Elena Dementieva’s Yonex outfits in the final year of her career


Elena Dementieva

Elena Dementieva's Yonex dress for the beginning of the 2010 season

Elena Dementieva retired this season during the WTA Championships in Doha and I decided to do this tribute to the well-known cooperation of the Russian and Yonex, as part of our yearly retrospections of players outfits.

Elena DementievaElena Dementieva playing Fed Cup in Birmingham

As much as we fans loved Dementieva, most of us didn’t like her Yonex clothes. Unlike Fila which nurtures that simple and sporty look successfully, Yonex’s simplicity makes outfits too bland, and I would say it’s mostly due to unflattering cuts. Dementieva has a nice figure and Yonex’s outfits simply didn’t take advantage of that. I believe they even failed to accentuate her pretty face, because they were so uninspiring.

Elena Dementieva in Warsaw

Elena Dementieva at Roland Garros 2010Elena Dementieva in Cincinnati

Ok, I was being too harsh. I’m not saying that Yonex outfits are plain ugly, they are not. It’s just that they were too “meh” for what Dementieva’s beauty and popularity deserved.

Elena Dementieva at the 2010 US Open

In my opinion, the best design of all these pictured here is the Fed Cup dress in colors of the Russian flag. What do you say? What do you think of the Yonex tennis clothing?

Elena Dementieva in red Yonex dress

If you compare Yonex’s designs for Dementieva in 2009, you’ll see that 2010 didn’t bring any improvements, but it wasn’t worse either. (photos: AP Photo/Rob Griffith, Life.com, FedCup.com, Richard van Ioon, PJPF Photography, © Neal Trousdale)


  1. I think Elena’s dresses are not eather ugly eather very pretty. It’s a pitty thay didn’t often follow the shape of Elena’s body. But I kinda got used to that. My favourite one was the Australian open one, and Cincinnati one is good cause it’s thight. Also, the Fed cup one is cool, it looks retro.

  2. Elena has the look of a goddess, but when I saw her in those “practice togs” in Warsaw I thought her luggage must have been lost in transit.

    The US Open outfit was much better. Your picture doesn’t do it justice. I watched her beat Olga Govortsova in a first round match from the first row of a tiny court. I have some wonderful pictures of Elena and her Yonex both looking great.

  3. It was a nice thought to achieve this tribute!! 🙂

    I always wondered how a player as Elena has never changed sponsor, I find it hard to believe that she never had proposals by other brands… From what I remember she always wore Yonex, in past years she wore simple and sporty clothes, but very nice, in this last period Yonex opted for these unflattering cuts and I dont’t like them much, among those submitted this year I prefear certainly the FedCup dress.

  4. Elena wore clothes that reflected her personality and her whole career: modest, calm, not flashy. For her to have played the whole 2010 season knowing in her heart that this would be the last time at each event, and to keep that to herself, is further evidence of her not wanting to be in the spotlight; just wanting to play tennis. She will certainly be missed!

  5. I agree, Steven, Elena has never been the player who wanted to show off in terms of fashion. She is kind of similar to Henin in that respect although got to say that Elena’s clothing was always pretties.

  6. Steven, I absolutely agree with you, and I like that “modest, calm, not flashy” approach, but the dresses should have still at least fitted her better.

    Marine, I understand your point, but I believe Henin has better tennis clothes than Dementieva.


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