Bethanie Mattek Sands and her memorable outfits


Bethanie Mattek Sands gold dressBethanie Mattek gold dress

Bethanie Mattek Sands is one of the most famous tennis players when it comes to fashion sense, or nonsense. That’s why I’m doing this overview of her on-court outfits, as promised a long time ago to our reader Lilly.

Bethanie Mattek ball boy peak

No matter how trashy some of Bethanie’s outfits are, they certainly bring a lot of fun. This ball boy’s peak was in all the media during the 2007 US Open.

However, I have to say that not all Bethanie’s styles fall into the category of unsophisticated (to put it that way), her tube socks are priceless and a great addition to tennis fashion.

Bethanie Mattek-Sand's famous tube socks

Here’s an extract from the recent interview Bethanie did with On the Baseline:

Ah yes… the socks! I rarely get through an interview where the socks don’t come up at least once. I wore them a few years back on center court of Wimbledon and got a lot of attention for it. Actually that entire outfit that I wore is in the Wimbledon Museum.

Bethanie Mattek at Wimbledon

I like trends and style so I figured why not wear something that would go against the norm of Wimbledon but yet was trendy back in the day. I brought the socks back the later part of last year and have been wearing them since. I have all kinds of color combos now and have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

Bethanie Mattek at the 2010 French OpenBethanie Mattek Sands at Wimbledon 2010

The two photos above show Bethanie’s looks for this year’s Roland Garros and Wimbledon. Notice the huge tattoo on her right hand.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands at the BNP Paribas Open 2010Bethanie Mattek at the 2008 East West Bank Classic

In the interview for On the Baseline Bethanie also discussed how she would improve the clothes umpires wear. She would like to replace the stale umpire attire with something colorful and fun. She’s well aware it wouldn’t be flattering but would definitely be eye-catching.

Bethanie Mattek at the 2008 East West Bank Classic

Bethanie can also be completely covered and the following photo shows it.

Bethanie Mattek at the 2008 DFS Classic

Here’s Bethanie’s take on tennis and fashion:

Why not have a little more creativity when you play, too many times both players on the court look the same and it is boring. I like when players are original and show off some creativity like Venus, Serena and Maria. I think it is great for the sport. Fashion is such a big deal everywhere else, why not bring it onto the court as well!?!?

Bethanie Mattek at the 2007 US OpenBethanie Mattek at the 2006 French Open

The above cheetah print outfit will stay in our minds for the long time to come. Bethanie wore it at the 2007 US Open.

Bethanie Mattek at the 2007 Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open

Some candy colors are also welcome in Bethanie’s wardrobe.

Bethanie Mattek at the 2007 Western & Southern Financial Group Women's Open

The picture below speaks a thousand words. 🙂

Bethanie MattekBethanie Mattek

And let’s finish this overview with one oldie – a photo from the 2003 US Open. Bethanie’s hair has changed as well!

Bethanie Mattek at the 2003 US Open

All in all, even though I wouldn’t wear most of Bethanie’s outfits, not even in my wildest dreams, Bethanie wears them well and I like that we have such a player that brings a lot of uniqueness and entertainment to the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. (photos via:, Daily Mail,


  1. I love Bethanie Mattek Sands she is nice person and often times on her blogs she will interact with the readers. I like how she does that, not many tennis players do that. It goes to show you that she has a human quality to them. I hope to see her ratings improve sometime in the future, I love to watch her play whenever I hear enter the draw. Thank you for posting this one about Bethanie!.

  2. Wow! I don’t get to watch Mattek-Sands in her matches very often. I have maybe seen her in 2 of the outfits photographed. The written press would describe her outfits with no photos. She most certainly keeps it interesting – that’s for sure. Thanks for capturing all the photos in one post.

  3. Unfortunately – Bethanie has some disadvatanges:

    1. She isn’t a beauty – with sex appeal – in spite of her boobs
    2. She isn’t a top tennis player (ranking #98)

    Therefor her “fashion” ideas/outfits never will effect the fantasy of the general public – all she can hope for is a little publicity

  4. I’m also glad I finally got to feature Bethanie. It had been a few months already that I wanted to do an overview of her outfits, but more popular players always had the advantage.

  5. she is kind of trailer trashy and not fashion forward plus her tennis is mediocre to say the least.I hate looking at her face with all that plastic surgery..

