Venus Williams’ EleVen collection on sale at


You can finally buy items from Venus Williams’ EleVen clothing line as her partnership with the Gilt Group has materialized. Go to, sign up and you can add some of Venus’ famous dresses to your collection, like the white one, called the Goddess Dress, in which Venus won her fifth Wimbledon title in 2008.

Dress prices currently range from $79 to $99. As I can see they are on sale now and the sale ends August 30, 6 am CET. So use the opportunity if you want to “Look like a ten, feel like an EleVen”.

Venus is happy that her designs have come to life again and said that new items will be available at in the future.

Additional info: Remind yourselves of Venus’ 2008 and 2009 on-court outfits. (via Tennis Served Fresh)


  1. no one will buy these. well, probably pretentious wannabes, but who honesty would wear this outfits in club matches? cocktail parties, maybe?

  2. Here in Houston, LOTS of ladies would love to be wearing this stuff! I’m not sure this is what Venus should be wearing in the Slams but out on the courts around here – definitely!

  3. go to the website thats selling these outfits…and they are sold out.Venus has the Midas touch,her book was a bestseller,her business is striving and I am sure the business world respects her.Most people that hate of Venus are just jealous … she is a very classy lady.
    I know this site is a fanclub for eastern european girls…

  4. I’m sure lots of folks will be buying her line. I’m very classy and I already have a few as well as the sneakers. When I wear them you know I’m the conversation piece until someone gets up the nerve to ask where I purchased them. Love it Venus.


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