In pictures: Samantha Stosur wearing Lacoste throughout 2010


Samantha Stosur Sydney 2010

It’s been high time Samantha Stosur and Lacoste found their place in our well-known overviews of women’s tennis fashion. This is our first feature of the best-ranked Australian WTA player and the French brand of Lacoste with tradition dating back to 1933.

Samantha Stosur in orange Lacoste dress

Stosur’s orange Lacoste dress received a lot of exposure, as she wore it at six tournaments, including the Australian Open, and at two Fed Cup ties, in Adelaide and Kharkiv.

Samantha Stosur Roland Garros Lacoste dress

In the above dark version of the same dress Stosur reached her first Grand Slam final, at the 2010 French Open.

Samantha Stosur at Wimbledon 2010

Lacoste stayed faithful to their sporty and clean cuts, and as Wimbledon requires white clothes, Stosur was dressed in a simple dress without details, except for the three buttons in the front, present pretty much throughout the season.

Samantha Stosur playing in San Diego 2010

For San Diego Sam got back to the black Roland Garros dress.

Samantha Stosur New Haven 2010

As of New Haven, Lacoste departed from the accent of three buttons, replacing them with accentuated pockets on skorts and contrast binding on tops.

Samantha Stosur's purple Lacoste outfit

My absolute favorite from Lacoste 2010 and Samantha Stosur is the white New Haven dress. I love clean white with just a little bit of black details. My least favorite has to be the orange dress.

I would give Lacoste a big thumbs up for their designs – they seem to have found a perfect cut and are sticking to it. Nothing revolutionary, no glamor, but if you want a solid tennis dress, Lacoste could be a good way to go, especially if you’re not a tennis star, which obviously most people are not.

What do you think? Is the partnership of Lacoste and Sam fruitful fashion-wise?

(photos: chascow, sr_cranks, *becks*26, John Bolan, Matthew Stockman/Getty Images, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)


  1. I think Lacoste is great Samantha, nothing fancy just simple clean cuts.

    I like the US Open – Doha the best, and that design is defiantly a lot better that the dress design for the earlier period of the year

    But I hate the sun glasses! But there basically one of her trademarks and she’s getting paid to ware them.

    And I just wished Lacoste had more variety in their designs!

  2. All the outfits are pretty, just the problem is that they are so similiar, but I guess that’s Lacoste style… My favourite one is the one she wore at the French open, and the orange is cool.

  3. I think Lacoste outfits are a great fit for Samantha’s athletic shape. The are flattering yet not overly flamboyant.

  4. My favorite outfit is the Sydney outfit. It’s a simple tank/skort combo but the colors just pop very nicely.
    I think Lacoste, although not one of the “glamorous” brands still has a simple, yet elegant look. Sam pulls is off very nicely with her muscular build.

  5. Sam, I also think Lacoste is perfect for Samantha, and yes, the purple outfit would be my second favorite.

    Mirjana, true, they all look alike, but not all the brands pursue diversity as much as Nike, and it’s ok.

    Shir, now that you mentioned athletic shape, I think that the perfect fit would also be adidas barricade.

    TennisxLovex3, I agree with you 100%. The contrast of the first outfit of the season makes it stand out and it’s a very nice outfit.


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