US Open 2010 women’s tennis fashion


Women’s tennis fashion is attracting a lot of attention, especially at Grand Slams when clothing sponsors and players try to showcase the best they have. So let’s see what they’ve come up for the 2010 US Open.

I’ll start with adidas, my overall favorite, as they always make outfits that have a glamorous touch but can also be easily worn at everyday practice.

Daniela Hantuchova in adidas Women's Fall adilibria Dress at US Open 2010Ana Ivanovic in adidas Women's Fall adilibria Dress at US Open 2010

Daniela Hantuchova and Ana Ivanovic are sporting pink adidas Women’s Fall adilibria Dress.

Dinara Safina in adidas Barricade Top and Skort at the 2010 US OpenMaria Kirilenko in adidas Barricade Top and Skort at the 2010 US Open

Russians Dinara Safina and Maria Kirilenko are clad in adidas Barricade Top and Skort.

Caroline Wozniacki in Stella McCartney Tennis Performance Dress at the 2010 US OpenElena Dementieva in red Yonex at the 2010 US Open

Caroline Wozniacki is looking great in Stella McCartney Tennis Performance Dress, contrasting nicely with Tennis Performance Bra Top. Elena Dementieva and Yonex once again failed to impress with design and fellow blogger C Note, who saw the dress live at the US Open, said that it even looks two sizes too big on Dementieva.

Maria Sharapova in the Nike Striking Court Day Dress at the 2010 US OpenMaria Sharapova in the Nike Maria Sharapova NYC Dress at the 2010 US Open

As usual for a Grand Slam, Maria Sharapova has two versions of a Nike dress – one for day matches and a darker piece for night. When we reviewed the dresses from the photos prior to the Open they looked somewhat questionable, but when seen on Sharapova they are a perfect match.

Aravane Rezai at the 2010 US OpenBethanie Mattek Sands at the 2010 US Open

Aravane Rezai and Bethanie Mattek Sands always like to stand out from the crowd, in their own way. However, this time their spotlight was stolen by Nadia Petrova.

Nadia Petrova at the 2010 US Open

Venus Williams is debuting two designs from her revived EleVen collection.

Venus Williams wearing EleVen at the 2010 US OpenVenus Williams at the 2010 US Open

Svetlana Kuznetsova and Agnes Szavay are wearing Fila.

Svetlana Kuznetsova in Fila at the 2010 US OpenAgnes Szavay in Fila at the 2010 US Open

Also in Fila is defending champion Kim Clijsters, who has day and night outfit this time. For her day matches the Belgian is working the Center Court Cap Sleeve Top paired with the Center Court Skort, while at night she’s wearing the Center Court Dress.

Kim Clijsters in Fila day outfit at the 2010 US OpenKim Clijsters in Fila night dress at the 2010 US Open

Lacoste representatives are Gisela Dulko and Samantha Stosur.

Gisela Dulko in Lacoste at the 2010 US OpenSamantha Stosur in Lacoste at the 2010 US Open

Alona Bondarenko‘s K-Swiss stripes also got noticed, while Chinese ANTA, just like many other brands, opted for purple for Jelena Jankovic‘s US Open dress.

Alona Bondarenko in K Swiss at the 2010 US OpenJelena Jankovic in ANTA at the 2010 US Open

What are your favorite outfits? We really have a great variety at this year’s US Open.

Venus Williams at the 2010 US OpenVenus Williams at the 2010 US Open

Update: Venus is constantly bringing on new outfits. The latest two, shown above, are inspired by New York fireworks. (photos: Β© Neal Trousdale, US Open)


  1. ana’s dress is the best, and that dress was made only for ana….but daniela was so jealous at Ana so she worn it too…..but we all know who is prettier…..AJDE ANA

  2. I must say that there are a lot of beautiful outfits at this year’s US Open and I’m positively surprised ’cause the clothing sponsors often fail with the designs.

    As usual, there’s no doubt that MaSha has the best outfits, I love them both, the day and the night one. Of course the purple one is more elegant and she looks like she has already returned from a ball. Talking about purple, I think JJ’s dress is not bad, but it’s really bad combined with the pink bra and shorts – purple and pink don’t match!
    Also, I love Ana’s and Daniela’s adidas dress, but Dinara’s and Maria’s outfit is a little too dark to be worn for the day matches.Lacoste’s dresses are amazing, simple but very cute. Fila’s outfits seem quite boring.
    We got used to Aravane’s and Bethanie’s unusual style of dressing, but Venus is really suprising me(on a bad way) in the last few monts by wearing some ”wierd” dresses and combinations. I hate the wheels!!! No comment for Nadia’s dress, it’s not worth it.

