Elizabeth II visit Wimbledon 2010?” is “June 24“. Get yourselves prepared – Serena Williams has already been busy practicing her curtsy.

Thank you all for participating in the contest and I hope that very soon we will have another one, so don’t be disappointed for maybe not winning this time. And also, if you have already won something on Women’s Tennis Blog, don’t think that you shouldn’t enter contests any more. It’s not your fault if you’re luckier than others. 🙂

For all of you not as fortunate this time to win free online access to so many live matches at Wimbledon, you always have the option of paying for the service. You can do so by visiting the page of Wimbledon Live.


  1. marija tanmayee lives in usa…..and the service it’s not available there…..!!plese choose another one!!

  2. Well I’m going to watch it on ESPN3. For those who live in the US and have Comcast, I think you can watch it for free on it. Or if you are on a college network (ie. you’re on campus) you also have free access to watch the matches, so no fear in not getting the wimbledon passes.

  3. Pennettafan, I know Tanmayee lives in the US, but I wanted to be fair and Tanmayee was the one who entered the contest and randomly won the prize. I hope he/she will want to give the prize to someone.


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