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Today is a day off in terms of women’s tennis as both Wimbledon singles and doubles finals were played yesterday, so this Sunday we have an opportunity to distance from present events and transport ourselves 100 years in the past.

The video is a montage of Wimbledon finals from 1910 to 1970 from the British Pathe archive. I’m sure you will like it, especially the fashion. There are also nice crowd shots and behind the scenes footage of court maintenance.

Dorothy Round and Betty Nuthall

The above photo is of Dorothy Round and Betty Nuthall. Make sure you check out this video released in 1936 of Dorothy, winner of Ladies Singles Championship at Wimbledon in 1934 and other competitions, showing us her tennis techniques. It’s precious! As well as a lot of tennis material you can find at the website.

Balls Boys Training

The above is a nice photo of ball boys training.

Wimbledon History

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  1. Love it. Only problem is that I wished it was longer. Seeing the men in long pants and the women with skirts around their ankles just says it all. I wonder if any of today’s players would actually make a fashion statement and play in a long dress or long pants. That would be something.

  2. TennisAce, I also thought so, why don’t some of today’s players emulate that style. It could be cool, especially on some players that are known for style. Although, it’s probably too uncomfortable and wouldn’t sell well.

  3. I think they wouldn´t win anything if they wore that kind of clothes. Players at this time are playing much more agressive tennis based on perfect movement, not like guys in the past. They were basicly just hitting a ball a bit without much power. It is amazing to see how such a wonderful game as tennis has changed in 100 years time.

  4. I loved the ball boys training video, what an amazing archive! Do ball boys still train like that today – and are they all from one school?

  5. Mariya, I think certain players would be able to play in those long dresses. Those that spring to mind are those who can move very well already especially on grass. People like Venus, Justine, Serena, even Bartoli, because of the way she produces her shots and the way she moves her opponent around the court without moving too much herself.

    And yes the ball boys and girls still do train in the same way they did all those years ago. I think Wimbledon is the only Major that does not allow the throwing of the ball but rather rolling it on the ground, which I think is very nice.

  6. TennisAce, companies try to make as unique designs as possible, but the most unique would be style reflecting the past. It would probably receive a lot of criticism though.

    Wimbledon has so many little traditions that make it stand out, actually it considerably stands out from other Grand Slams in my opinion. Seeing how difficult it is to be a ball boy or girl at Wimbledon only proves how complex and hard the organization of such an event is.


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