Kim Clijsters’ Fila apparel in 2010


Kim Clijsters at the Brisbane International 2010Kim Clijsters at the 2010 Brisbane International

We are enjoying another sleepy period in women’s tennis, and according to our tradition we will use the off-season to review the on-court fashion in the tennis year behind us. This time we will start with Fila and their most successful representative in 2010 – Kim Clijsters.

Kim Clijsters at the 2010 Australian OpenKim Clijsters at the 2010 Paribas Open, Indian Wells

The world No.3 played 12 tournaments including the Fed Cup, and won five WTA titles during the 2010 season (Brisbane, Miami, Cincinnati, US Open, WTA Championships) – that’s pretty much every other tournament she played.

Kim Clijsters playing Fed Cup in Hasselt102264991 Wimbledon

But let’s get back to her Fila clothes. Fila is probably the least feminine and the most sporty of all the major brands out there, but Clijsters wears it perfectly and I can’t imagine her in anything else.

Kim Clijsters playing at Cincinnati 2010

For people who love classic and sporty look, Fila should definitely be one of the top brands to consider. In my opinion, all their outfits look similar, even though colors apparently differ. The cuts are pretty much the same, the range of colors they use is not wide and there are no innovations on that front. But that’s what Fila is and I appreciate that a lot. I’m glad there are brands that stick to their tradition and recognizable style.

Kim Clijsters at the 2010 Rogers Cup

My favorite Clijsters’ 2010 outfit is the one with red shirt that she wore at the Rogers Cup. Which one do you like the most? By the way, I would like to see Clijsters sporting some Fila dresses, there are nice pieces.

Kim Clijsters at the 2010 Rogers Cup in Montreal

What do you think of Fila and their designs for Clijsters in 2010? Would you spice them up with some new and glammy features or are you a fan of Fila’s classic direction?

2010 US Open Kim ClijstersKim Clijsters at Doha 2010

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  1. Hi i’m back! I like her Australian Open outfit the most, and then i like her red Montreal outfit. Both are very sporty, clean and classy.

  2. I really like her blue and white brisbane outfit and her aus open outfit. Both very simple yet classy and nicely cut. Hope her outfits for next year are as nice and flattering 🙂

  3. Jacob, you came back to tune up for the Australian part of the season? 🙂

    Louise, I find the Brisbane white skirt really cute.

  4. I agree with Marija and Lousie, of all the outfits I prefer the white and blue worn in Brisbane, I really like the cut of the skirt 🙂

    Fila’s clothes are very simple and sporty, but they are perfect for people like me!

  5. I like it that Fila sticks to that classic look, and just because other brands are experimenting more it doesn’t mean that they should as well.

  6. I like the most ones she wore at the Australian open and Montreal, it’s so Fila style. 😀 Btw, I’d like to see Kimmy wearing some Fila dresses, too, they’re also cute 🙂

  7. Mirjana you’re right, I saw the clothes on Anna Chakvetadze, they dress very well and I found them very nice, yes, Kim should try it 🙂

  8. Cannot believe it’s time for the retrospections again! This is my favourite part of the season 😛

    Kim wears Fila really well, there was no outfit of hers that I didn’t like this year. My favourite was probably what she wore for Wimbledon/Eastbourne. And the yellow dress she wore for the exhibition against Serena in Belgium was really lovely aswell, because it was different. I think Fila is perfect for Kim!

  9. Yes! Well, not really, i’ve just finished high school so i don’t need to study and ban myself from social internet sites, like blogs and facebook! I still tried to read it though!

    If you need any help with retrospections or anything let me know! Did you hear about Serena? She just pulled out of the Australian open, so Hopman cup and Medibank international too.

  10. Jacob, congratulations! Are you going to study something? If yes, what and where?

    I think I can handle the retrospections by myself, I’m planning Wozniacki now. Ohh all her dresses are so much alike that I can’t tell if she changed the dress or not.

    About Serena, I read Tennis Australia’s tweet about an hour ago and just wrote about it here on Women’s Tennis Blog.

  11. Yes! Next year i’ll be studying International Studies or Social Science. I’m not sure which one to choose just yet! I’m excited!

    Its so sad. Im scared she’ll just retire, but she had plans for play the 2012 Olympics – fingers crossed she’ll hang in there!

  12. Jacob, so you’re into humanities, just like me. You’ll stay in Sydney?

    Kim has been such a refreshment on the Tour, it would’ve been much more boring without her. And Jada is the most adorable child!

    Sam, to me personally, the Wimbledon outfit is not bad, but nothing special, just a white skirt and white shirt.

  13. I like it because it looks the most elegant, and feminine really, in my opinion. I also like the pony tail hair!

    Also this might be my mistake, but I thought she had a second US Open outfit?

  14. Sam, you’re right. I overlooked it. Kim also wore this dress: [link no longer available]

    Thanks for the notice! 🙂

  15. Well Marija it’s tradition that you do them! I can imagine that Wozniacki’s retrospection wasn’t too hard to compile, she did only wear about four outfits in the whole season 😛

  16. Bróna, it wasn’t that easy, actually. She switched some outfits back and forth and many of them are difficult to distinguish one from another. 😛

  17. Fila! I think you need some help.. email me.
    Whats up with your performance fiber?!!!!! her boobs are sweating– fine! she is working it! but why does the world need to see it?! who picked out the cut and double mint gum kelly green… pls!!!! even if C is losing.. she doesn’t have to look like a loser!


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