Vera Zvonareva sporting K-Swiss designs in 2010


Vera Zvonareva - 2010 Australian OpenVera Zvonareva - 2010 Australian Open

Many brands found their place in our yearly retrospections of WTA players’ outfits, most of them even a lot of times, but we had never featured K-Swiss. Their representative, Vera Zvonareva, was doing really good this year – the Russian reached her career-high ranking of No.2 and played two Grand Slam finals (US Open and Wimbledon), therefore it’s the perfect time to have a closer look at the sportswear brand of K-Swiss.

Vera Zvonareva in Pattaya CityVera Zvonareva - WTA Barclays Dubai Tennis Championship

As you can see, Zvonareva wore several different outfits during the season, but most of them had a few versions: long sleeves, short sleeves, straps, just a different skirt or a different top, and she constantly diversified in that way.

Vera Zvonareva IMG_5406Vera Zvonareva - 2010 French Open

Other WTA players wearing K-Swiss are Alona Bondarenko, Michaella Krajicek, Liezel Huber and Cara Black.

Vera Zvonareva - 2010 French Open

It was difficult to find photos of Zvonareva from some tournaments where she lost early. For example, the below Eastbourne photo I had to screenshot from a YouTube video, while her Rome outfit I couldn’t even find, so if you have the photo, make sure to share it.

Vera Zvonareva at Eastbourne 2010Vera Zvonareva - The Championships - Wimbledon 2010

I’m not crazy about K-Swiss clothes that Zvonareva wore, but I would put them all in the “good enough” category.

Vera Zvonareva Rogers Cup 2010

However, there is one outfit that is one of my favorites, even if we count all the brands, and that is the black and white outfit, especially the version with strap top.

Vera Zvonareva - U.S. Open - Day 13 - Photo - LIFE_1291324213821Vera Zvonareva at the 2010 US Open

I’m a huge fan of black and white, and this skirt is wonderful! I also love the K-Swiss logo.

Vera Zvonareva at the 2010 US Open

What do you think of K-Swiss’ collection for Zvonareva in 2010?

Vera Zvonareva at the 2010 China OpenVera Zvonareva at the 2010 China Open

What’s your favorite piece?

Vera Zvonareva at the WTA Championships in Doha 2010

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(photos:, Fiji Water, Women Who Serve, Pattaya Open)


  1. I really like this brand, the outfits are sporty but very feminine in my opinion, it’s unfortunate that it’s not popular on the European market 🙁 …among all, the dress that I liked most was not worn by Vera, but by Alona at the US Open! 🙂

  2. Not a big fan, but i also like this brand. It’s so sporty, but has feminine parts. I like all the outfits, besides, what’s there not to like? But, if i had to choose, I’d pick Roland Garros one. 🙂

  3. Francesca, I also love how Alona wears K-Swiss, but I wanted to feature Vera because of her high ranking.

    Mirjana, exactly. All the outfits are totally ok, not much is standing out, except for the US Open outfit, in my opinion.

  4. Personally, My favorites are the Roland Garros and Doha outfits.
    I am not a huge fan of this brand, as compared to the more famous nike and adidas outfits, however, I do like the looks. And, they suit Vera.
    Also, I hope you will be making a review of Maria Sharapova’s outfits. It’s always fun to see what Masha brings fashion-wise to the court. =)

  5. Marija, you were right to feature Vera, she has achieved important goals this year, as for Kim I wonder why she doesn’t wear the clothes, I think she would wear them perfectly 🙂

  6. K-Swiss is a good, simple brand. Nothing over the top, but still nice! My favoutite out fit from Vera this year was the Doha one!

  7. I like some of the K Swiss apparel especially Vera’s Wimbledon and Vera’s and Alona’s US Open outfits (Alona wore one of the best dresses at USO).

  8. Thanks for the review, Marija!

    Just quietly, I think Vera’s favourite may be pink – given the incredibly large amount of outfits in that shade.

    My favourite was her Doha outfit – the colouring vaguely reminds me of what Sharapova wore to the YEC in 2007 when she dominated the field to send a big statement to the WTA tour! 🙂

  9. TennisxLovex3, Maria? Of course!!

    Benjamin, it was my pleasure! Maria’s YEC 2007 outfit was so classy and unique, it’s one of my all time favorites.

    By the way, Sam reminded me that Vera had another outfit for Wimbledon, here it is: [link expired]


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