Photos of champion Maria Sharapova as a child


Young picture of Maria Sharapova

We’ve featured so many players in our Kiddie Pics series and strangely enough only now did one of the most popular women’s tennis players Maria Sharapova get her turn. A lot of Sharapova’s photos are circulating on the Internet and this is my collection compiled over the last couple of years.

Little Maria Sharapova with parents

In the above photo you can see Maria with her mother Yelena and her father Yuri.

Little Maria Sharapova holding a trophy

My research tells me that the above photo is from the Australian Open Junior Championships 2002 when Barbora Strycova defeated Sharapova 6-0 7-5 in the finals.

Little Maria SharapovaSmall Maria Sharapova playing tennis

And in case you missed it, check out the video of a junior final between Maria Sharapova and Peng Shuai.

Little Maria Sharapova

Maria always knew it and this pose tells us: “I know I’m going to be a VIP”.


  1. Masha has always been a cutie. Where did she get her height? Her mom and dad do not appear to be very tall.

  2. Hi Maria when is your birthday I want to send you a big hug? I would like to know your email address too as I would like to know you more.
    Lots of love Nicky XX

  3. please be patriotic maria . russia is your mother land not usa they only use you . please return to russia after retirement . best of luck . happy birthday in advance on 19th april 2011.

  4. @sougata chatterjee Actually, the reason Maria’s family left Russia is because the whole world knows that Russia has the best government, President/thug/Oligarch, healthcare system, food system, welfare system and legal system in the world. Russia’s system is soooo good, it’s no wonder everyone is staying and moving there. In fact, we(USA) “USE” Maria Sharapova so much, that we gave her her own deal with Powershot, numerous magazine cover photos and stories, unlimited promotional material and endless money, so much money that Russia is mad they aren’t getting a piece of the action. Use your head before you say something stupid, my family moved from Belarus when I was four and I’ll tell you, it’s always in my heart but America is far better to get ahead in and raise a family. DaS ViD AN Ya CoMRaDe

  5. Finally after her bad injury she’s back to number one and has won a career grand slam putting her name in history with legends

  6. ‘I Know I’m going to be a VIP’!ha…ha..ha.nice photo.Nice comment.Good luck Masha.Which country u belongs to thats not my matter.I love u thats it & every good player is belongs to this world they encourage all over the people.We love their patience.Maria is 1 of them.

  7. Grand slams and other ATP tours mean nothing to me after the exit of Roger Federer in men and Maria Sharapova in women. What you will call this???


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