  6. Marija look at her before and after pictures,her face is expressionless.Beth and her buddy JJ are overdoing the botox and surgeries…did you notice JJ s face at that event in Slovenia it looked frozen,she is too young to be messing around with all the surgeries…now I know why they are buddies,they have something in common…tackyness

  7. Fyoto, I can’t say anything. JJ still looks normal to me. She had a nose job, and we all know that, but that’s all. Can you share particular pictures of Bethanie and JJ that demonstrate your words?

  8. Wow! Bethanie has a lot of creativity and an awesome sense of style! I have watched her play once or twice, and she plays with a lot of spirit!!

  9. You’re great Bethanie! I have watched you throughout your win in the Hopman Cup, you played sensational tennis and your outfits were unique and great ‘Bethanie Style’, I love to watch you play and seeing what you wear is a bonus!

  10. I admire her. She is something most of us drones will never be- talented and original. A butterfly, while most of us are moths.

    Some of you bloggers have a stupid narrow idea of beauty. She is a young healthy fit woman in her prime. That is beautiful enough.

  11. I’m watching Bethanie playing doubles in the Aystralian Open at the the moment. She’s wearing purple and black and those signature long socks. She is refreshingly different and good on her for wearing all those zany outfits. Will be watching her from now on.

  12. Can someone tell me when Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife started playing tennis???

    Seriously, I agree with those who feel that the crazy outfits are the ONLY way she gets press. Her game is average, and I believe her failed fashion attempts only make her look more ridiculous than she already is.

    Has anyone checked for steroids? God knows her husband is an ex juicer

  13. She certainly adds something extra with those outfits. She’s not a bad player like some people above mention (I’d love to see them play her and get a few games). Gotta mention that her outfit at Indian Wells was pretty bad though. She looked like a soccer referee (a male one at that). I’d say she should focus more on her game than fashion but she’s doing something right, we’re all talking about her…

  14. Is her game average…maybe by the pros standards, still better than 99% of us hope to be, and I love the tube socks.

  15. Today, in the WTA Rome play off’s, I witnessed for the first time in my life Bethanie Mattek-Sand (as I am not really into tennis like most of you)
    I loved her attitude of playing and performance.
    One more Fan there is today, this Dutch guy…

  16. Once again, Marine shows poor judgement in expressing a negative opinion about Bethany. Calling the 38th ranked player average once again shows that Marine knows little about the players in the WTA. Maybe a player ranked say 500 is average as long as she hadn’t been injured in the past year and just coming back. Bethany is the topped ranked playing American and the USA’s Fed Cup leader. What UK player is ranked higher? How many players blog? How many volunteered to be Hot Shots? Bethany has invited me on court for pictures with her, has stopped to chat when she was with her family. She always has time for her fans. And as far as her outfits are concerned, she has always been ahead of the curve in fashion. Seems like someone is a bit jealous.

  17. I absolutely love this woman. I had the chance to meet her last year, she is so down-to-earth, funny and kind. I love that she has fun with her looks, that’s all she really cares about. Why do people always just assume people are trying to get attention? She’s cool and doesn’t give a shit. Keep doing your thing Bethanie!

  18. I watched her match with Radwanska today … she lost it … but with a diverse offensive style that makes the game interesting…and she moves so sweetly ~

  19. Bethanie has been summarising at Wimbledon this year for BBC radio. She’s been absolutely brilliant. Really entertaining and lots of character.

  20. Grow up people. Mattek Sands is nothing but a pathetic compulsive egotistical exhibitionist and is rated low on the totem pole in Australia. Her dress code and antics are considered ridiculous by the public and press.

  21. As I type, I am watching Mattel-sands face down sharapova in the Australian open. A true beauty. Truly this woman, coccooned in a lifestyle filled with outrageous fashion and competitive sportsmanship has transformed us lowly moths into beautiful butterflies with her grace across the courts. We are wrong to judge her for not being beautiful. Isn’t true beauty a fruit that is best tasted after long summers have ripened its flesh upon the tree? Who are we as moths to ridicule such fruit when it is not us who needs to eat it?

  22. both Bethanie and I are from Minnesota in the States. I admit that is I follow her because of that fact. Minnesota doesn’t have any real claims to fame anymore. R.I.P. Prince

  23. She’s my fav doubles player. Super kind person. She took a picture with me at the usopen when other players totally ignored me. I love her explosive playing and keep her in mind when I play. Love love love her and wish her the best as she recovers ❤️❤️❤️????????????


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