Fashion radar: WTA players’ Wimbledon whites


Wimbledon may have strict dress code but there still is enough space for players and their brands to experiment and bring something new and exciting. Let’s see how successful they’ve been this year.

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Let’s start with Venus and Serena Williams. We’ve already paid close attention to both Venus’ Eleven dress and Serena’s Nike dress, but it’s worth mentioning them again – Venus was definitely unique with fringes all over the bottom part of the dress, while Serena wore a more classic design inspired by strawberries and cream and a cute narrow headband. Just to use the opportunity to mention that the sisters, twice defending champions, lost in doubles quarterfinals today to Elena Vesnina and Vera Zvonareva 3-6 6-3 6-4.

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Chinese brand ANTA and Jelena Jankovic were simple and classy at this year’s Wimbledon. JJ also sported a customized racquet bag and was fully equipped for the greatest Grand Slam.

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Once my favorite tennis fashion designer Stella McCartney seems to be lacking inspiration as Caroline Wozniacki has been wearing pretty much the same dress for months. Now I can’t blame her, why bother when you’re going to lose your match in 46 minutes (sorry, Caro). Talking about Stella, we have to mention Maria Kirilenko who looks awesome even in the simple adidas BARRICADE top and skort.

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Fila brought absolutely nothing eye-catching, either positively or negatively, but that’s their style and I accept it and respect it the way it is.

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Actually, one tennis photographer told me that he and his colleagues like Fila’s designs the most, because they are the best to take photos of.

Svetlana Kuznetsova at Wimbledon 2010

Bethanie Mattek-Sands lost in the first round both in the tournament singles draw and in the style department. In the doubles competition however, Mattek-Sands has reached the semifinals with Liezel Huber.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands at Wimbledon 2010

Nike-clad Victoria Azarenka sported some details that I’m not a fan of.

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While Maria Sharapova didn’t stand out with her latest Nike design.

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In my opinion, the best outfit for the occasion was adidas Women’s adilibria dress worn by Daniela Hantuchova. Ana Ivanovic had the same dress, but with an addition of leggings (maybe because she hasn’t warmed up to play tennis in a long time, so adidas is trying to help her with the leggings).

Daniela Hantuchova at Wimbledon 2010

What do you think of the fashion at Wimbledon 2010? Who were the best and the worst dressed WTA players? (photos: Getty Images, Stephane Martinache,


  1. Kournikova looked class, even though she was wearing a understated dress in the women’s invitational doubles. Not a fan of the balero jacket worn by nike players, Certainly didn’t work on Serena for obvious reasons.

  2. My favourite is Serena Williams. Although, its very similar to 2010 Australian open, like, its the same shape. I like Caroline after that, i think the dress likes fantastic in white, however, time to change the dress i think! My least favourite of this bunch is the Adidas barricade line, even though Maria K looks amazing all the time, not a fan of the outfit. I’m “meh” about the Adidas Adilibria line, i like the top and skirt, i think penetta wore it.


  3. I liked the dresses of Jelena, Serena and Daniela. Also, Vesnina wore–and often wears–the more “old school” Lacoste stuff, and I really like it on her.

  4. Serena is dressed perfect for a traditional event like Wimbledon is. Very feminine, at least it looks like on her, but not too much of meaningless details. Masha had nice outfit too. I cant wait to see Caro working something else, I have enough of this dress (even though they are nice).

  5. LuLinQa, undoubtedly, Caro’s dresses are nice, but I can’t tell the difference in the last I don’t even know how many dresses.

  6. Sharapova’s dress was the best. I also liked the one that JJ wore, and Ana’s and Venus’ was cool, too….

  7. Serena’s dress is simple but nice.

    Caro needs to ware the new stella stuff this dress is so old, stella was way better with Maria K.

    Daniela looks amazing in the dress, in my opinion better than ana!

    I like vika’s skirt but not the top.

    Jelena’s dress is nice.

  8. My favorite outfit is certainly adilibria dress and Daniela wears it well, it has a design fairly simple , but I like purple contrasting details…

    I noticed that Ellesse brand is not advertised like the other (and less available) …The dress worn by Nadia Petrova was appreciable, so far she is the only one I’ve seen wear Ellesse.

  9. Jelena’s dress is perfect. Also is Serena’s. Daniela and Ana’s dress, hm noting special for me, Adidas cen do this better.

  10. I loved Jelena’s dress and Maria also looked good. Didn’t like Venus’ at all and I’m getting very bored with the Adidas designs. Serena looks great, very rarely does she have any wardrobe malfunctions on a tennis court.

  11. I really liked MaSha’s outfit! I loved the thought process behind it and I actually think that the Lawn Rose is her best outfit at Wimbledon ever.

