1. Awww, Ana is so cute in the video 😀 Anyway, I don’t get what’s the problem, she had to choose quickly, she is friend with both but afterall Federer is, well, Federer 😀

  2. I think Ana initially had a crush on Roger and realised that she had no chance,she started following Rafa around but he didnt seem to want her maybe her ego was bruised and ended up with Verdasco who was flirting a lot in Brisbane and ended up dumping him.Adam maybe went back to his former girlfriend.I think is very childish and after a while guys realise that all that glitters is not gold.

  3. Mirjana,probably you are right. First sentence is axiom.
    Fyoto I can’t belive that you really mean that. I think that Ana has positive score against player that you like and that’s all 😉

  4. Soko, maybe it’s because now she had to choose quickly.

    Well, she had to choose one of them, it’s not that she doesn’t like the other one, just as Mirjana said. And overall, Federer is a better player than Nadal, regardless of which one you enjoy watching more.


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