    Finally, I’m really really dissapointed of Stella McCartney, Caroline’s dress is awful and way too short…disgusting…

  3. The Adidas designs are lovely, the pink really suits Daniela and Ana. Makiri, as usual, looks great. I really like that purple and blue are the most popular colours this year. Sharapova, is my favourite without question. Her night dress especially. I’m still not entirely convinced about the day dress though. Fila seem to be producing some nice kits aswell, as do ANTA with JJ’s latest creation. For once, she doesn’t look half bad on the court. Great post Marija, thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Ana looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress and she is in my opinion by far the best looking player at the 2010 US Open.

  5. Maca, I agree with you, Caroline ‘s dress is too short , I saw her play with the yellow shorts in evidence throughout the match, overall I like the dress, but I ‘m sorry, I think with a few more inches it would have been better…

    On the other hand I liked the other Adidas’dresses, but my favourite clothes are Masha’s day dress and Alona’s K-Swiss dress which is very nice on the back!!

    Finally I have no comment on the Ellesse’s suit… O_O

  6. This US Open is really rich in nice styles and there’s a lot of very different designs. Fashion-wise this is the best Grand Slam.

    Maca, I think that purple and pink match well, it just depends on how you match them. Even Safina’s and Kirilenko’s purple outfits have a touch of pink.

    BrΓ³na, I also like it that purple is dominant, and my favorite could be Kirilenko in her purple adidas outfit. She looks awesome.

    All the outfits are nice in their own way, except for obvious exceptions. JJ’s dress is ok, but I still can’t put ANTA anywhere close to other established brands.

  7. okay, sorry for my second comment, but today i watched Ana Ivanovic in the pink dress for the first time, she looked really good! Also, i saw Caroline in the same dress playing doubles with Hantuchova? I wonder if she broke a contract? If i were stella, i wouldn’t be to happy.

    Venus’ night dress is amazing too πŸ™‚

  8. Yeah, Ana looks sooo lovely (sorry Daniela, it suits Ana better πŸ™‚ )Kirilenko looks amazing, as usual (I’m starting to think that she looks better than in those days she wore Stella- simple things flatter her body shape. Maria’s dresses are great,they sure do look amazing, but I still like night dress better (probably because of the colour).I like Fila’s and Lacoste’s outfits, especially the colours.Bondarenko’s dress is interesting, and Jelena looks ok, even though pink and purple look crazy. When I first saw Wozniacki’s dress on the picture, it looked so awsome, but once I saw it on her, it feels bitter.It looks once or maybe even two sizes two small, it is so tight that it looks like it is going to fall apart.It looks like she’s wearing a accordion :). Too bad, anyway, I thought she would look best. Venus…Gush, what is she doing this year…Last night she wore another dress, and it would be fine, if she were figure skater.:P

  9. First of all, Im so glad I found this blog site, so cool and I have a feeling you are all a nice bunch of people who simply loves tennis.

    Here is my top 3 list for “Best Overall Look For A Female Tennis Player”:

    1. Maria Sharapova (Nike): Her day dress is more beautiful simply because of the colour and the cut. Her night dress also looks gorgeous on her but I dont think it will be customer-friendly when it’s in storeas the tuxedo-collar cut on her night dress fits better on certain type of female players ie. who has a broad shoulder like her.

    2. Ana Ivanovic (Adidas): Love the colour and the half pink flower pattern on her dress, love her look, and love her performance. I believe she will give Kim Clijsters run for her money on their next match.

    3. Caroline Wozniacki (Adidas by Stella McCartney): The colour contrast on her dress is just perfect and in picture alone, the dress is even stunning but I dont think Caroline owns the dress as much as Ana or Maria Sharapova. I really miss those days where Maria Kirilenko was the face of adidas by stella McCartney because both of them are like match in heaven. However, Caro and her dress still deserve to be in my top 3 list.

    – Venus Williams (Eleven): A bit bored with her coice of colour on her dress however.

    – Kim Clijester (Fila): The combination of black, cobalt blue, and light blue on her dresses and her pale skin tone really hits the mark.