  12. are you somekind of fashin expert??…and it’s not ok to insult ana with your comments…
    a posto vidim da ovaj blog uredjuje neko sa balkanskih prostora da ti kazem ja na srpskom!!
    kako mozes da komentarises necije haljine da nisi modni strucnjak, a po tojim komentarima uvek su ti najbolje haljine najruznije…ne vole svi obicne stvari kao ti… i nije uredu da javno prozivas anu ivanovic pa sta ako trenutno ne igra dobar tenis ona je osvojila gren slem za razliku od drugih srpskih igracica koje je vredjaju i imitiraju ali ni to nisi okacio/la na svoj blog!!
    priznaces da je mnogo lakse sedeti za kompjuterom i pljuvati po necijim haljinama i igri i biti kompjuterski moljac nego igrati tenis!! P.S. ako ti je vec do mode iako sa veliki fan ane ivanovic ova haljina mi je vec vidjena i ne svidja mi se i ruzno stoji i njoj i hantukovoj..i neka nosi helanke njena stvar ima sta da pokaze a komentar za helanke nije duhovit.. prestani da reklamiras svoj blog preko ane ivanovic tj na racun njene svetske popularnosti jer ti je svaki drugi unos o ani i to u negativnom kontekstu…to nije lepo

  13. Ana’s fan, I will not delete your comment this time, but from now on please write in English, as other commentators should understand you as well: here’s comments policy

    I’m not a fashion expert at all, but I have the right to comment on fashion. I don’t think I’ve ever insulted anyone (I don’t consider an insult if you say someone’s outfit is not nice or the best it could be).

    Also, I’m not insulting Ana, why would you think so? And of course it’s easier to write this blog than to compete at Grand Slams.

  14. Marija, I agree, especialy the top part is similar.My favourite design are that mop dresses from the end of 2009 season.
    Dear ana´s fan, I think there is absolutly no need to be angry on Marija, she really likes Anci and JJ and as a long-time visitor of this site, without a shadow of doubt I can say she is never insultive about any of the players. This blog is polite, tolerant, objective and sweet. Marija gives us a place to express our oppinions, but it should be in matured and polite way. Dont spread negative stuff here please.

  15. LuLinQa, thank you for defending me. 🙂 Sometimes bad things need to happen to give way to good things, and by good things I’m referring to your wonderful words about my blog.

  16. I’m sorry if I had insulted you Marija or you LuLinQa but as you said everybody have right on their own oppinion and mine is that your comments like:(maybe because she hasn’t warmed up to play tennis in a long time, so adidas is trying to help her with the leggings)and Sorana Cirstea and Ana Ivanovic look young and cute, although I’m not sure about Ana’s choice of the dress are not so good. You have right to comment but i visit your blog every day and i am sure that many people all around the world do the same and you have a lot of influence on their oppinion. You have very nice blog and you have a lot of intersting stories. At the end i think that we all have to support ana and help her to get back to the top. once again i am sorry if i am a “bad thig” on your blog.

  17. Ana’s fan, as you can see I give you the right to comment, even if you are opposing my opinion and attacking me. I’m sorry if you found my comments about Ana too bold, my intention was not to disrespect her. As much influence I have with this blog, by leaving your comment here you get a share of that influence as well, so you can use it to your advantage.

    I can say that people sometimes overreact. On my YouTube channel I once shared a funny video Ana’s team compiled about her, and people were attacking me how I was jealous of Ana, which was ridiculous. First of all, the video was created by her team, and second of all it was made with all the best intentions.

  18. I am ana’s fan. Video is funny and I don’t think that comments you jealous of Ana do not actually apply to you.There are a lot of tennis players who are jealous of Ana (I don’t want to tell any names but we know who). I just don’t like that some people are telling bad things about Ana just because she is playing bad tennis at the moment and everybody forgot Roland Garros 2008! Ana is also a great person and she have never emulated or insulted anyone! Ana will be back we all saw what happend in Rome! I am the same ana’s fan a just added my personal name!
    P.S. thank you for not deleted my comments…

  19. Petar ana’s fan, read this comment for example: “just stop making fun……………..first prove ur self and then make fun of others ”

    or this one

    (sorry it’s in Serbian) “ovo dvoje retardinja koji su napravili video nemogu da sakriju svoj ocaj svesni da nikada nece biti kao ANA. jbg. deco necete cak biti upamceni ni kao luzeri koji su pokusali da joj napakoste.”

    I felt they thought the uploader made the video and they attacked the uploader (me).

    I am deleting comments only in extreme cases, and readers here know that. I let people say what they want, even if they are publicly opposing me. 🙂

    As LuLinQa said I think only the best about Ana and I wish her to get back to where she can be. I don’t believe any of my comments about Ana are insulting.

  20. Masha can wear anything and look like the queen of the court – She’s just that kinda girl – Her dress maybe didn’t stand out – but her wearing it – it sure did stand out anyways – *smiles*

  21. MashaFan, I think Maria’s on-court outfit was below par, but her dress for the Wimbledon players party was stunning.


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