Serena Williams dies digitally for World AIDS Day and Buy Life


Serena Williams dead for Buy Life, HIV AIDS December 1, Keep a Child AliveToday is World AIDS Day and Serena Williams died a digital death for Alicia Keys’ initiative called Buy Life, aimed at financing medical care and support services for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa and India. It’s all part of Keys’ charity organization, Keep a Child Alive.

By digital death it’s implied that Serena will not update her social media accounts, most famously Twitter, until fans donate $1 million. Of course, Serena is accompanied by other top celebrities in this fund-raising.

Alicia Keys is calling to action: “You’re always texting your friends. Now, you’re going to text to Buy Life.”

What do you think of dying a digital death? Even though at first glance it doesn’t look as much of a sacrifice, when you think about it it’s a great initiative. Firstly, social media accounts of celebrities have great influence. Secondly, it is the first fund-raising of the kind. And finally, it seems to be having success, as is dying as well, because a lot of people are buying life.


  1. This is such a great idea by Alicia! I donated, I just love how easy it is, just a simple text message will donate!

    Although people may see giving up facebook and twitter not that bigger deal, its the idea that the fans have to donate to get there celbrities back! Hahaha 🙂

  2. Interesting way to raise money; I like the creativity. I bet it will be pretty effective too! Question though, are the celebrities quitting social media for 24 hours in hopes of getting only their followers to donate, or are they themselves donating as well? I hope they are also making generous donations; definitely a well-worthy cause!

  3. Intriguing way to raise money, bet it is effective. Question though – are the celebs donating some cash as well? I hope they’re adding to their fans donations with their own generous donations

  4. Yes Marija it did 🙂 I hadn’t really heard of it until now, so thank you ahah 😀

    And thank you for deleting my accidental second comment!

  5. Dobrila, how come? You knew about Alica’s charity initiative?

    Donavon M, I haven’t read that they are donating as well, which doesn’t mean they are not. I don’t know. Nothing official.

    Sam, haha really? Wow, I have influence! 🙂 About the comment, yes, I noticed you accidentally posted it twice.


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