Early photos of Serena and Venus Williams


Venus and Serena Williams childhood photo

We have shared with you so many photos of women’s tennis players when they were kids, but strangely, we never got to feature the Williams sisters. There is an abundance of beautiful photos of this unprecedented pairing.

Venus and Serena Williams childhood picture

Actually, we once included a cute picture of little Venus Williams in a shopping cart surrounded by tennis balls.

Venus and Serena Williams now and then

Since Serena and Venus had successful tennis careers already at the young age, it is not that difficult to find pictures of them as kids.

Sisters Serena Williams and Venus Williams shaking hands

In the photo above, for example, you can see Serena and Venus shaking hands after a game in 1991 in Compton, CA. It was almost twenty years ago! 🙂

Little Serena and Venus Williams

They looked so cute together. It’s amazing when you think about it: they established themselves as tennis stars so early in their lives and they are still ruling the tennis world.

Someone would think they are forty years old by now, they have been present on the tennis scene since it seems like forever. What’s truly fantastic is that they are still young and have the capacity to add more successes to their biography.

Serena WilliamsVenus Williams

These last two photos above are from 1997. The Williamses have not only enriched tennis with their games, dominance and sisterhood, but also with unique love of fashion and style experiments. (photos: Brian Smith, Family Igloo, The Telegraph, The Age, Daily Mail)


  1. In the third photo from the last, are they standing under a Wimbledon umbrella? I think that is the cutest photo here.

  2. Diane, I don’t know how I got to feature them only now. They are really cute.

    Karunya, yeah that is a Wimbledon umbrella. My favorite is the one when they are shaking hands after a match, where Serena is so much smaller than Venus.

  3. Thank you so much for this. They are truly the first family of tennis. An under rated story if ever there was one. People talk about sibling rivalry but in this rivalry, big Sis never considered herself a rival. She took her job as big sister very seriously. I love all the pictures and you can see their evolution from young geeky girls to mature and confident young women.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Venus recently on her recent book tour and let me tell you she is a joy to behold. Pictures do not do her justice. Very elegant. Very warm and very friendly.

    I had pictures taken with her and I posted them on my Facebook page and at this site, if you are interested.


  4. The third picture is really sweet ♥ …But when I saw the first picture I was struck by what Venus’legs were already long, endless! 🙂

  5. TennisAce, that’s so nice of Venus that she’s always had that protective and unselfish attitude towards Serena. It’s well described in Serena’s autobiography. My favorite was the situation when Venus gave Serena her trophy. I wrote about it here, as you already know (I remember you joined in the comments):


    Francesca, her legs are up to her chin! 😛

  6. i love yuh guys your duh best thankx for showin me i can become anything i want and its not dat hard if yuh try

  7. They have overcome a lot of diversity in their respective careers. Even with the major personal issues they have had off the court, plus losing their sister do gang violence.

  8. sarah, dear, it’s quite understandable – you being 11, and the imaginable rest of it all… I wish you a thoroughly successful growing-up.

  9. Are all of you people blind? Pictures 2, 5 and 6 clearly show that you are looking at 2 boys. From boys to women. LOL.

  10. Negative posters: Your ignorance makes me feel sorry for you. These girls are phenoms! They’ve made much history in the world of tennis and shall continue to do so. They repeatedly shine for America, chiefly Serena. Serena, as we can all see, has always looked sort of boyish; she’s actually not as naturally attractive as Venus. She tries really hard to be pretty since growing up, but these photos are proof that she’s always looked more masculine than feminine. Looks are not what we should be focusing on, however. Acknowledging that she is without a doubt, the greatest female tennis player of all time is key. Learn how to give credit where credit is due, and stop calling these girls boys, when you know for a fact they are females. Hatred, racism, jealousy, and envy are evil and so are the people making these hateful, negative comments. You all need to look deep within your soul to find out why you are the way that you are. The photos are actually precious and speak volumes about the spirit of sisterhood and the way they were raised. Everybody can’t be naturally drop-dead gorgeous, so to the haters, I say: “Father God, forgive them, for they know not what they do. Venus and Serena, you’re both beautiful and fabulous! Keep up the great work!”

  11. I am shocked that there is so much discussion online that the Williams sisters are actually male and their entire careers have been a massive deception. Surely the tennis authorities would have discovered what was going on and clamped down on this by now ? I would have thought that must be a prerequisite to enter a ladies tournament that you are female. With so much money at stake in today’s world of tennis this is at the heart of fair competition.

  12. Actually, the USTA and WTA cannot forbid transgenders to play and compete. Once the surgery is done, the boys are legally women and are treated equal as women by law. These are two cute boys, by no means they are female.

  13. Most people “know” they are women, so they don’t look closely enough…
    In the second and third picture, before hormone replacement therapy, you clearly see two boys.

