Serena Williams is back from the dead


Serena Williams

Serena Williams died digitally on December 1 for Alicia Keys’ foundation and now that over $1,000,000 has been raised, Serena is digitally alive again and is posting on Twitter.

Serena Williams (serenawilliams) on Twitter_1291708605250

Buy Life is thanking all the donors whose donations will help bring critical care and medicine to the millions affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. However, they are saying that many people still need help and you can continue to buy life.

But there’s another “however”. I noticed it, but sort of didn’t believe it and overlooked it, so I didn’t even mention it in the first place, but now that I see people blogging about it, I realize it wasn’t a bad dream. Serena’s Twitter profile was actually updated during the time it should have been dead!

Serena twitter

And that’s not all, fellow tennis blogger Forty Deuce played Sherlock Holmes and gave us a shocking and disappointing revelation on who donated the large portion of the money.


  1. Marine, and have you read that a pharmaceutical executive donated that large portion of money which gave the life back to the celebs? Now I am very disappointed by the whole thing.

  2. Yes, I read it and I understand you, Marija. As a marketing student I’m always sceptical about these “acts of goodwill” because more often than not they’re nothing but a trade-off between a business and a “celebrity”. I wouldn’t be surprised if celebrities who took part did not get a little “present from Santa”in form of a few thousand dollars for providing all the buzz.
    Charity begins at home as they say. Remember when Serena Williams badmouthed a charity tournament because they refused to give her a free ticket? This is a real example how much she cherishes helping others.

  3. Marine, I always get attacked here even if I slightly question Serena’s actions, but the fact that they had to tweet her HSN appearance during her digital death, I couldn’t believe she wasn’t at least embarrassed to do/allow such a thing.

  4. I know, Marija but don’t worry about that. Her die-hard fans cannot take any criticism of her and get at you accusing you of all sorts of things. We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we?

    Well, where money is involved morals often aren’t. Even charity can be a business, sad as it is.

  5. Marine first of all the tournament you’re talking about is Los Angeles and not a charity tournament and what’s new coming from you, you have nothing else from your life to criticize her. Do you know her in personal? lame coming from a Henin fan. Get a facking life, everything you say sounds bitter. Your jealousy is really amazing to anyone out here
    and Marija she does what she wants about her life, you judge somebody like you’re perfect, are you saint Marija? what a joke. Is there forbidden somewhere to tweet?
    Kuznetsova said at the beginning of the year, fack haters. If it was Rena, you would have gone ballistic. Double standard?
    even if she said she loves her family, you and that angered and bitter woman i called before will open your mouth to criticize.
    i’m dissapointed in you Marija, you’re suppose to criticize with big arguments and not on bullshit like this

  6. i’m not a Serena fan but this is such a ridiculous article.Even if she tweets with her fans about her love of green day, you’re gonna open your mouth anyway
    and this Marine girl i think is really obsessed about her. i read your blog sometimes (which by the way i happen to like) and i see that woman in every Serena post whining about all and nothing, really pathetic.
    Why haven’t you talked Marija about the exhibition between Henin and Clijsters, two players i kinda like?

  7. Sissi, of course she can tweet, but if she joined a charity initiative which is all about not tweeting, of course she shouldn’t tweet.

    Diteraka, I wrote about that exo, even before you posted your comment. You can see it on my homepage.

    I’ve never noticed Marine is obsessed with Serena, btw. I think Marine is perfectly fine.


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