  10. I like Ana’s dress most, and somehow it looks better on her than on Daniela, although the white one looked better on D. πŸ™‚ I like Masha’s day dress- pretty colour and cute design. The night one is in great colour, but somehow i just don’t think that the top and bottom of the dress are well combined, I’d liked it more if the skirt weren’t so…wavy. Caroline’s dress is super-cool, but it seems that she should wear it one size bigger, like this it’s just too short and thight. Fila and Lacoste are keeping it pretty and simple, love it πŸ˜€ JJ’s dress is ok, but nothing special. I also liked Alona’s dress- the stripes are cool and Maria K.’s- simple, but in beautiful colour- the purple is all over the us open πŸ˜‰ As for the others… Petrova and Rezai- what the hell?! And Venus just seems desperate for attention, or it really seems like that. :/

  11. Jacob, there’s nothing to be sorry about. You saw Caroline in Ana’s dress? Hm, really, she might have thought that Stella wouldn’t notice. πŸ˜›

    Mg, I agree, Kirilenko looks awesome in those ordinary clothes, it’s not that she lost, but Stella lost, even though Stella’s designs are super cool. I got an idea today, if I had money I would hire Kirilenko to advertise my blog. πŸ™‚

    Ferondi, welcome to our community! πŸ™‚ I also think that even in general Sharapova’s outfits are much less customer-friendly than let’s say adidas designs.

    Mirjana, I watched a replay of Alona vs. Francesca match, and Alona’s K-Swiss dress is in the top of my list. I think that the Bondarenko sisters are stylish and cool but are not exposed that much. And JJ’s dress, it’s the best so far by ANTA.

  12. Hi tennis fashionistas :-).
    I like Ana’s (&Daniela-s) dress the most. Adidas did not disappoint as usual. For me they are no.1 when it comes to sporty elegant look.
    As for Nike, too cheesy for my taste. And I do agree with Marija about their designs not being customer friendly. They are only suitable for a certain type of figure otherwise one may look pretty ridiculous in them.

  13. Marine, I think that a lot of Sharapova’s outfits, mainly Grand Slam ones, are not customer-friendly because they are way too glamorous. I can’t imagine a person wearing them for regular practice. Other Nike designs are ok. Sharapova’s are perfect for Sharapova and that’s it.

  14. Here is Caroline in the same dress as Ana and Daniela. Looks good! [link expired]

    I love Venus’ newest night dress, so many sparkles!

  15. YOU SHOULD include venus’ other dresses. the black and the pink one inspired by new york fireworks.. totally, venus have 4 dresses. and many more to come this us open.:)

  16. Russellkurt, I took action on your suggestion and added the photos of Venus’ fireworks-inspired outfits. πŸ˜‰

  17. It may be getting to a point of requiring a dress code for tennis! Venus’ “dresses” for the Open are ridiculous and ugly. She had to pull them down after every point because they were at her waist. The Williams’ girls are looking like they are going out to stand on a corner instead of play tennis. All the other girls outfits are very stylish and look great.

  18. Carlos, you always think that I’m angry at you, it’s difficult to realize what someone is thinking merely by reading comments. I’ve never been angry at you. Nor was I ever offended.

    I’m doing overviews of outfits because a lot of my readers ask me to do them and I like doing favors to my faithful readers. Plus, it does add a different touch to my blog and I enjoy making “lighter” and “not strictly tennis” articles occasionally.

  19. Ms. Marija, why talk about fashion? Please don’t give me is for fun argument because the last time that I even suggested that you wear one those outfits (Venus RG outfit) you got offended and angry at me. I don’t want to be mean, but I find it hypocritical that you would post photos and talk about the outfits, but the mere suggestion of wearing them offends you. It is like giving “free propaganda” to products that aren’t of your choice. Some of this outfits are more apt for “naughty lingerie stores”, outfits from those stores are called “slutty outfits”, and how do you call a woman who wears such outfits in public? If anyone disagrees, well, some of those outfits are so short that you can even see the shape of the vagina of whoever is wearing it.

