Tennis players or fashion icons?


CNN’s Kate Giles reports on the lucrative sports deals that tennis players have and how valuable they are to their sponsors. Some top players earn more money off the court than on the court (even though their earnings from playing tournaments are enormous).

Look at our favorite Maria Sharapova as an example: the Russian has a $65 million deal with Nike (don’t forget ALL the other sponsors she has) and her total career prize money is about $13 million which includes three Grand Slam titles. What makes tennis players so interesting to sports brands is the fact that they are not famous only within the niche of tennis but their celebrity status spreads much further.

The second part of the video is even more interesting. It shows how tennis and fashion have always complemented each other and it takes us 120 years back. The TV presenter tries on one of the women’s tennis outfits from the past. Remember that we discussed how it would be a cool statement to introduce some of those fashion elements from history to the present (it was in our article called “Wimbledon evolution in video, history photos”). It took Kate half an hour to put the complete 11-piece outfit on! However, I’m still for bringing back some details from the past. (source: CNN’s Open Court)


  1. I don’t find difficult to understand how they can have so much money they don’t know what to do with it… $65 millions to wear a t shirt… Wow


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