2010 fashion focus: Venus Williams wearing EleVen clothing line


Venus Williams at the Australian Open 2010

When it comes to 2010 tennis fashion and Venus Williams, the leitmotif throughout the season was a lifting bottom part of dresses. Venus apparently felt like showing off her booty this year, as she herself is the creator of these EleVen designs.

Venus Williams in red and black EleVen dress

I like the EleVen dresses which combined black and red with sexy lingerie-inspired look. Very unique, different from other brands, you could immediately tell it was EleVen. The Roland Garros dress looks cute, with a combination of ballet innocence and sexy lace. But, there’s a big “but”, I like the dress when it’s still!

Venus Williams playing the Rome tournamentVenus Williams at the 2010 French Open

In action it was the biggest disaster of Roland Garros, evidenced below.

Embed from Getty Images

What possessed Venus to wear that?

Venus Williams playing doubles at Roland Garros 2010

And you could see her black thong underneath these nude shorts. Disaster!

At the US Open Venus sported numerous EleVen outfits, and there were some that I would nominate for worst tennis clothes of the season.

Venus Williams at Wimbledon 2010Venus Williams at the 2010 US Open

Look at the photo below. What is that? It’s just plain ugly and cheap, be it black or pink.

Venus Williams at the 2010 US Open

The dresses look horrible, but when you get to see their back, then you really start to feel sick.

US Open 4971220381_8b5c5955daUS Open 4971833138_5cdd18cd31

The outfit below Venus also wore at the US Open, and while I would normally say it’s nothing special, under the current circumstances it’s cute. Just for comparison, check out Venus’ lines from 2008 and 2009, you could pick out some nice pieces.

Venus Williams at 2010 US Open

What do you think of Venus’ 2010 wardrobe-wise? Do you like her provocative and attention-grabbing look or would you like her to undertake major changes in 2011?

Our readers Phaura and Charles Toye asked me to do the retrospection of Venus’ 2010 outfits. So what do you have to say, Phaura and Charles? (photos: Emmett Anderson, © Neal Trousdale, Life.com, dressrecycle, Getty Images, Meral Crifasi, silvajanjorge, Diario El Carabobeno, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, rdjdmj)


  1. Well Venus defiantly made some interesting designs during 2010! I know its not everyones cup of tea I did like the Miami/Madrid dress and the last US Open dress, which was probably her best choice for the whole season. The Australian Open dress would have been nicer i think if she hadn’t had her brown shorts!

  2. Well its pretty hard not too! Ahaha, I mean the pink and black US Open “firework” dresses were disgusting, when she played they ended up like tops! She had to pull them down after every point!

    But I liked the uniqueness of the Miami/Madrid and the last US Open one was simple and nice.

    And Wimbledon just looked tacky. She looked like she should have been on the main stage of the golden nugget, with the fringe of the dress!

  3. I don’t like any of these outfits, they are not even tennis dresses. Some materials just don’t belong to sportwear for a reason, seeing her pulling those dresses up all the time was driving me crazy! I don’t understand how did the umpires allow her to play in that stuff, they’re just inappropriate for court. The only normal one was the black-white peace for the us open, but it was more fot the beach for me. I hope she’ll go back to her 2008 outfits, ’cause they really sute her best, and it’s not hurting my eyes. :O

  4. Mirjana, good point about the materials, they also look totally average, nothing like high-quality sports materials that Nike and adidas have.

  5. Yeah, Maria switched to head. She was using a blacked out racquet in her expedition match I believe, and nows its official.

    Maybe she was looking for something else to blame for losses apart from her shoulder!

  6. Wow. Although not a huge shock – I think Masha’s racquet change will be more beneficial for her arm/shoulder health. Prince’s designs seem to always cause people a lot of injury issues.

    As for Venus’ designs – I actually really liked her French Open dress; maybe if she wore orange panties, it would be a little less vulgar!!

  7. Venus really shocked me with this collection of clothes… honestly I don’t know what to say, the Roland Garros outfit has an interesting design, and in some ways I like it, but during the game is unfortunately a bit vulgar, about the pink/black US Open dress I agree that it is unwatchable and rather in bad taste!

  8. Like US Open dress had to agree Venus always looked good in reebok and need to tone down on her new line. Less is more on some aspects

    I am a big fan none the less

  9. Oh dear, seeing this again is like a nightmare coming back. There are some wear-able pieces but the majority of that collection are tacky pieces you would not wear even in a bar. RG lace one is the worst thing I’ve ever seen a player wearing on the court. I was quite surprised they let her wear something like that in Roland Garros.
    I think Venus tried to be original but it completely backfired and instead of originality she achieved tackiness.

  10. heheheh….

    venus was just so newsworthy wearing those outfits…

    thanks marija…

    love that canary dress she wore at the aussie open…. it’s just so venus… so much wilderness…

    thanks for the post marija..

    merry xmas and a happy new year!!!

  11. I liked Venus’s dresses except for the fireworks dresses at the U.S Open. I felt that they came up too much. Now mind you, when you are experimenting with new things, you are going to have your moments when things do not work. However, I think she got her goal across of turning heads. I mean, we have seen some of the things that Bethanie Mattek wears… that is nothing compared to what Venus is wearing.

  12. Yeah I’ll agree with Sam.

    I really liked her Aussie dress though I think it would have looked just as good if she was wearing black shorts underneath. I liked the French Open dress…in the stills, but could see where she was trying to go with it. I also loved the black version of the Aussie Dress, though I think it wouldn’t have been so controversial if she wore black or some other non-see through shorts, but kudos to her for sticking to her original plan. The Wimbledon dress would have been soooo much better without the frilly stuff on the bottom. And as for the US Open, I agree with what people have said…the black dress from the semi-finals was her best look and the other ones…um yeah weren’t too great.


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