  14. Yes, transgender can compete in the Olympic Games too, and everybody has to shut up…
    Very fair world.

  15. To those with eyes to see, open your eyes…these are 2 males posing as women. They were adopted by a black man who saw a female earn $40,000.00 for winning a tennis tournament and said, “I’m in the wrong business.” So he adopted two strong young boys, turned them into girls with drugs and genital surgery and worked with them to make them tennis players, who could easily defeat the girls they played. The rest is history. Serena has earned over $50,000,000.00 in her deceptive career. The International Olympic Committee and the entire professional tennis organization knows this, but as with Tiger Woods, having a black compete and dominate in a traditionally White sport is good for the pocketbook. It’s all about the money and blacks having something they can say they do better than Whites. As usual, it has to be given to them or stolen from Whites, since they are incapable of achieving anything on their own:


  16. These are guys though, can’t believe some people still think they are girls. One of the biggest, if not the biggest deception in the history of sports.

  17. This is certainly the biggest deception in the history of sports. They are boys, hormone replacement therapy turned them into women. Some people simply do not wish to see the truth.

  18. Guys
    I do not believe those pictures are real pictures of Serena and Venus.
    Anybody with a brain in their head can say that these are pictures of two boys not girl

  19. thanks for the photos of…the boys. Definite proof they both started as boys before puberty. Will be great when these two cheats have left the scene and allow women to compete amongst themselves. Would anyone allow Roger Federer to compete against a Serena to claIm both mens and womens tItles? I think not

  20. this is epic…yeah i l like them and im a fan but this time i’ll have to agree that those are boys and anyone can see it from the pics unless you are blind lol but never the less keep up Williams…

  21. look at these dates on posted comments and realise the coincidence of Serena announcing his fake pregnancy and photoshop pics from tightly closed doors at vanity fair magazine and NO amateur pics on social media of progression of baby bump…. media will always deceive us!

  22. One can find in-depth analyses comparing the forehead-slope, brow, forehead slope, clavicular angle, muscle-mass index and multiple more nuanced features where a genetically X-Y born Chromosome male differs from an X-X born Chromosome female. On ALL of these indexes the Serena sisters were born as genetic males. Besides, the W.T.A. has ruled that Transsexual females are entitled to play and even dominate the world tennis stage for decades. Ironically, Lance Armstrong was stripped of 7 Tour-de-France Titles for taking testosterone supplements. His records were deleted as if those 7 years never existed. Someone must believe that male-testosterone provides an advantage. In the case of Lance, it was disclosed that anyone keeping pace with the Pelathon during those years was on some form of performance-enhancer. So his testicular hormone advantage was much less at play than in the case of male-transsexuals out-performing compliant female tennis athletes. Anyone trying to expose this would be banned, discredited, or even executed. What bothers me, though is the cover-up in the case of the Williams sisters refusing to ever submit to D.N.A. Analysis. Even though there`s isn’t the first case and the W.T.A. has already ruled that (however hypocritical it may be), they would retain all of their titles. Perhaps, the victims of this deception (like Hingis, whom they forced into retirement) would take solace that they weren`t defeated by biological females.

  23. They are boys from Compton, adopted with the sole intention to make them athletes to for financial gain. I sympathize that their adopted father had their genitalia mutilated and worked them hard and that they had to forgo a normal childhood and never had the choice to be anything else besides tennis players as he determined their destiny for them at an early age.
    As adults they have to perpetuate the lie they’ve been brought up to live. Yes, they have made millions for him but what a wicked price to pay.

  24. Come on people. They’re pretty, pretty aggressive, and about as feminine as King Kong’s big brother. Their adoptive “father “, was evil and unscrupulous, and should be prosecuted for child abuse among other crimes of fraud. Although, his evil plan was thinking well outside the box. They could have worse lives.

  25. Their “father” – evil to the core. Sold the boys as girls for greed. Once you open your eyes, you realize the deception all around us. It’s everywhere! Michael Obama (Robinson) coined as the most powerful “woman”. This is a wicked, evil plan of the luciferians.

  26. Here are a couple more things to keep in mind:

    1) Transgender women have twice the rate of blood clots as biological women. And Serena has stated that she lives “in fear of blood clots.”

    2) According to an online news article, in 1980, Richard Williams came up with a 78-page blueprint describing how his future kids would make it to the top of the tennis world. Well, if you just wanted your kids to become tennis stars, why on earth would you need such an elaborate plan? Did the parents of other famous tennis stars, such as Chris Evert, come up with such intricate plans for their kids? On the other hand, if you were planning something diabolical and criminal, then it might make sense to have such a complex plan.

    3) At the U.S. Open last year during the final, Serena complained on the court that “other men” do much worse things than what she did. And then later that evening at the press conference, she said, “I’ve seen *other men* do several things.” Well, have you ever heard a real woman refer to men as “other men”? And Serena did this TWICE in one day? Can you say “Freudian slip”??? 🙂

  27. Here’s one more piece of evidence:

    What are the odds that you could raise two kids who play tennis, and they BOTH end up being superstars? Almost infinitesimal.

    For instance, Chris Evert had 5 siblings, but were any of them superstars? And Novak Djokovic has 2 brothers, both of whom play tennis at a decent level. But are they superstars like him? Not even close.

    Have there ever been 2 siblings in history who *both* won multiple Grand Slam singles titles?

  28. Oops, Chris Evert had only 4 siblings, not 5. Anyway, they all played tennis at a very high level, yet she was the only one who became a superstar. None of the others even came close. It’s extremely rare (almost nonexistent) to have 2 siblings with the talent to win Grand Slam titles.


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