Caroline Wozniacki in adidas by Stella McCartney – 2010 fashion review


Caroline Wozniacki

This year we launched our well-known tennis fashion retrospections with Fila and Kim Clijsters, even though I first started working on the review of world No.1 Caroline Wozniacki’s outfits. The thing is that I was blinded by Wozniacki’s beige, light gray and white so much that I couldn’t tell the difference among all the outfits, so I switched to Clijsters before finding the patience to look through all the similar designs adidas by Stella McCartney had in store for 2010.

Caroline Wozniacki at the Mutua Madrilena Madrid OpenCaroline Wozniacki at the Mutua Madrilena Madrid Open

Regular readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of Stella McCartney and her work, including the colors she chooses for tennis clothes. This year, however, it was too much of similar colors, you have to really pay attention to detail to differentiate one dress from another.

Caroline Wozniacki at Ponte Vedra BeachCaroline Wozniacki at Ponte Vedra Beach

The breath of fresh air arrived only at the end of the season, with the innovatively-designed black dress accompanied by lime bra and shorts underneath.

The only non-neutral color Wozniacki wore earlier during the season was for doubles matches. The two photos at the end of this post were taken at the US Open and you can see Wozniacki wearing a yellow shirt.

Caroline Wozniacki at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in StuttgartCaroline Wozniacki playing in Warsaw

In Sydney, at the beginning of the season, Wozniacki sported the same dress she started wearing in 2009. The Dane followed it with the dress which she then wore for what it seemed like forever, including two Grand Slams – Australian Open and Roland Garros. And that wasn’t enough – she wore that same dress, only white (as if the previous version wasn’t almost white as well) at Wimbledon.

Caroline WozniackiCaroline Wozniacki in Tokyo

And from the previews we’ve seen for 2011, seems like adidas by Stella McCartney will not bring in anything new any time soon.

All in all, I love Maria Kirilenko’s Caroline Wozniacki’s outfits, although some diversity wouldn’t hurt, especially if you take into account that Wozniacki played 22 tournaments in 2010. My favorite is the black dress that Wozniacki wore towards the end of the season, because it has the most character, the texture and design are really unique.

Caroline Wozniacki at the US Open

What do you think of Stella McCartney’s choices for Caroline Wozniacki in 2010? What are your favorite dresses? Were you bored by beige/white/gray?

Caroline Wozniacki wearing yellow Stella McCartneyCaroline Wozniacki wearing yellow Stella McCartney

Do remind yourselves of Wozniacki’s on-court fashion in 2009. It was different because it featured a switch from adidas Adilibria to Stella McCartney. (photos: Residual Image, Ralf Reinecke, © Neal Trousdale, Glee_Girl, jack_we, karlnorling, Ogre a Little Turtle)


  1. Oh, well I must say Maria Kirilenko was better for Stella in the variety, not so much in the being seen area!

    My favorite outfit was by far the US Open doubles!

    What other players retrospections are you working on Marija?

  2. Oh yeah, sorry for writing again – i love her 2011 outfits. Although they’re not too different from her US open outfit, i still think it’ll look nice on the australian blue courts. I think instead of the lime green, her bra will be pink!

    Another thing, i really wish Caroline would put her hair in a Bun with a visor. Her hair annoys me when i watch her play.

  3. Personally I prefear Caro when she wears linear clothes, without too many ruffles… About the colors I was little bored by gray but I think it’s because I don’t like it on Caro, In fact I think the dress in white version enhances her more and personally I find it very elegant! However, my favorite dress, for cut and colors choice, is the US Open doubles 🙂

  4. I like all Stella McCartney’s clothes, they’re so feminine and I don’t mind that much if the colours are repeating, I think they are like synonim for the label… Anyway, I like most her US open dress (although she needed bigger size), and I’m wondering why didn’t she wear the white version of it, it’s even more beutiful, and why is she wearing the 2nd collection only since us open? It’s really ridiculous, she wore that same dress in 2 colours for almost 8 months. Anyway, I also think she should stick to clear lines, ruffles make Caro look like Heidi from the Alpes 😀 Also, I’d like to see her wearing more the separates, ’cause it’s really boring seeing her in one same dress for months.

  5. I love Stella McCartney but it seems like she ran dry of ideas with Kirilenko. Now, Caroline brings so much exposure and she till wears the same dress for about 6 months! I really want her to have a wider range of designs and a much larger color palate. All in all, Caro looks good in them and the designs themselves are quite pretty.

