Revival of tennis fashion of the past


Sarah for Wilson's "Win a hit with Juan Martin Del Potro" Contest on Facebook

Our avid reader Sarah recently entered Wilson’s “Win a hit with Juan Martin Del Potro” Contest on Facebook where you were supposed to take a photo of yourself playing with a new Wilson® BLX tennis racquet. Sarah was determined to come up with the most original idea, and although she didn’t win the grand prize her work deserves a lot of appreciation and so I’m sharing her photos with you.

Sarah for Wilson's "Win a hit with Juan Martin Del Potro" Contest on Facebook Sarah for Wilson's "Win a hit with Juan Martin Del Potro" Contest on Facebook

You know how fascinated I am with the tennis fashion of the past. Sarah did a photoshoot with an 1890s tennis theme and I have to say her idea was very original and she carried it out great. Sarah took the photos at a place called Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA. She wanted a grass court because it best fitted with the theme. She did a lot of research before the shoot on what the players wore in those days. She looked at numerous photos of Suzanne Lenglen and Helen Wills Moody and did her best to copy that style and look of play.

Sarah for Wilson's "Win a hit with Juan Martin Del Potro" Contest on Facebook

Besides Sarah, the credit has to be given to her mother Judith Anderson who took these photos. She is a professional photographer.


  1. Wow, these photo’s are stunning!

    You look like Sandra Bullock on my opinion.
    I also have an avid love tennis clothes from the late 1800’s early 1900’s.

    You look amazing, i think you should have won ahah

  2. Sarah, Neal is a professional photographer!

    Maybe you didn’t win the contest, but you’re the winner on Women’s Tennis Blog. 😉

  3. Thank you Neal! Yes my mother Judith took the photos cause she is a professional photographer also. That why they look so good! I’m lucky because I didn’t have to pay her either. Haha. It was our own creative project.

  4. It was a delightful collaboration & creative effort with my youngest talented & “focused” daughter, who still has the heartfelt goal of meeting Juan Martin D P. Any creative ideas out there with how to go about that now?

    thanks to all

  5. Judith, maybe you could approach him at some tournament.

    Congratulations for the job well done. It’s a real pity you didn’t win the prize!

  6. Sarah not only looks good but she is a great tennis player. Too bad she didn’t win the contest. Lucky me, I go an autographed photo of it.

  7. Sarah, the link is not working for me. Can you copy and paste it again? Or tell me where to find the photo on the Facebook page.

  8. Marija, I sent it to you email. It’s hard linking to facebook.

    Otherwise, go to the “Wilson Tennis” page on Facebook. There are many posts but scroll down to the posts on July 21st. On that day they posted the girl’s winning photo.

  9. OMG I saw the winning photo, and compared to Sarah’s it’s plain horrible. They can’t even be compared, no way. It’s like Serena playing to an average junior. I can’t believe Sarah didn’t win. Bad campaign for Wilson.


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