  20. When it comes to other sports like track and field, long distance running, swimming, cycling, etc. the gear plays a role in the performance of the athlete. Light shoes, aerodynamic clothes, etc. can enhance the performance of an athlete. These tennis outfits do neither, looking good doesn’t enhance the performance just ask Kournikova. Some of these of outfits are not even appropriate for someone young! The fashion talk may be fun, you may get a lot of requests from your loyal readers, but some of these of outfits are not even appropriate for someone young!It is even counter productive in the U.S. The average sports fan will ridicule such talk and will not take any sport seriously which involves how a person looks with the gear; and I also like to give you a hard time/tease/bug you about it. πŸ˜›

    Remember tennis is a dying sport in the U.S. after the Williams there is basically no one who will take their place. The future of U.S. tennis looks bleak for men and women, as I told you before in the U.S. they only care about titles not good runs. If people remember they will remember the winner of USO 10, not the great run by Stosur or Demetieva. For the well being of the U.S. tennis future is better to talk about substance rather than frivolous subjects.

    BTW Admit it, you have been angry at me at times :P:P You can get the sense by reading if someone is angry, happy, sad, etc. otherwise literature would be pointless.

  21. I started to pay more attention to tennis fashion since I found your blog, Marija. It’s good to have a bit of variety in topics and this one is really fun for me.
    With people like Venus or Rezai around, how could it be otherwise? LOL.

  22. Although Venus& Rezai are rather funny -ridiculous for that matter.
    So what’s the next stop for the fashion police :-)? Doha???

  23. Carlos, the well being of US tennis is not a concern of this tennis blog. If you’re so worried about it make your own blog solely about American tennis.
    Also, speak for yourself, not for the others.

  24. I never speak for others, but you are welcome to come to the U.S. and check the T.V. ratings of tennis. Do you think that tennis will survive without U.S. support? How any important tournaments are played in the U.S? I also don’t want to open a blog, sue me. doesn’t have any concern about American women’s tennis? Is that true Ms. Marija? I thought this blog was about women’s tennis world wide, am I wrong?

    Oh and Ms. Marine a dedication to what I believe is your favorite player:

    Haha πŸ˜›

  25. Carlos, I think it’s more because you like to bug me, than your genuine concern about the influence of “inappropriate” outfits. πŸ™‚ And no, I’ve never been angry at you! Ok maybe now I am cause you’re so persistent! πŸ˜€

    Marine, I also find the overviews fun and I don’t see how they can hurt. I wasn’t planning to do Doha, but I could. It will depend on how inspirational their outfits will be. πŸ˜‰ Up to now, I’ve been sticking to Grand Slams, and yearly overviews of particular players.

    Carlos, I’m covering tennis worldwide, that’s true. And yes, American tennis does play one of the most important roles, after Serbian, of course (you bug me, I bug you!). πŸ˜€ Don’t start the subject of cocaine again, please.

  26. Carlos, what I meant is that this blog is not focusing on American tennis but on women’s tennis in general.You do speak for others, the “average tennis fan” comment was an example of that.
    No one knows for sure how would tennis be affected without the tournaments in the US. But I’m pretty sure it would be fine, there are other countries where the sport is popular or becoming popular. Tennis world does not stand and fall on the USA although you probably like to think so. If it did it would be in a serious trouble as according to your own words it is “dying sport” in the USA.
    Well, here in Europe it’s pretty alive so in case they once cancel US Open you can always come here for Wimbledon or the French. Enjoy!

  27. Ms. Marija: :p BTW Third subject that I think I’m being banned on your blog. Do you think is appropriate that a 12 year old would wear Wozniacki’s USO dress? or Venus’ RG dress? I still stand that you have been mad at me before πŸ˜›

    Ms. Marine: If you ever listen to sports radio talk the heart of the average sports fan, you can easily tell they don’t give a damn about tennis. I wonder how many Americans go over to Europe to those tennis events? But I can tell you this, I wouldn’t visit a place where people think there are better than the rest of the world. Imagine if in soccer the Euro Cup would be cancel, do you think it would make news? or make people upset? BTW how is the economy over there in Europe? I think you are upset at me for the subject that Ms. Marija banned me. OK I’m done.

  28. Marine, that could be one of the reasons they are strengthening the market in China and Asia in general. πŸ˜‰

    Carlos, if Venus or Caroline wear it, it doesn’t mean that a 12-year-old has to wear it. Still, when I was 12 I wore very short shorts as did a lot of other girls, it was considered ok. Now when I recall I can’t believe I wore that, but at the time it was common.

    It sounds harsh when you say you’re banned, no you’re not banned in any way, neither is any subject, but I thought it was enough with the cocaine issue. If you have more things to say, just say… However, I don’t promise to reply.


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