  6. I really didn’t like the gray dress at AO and RG, but somehow I loved how the white looked at Wimbledon.Maybe because Caroline looks so pretty in white. US open dress was awsome in theory, on court not so much- too short, but I loved how the yellow colour matched on her dress,nails and recket.Really cool.I think I like most her Rome and Eastbourne outfit.I’m still not impressed how things are going with her and Stella McCartney- she should switch more dresses and they should finally make a dress that complitely suits her body. All in all, of all the Wozniacki’s outfits, I still like most how she looked at Wimbledon 2009: classic white Adidas.

  7. I don’t like McCartney’s designs. They lack variety and the colours are sometimes so dull. Caroline would look a lot better in something similar to what Ana wears these days.

  8. Sam, I’m planning to do a number of top players. I think I’ll do Zvonareva this time, have never reviewed her outfits, so it should be a nice change. I don’t know the exact players I’ll do, but I’ll try to include as many top players as possible.

    Jacob, I like how her hair looked with the braids, like in the 8th picture here.

    Francesca, you defined something I had in the back of my mind but never really understood it – it’s because of the riffles that I like Stella on Maria and not on Caroline. Riffles look perfect on Maria and for some reason they just don’t work on Caroline, she looks much better in clean cuts.

    Mirjana, good point, the US Open dress is her best one and I don’t see why she didn’t exploit the white version. Maybe she will next season, but I’m not so sure about it cause she has that new collection prepared.

    And as Mg said, Stella is failing to make a dress that completely suits Caroline’s body.

    Marine, I don’t want to give up to Stella’s and Caroline’s partnership just yet. At least she’s giving the brand exposure, and Stella is a great designer, so they will reach the common ground, I’m sure.

  9. Well I am one of many who are not impressed by Stella models on the tennis courts. I think that Caroline looked much better in Adidas Adilibria models (because of colors and models itself). US Open dress is good but it should be longer and material isn’t good for sweating. I think that Adidas hired Stella to compete with Nike Maria’s models (which she wears) but…

  10. Marija, It was exactly my point! Maria has a less curvy body-type than Caroline, then Stella’s clothes dressed perfectly and filled the right places… To enhance Caroline Stella should give up the riffles (like for the US open dress), but on the other hand they are an integral part of her style and I don’t think she will give up to them 😀

    I can not wait to see how the new clothes will be on court, expecially the negligee-inspired!

  11. It’s true that riffles are one of the things Stella is recognizable for, but I’m sure Stella can find something that suits Caroline well, while still staying true to her style. The US Open dress is the proof.

  12. Marija, I just read that Caro is considering a change of racket, precisely she would want to switch to Yonex, it seems that they have offered 5 million per season :O …Now I understand the black and hexagonal racket used during the exhibition with Vika, do you know something more? And what do you think about?

  13. Francesca, I read that she might switch to Yonex, and that in the next month we will have official news. One forum poster revealed:

    “Wozniacki is not with Yonex. She is with babolat, for sure, until the end of the year. Yonex has proposed a sponsorship and yonex is giving much more money then babol. however, caro plays with babol since she waas 14 years old. she will choice. it will be hard for her. so it is not for sure. it is just a rumeur. i have contacted babolat, i have some friends there, and they said it to me. so… CARO IS MAYBE GOING TO SWITCH, BUT ITS A GREAT CHANCE SHE DOESNT GO AWAY FROM BABOLAT ! “

  14. Well, even proper journalism cannot exist without the leaks :-).
    I think Babolat won’t let her go, she has been a great representative of their brand and chances are she could be for a long time. I think after Elena’s retirement Yonex needs its new star.

    As for the dress issues – riffles is the main problem. Stella may be famous for them but with Caroline it just doesn’t do the trick. They do not compliment her figure and the colours are just a wrong fit. She is young, why so much grey?? :-/

  15. you forgot that caro wore 2009 stella’s skirt and polo at hong kong exhibition and that she wore adilibria’s pink dress (the same as ana and dani) in doubles at us open 🙂

  16. Brenda, thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t always include the exhibition outfits, but it’s great that you mentioned it, and the doubles one.

  17. Thanks for the pictures, Brenda. I think that the pink dress looked the best on Ivanovic. 🙂 Because of her stature and skin tone.

  18. Maria kirilenko is way good dresser than wozniacki. I mean, thank God kirilenko is back on Stella. She can gave more justice on stella dresses now.


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