Rally for girls’ sports: she’ll win more than a game


Rally for Girls’ Sports Day on December 8thI was approached by Lisa who is working on spreading the word about the multiple benefits girls get from playing sports and asked to blog on Rally for Girls’ Sports Day, December 8th. As a women’s tennis blogger I’ve joined the initiative and I would like to remind you of how sports can benefit you in many ways, not only those obvious ones.

Participation in sports decreases girls’ chances of becoming obese and developing heart disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer. Female athletes have higher levels of self-esteem, a lower incidence of depression and a more positive body image than non-athletes. Girls who play sports have higher grades, better test scores, and are less likely to drop out. They also have more opportunities to apply for athletic scholarships, which can help them attend college. Female athletes are also more likely to participate in traditionally male-dominated occupations, which are typically higher paying. In addition, more than four out of five executive businesswomen played sports growing up, and the vast majority reported that the lessons they learned on the playing field contributed to their success in business.

By playing sports, girls win more than a game, and I couldn’t agree more – playing sports as you grow up makes your more disciplined, more confident, more organized, you get the sense of responsibility, you meet a lot of people, practice team work and social interaction, and not to mention numerous health benefits. I can also confirm that playing sports helped me with my school as well, as I easily finished both school and university studies.

This particular initiative is focusing on the girls, so I apologize to all the male readers who may feel left out, but I would say the same applies to boys.

What benefits have sports brought you? Can you name a few?


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