Maria Sharapova’s Nike looks throughout 2010


Maria Sharapova Thailand exhibition January 2010Maria Sharapova at the 2010 Australian Open

The time has come for us to review the 2010 Nike outfits of Maria Sharapova, the indisputable tennis queen when it comes to both on and off court fashion. I said indisputable because the Russian picked up two awards based on fan votes at this year’s WTA Player Awards – most fashionable player (on court) and most fashionable player (off court), and unlike in many other cases, rare are those who disagree.

Maria Sharapova Memphis Nike outfit 2010Maria Sharapova's  Madrid and Strasbourg Nike outfit

From the sea weed of the Melbourne dress to the tuxedo of Flushing Meadows, you can notice that the glamor of Sharapova’s dresses is actually what she brings with her self-confidence and personality.

Maria Sharapova at the 2010 Roland Garros

Injuries may have haunted Sharapova’s career, but her fashion sense has never left her and we have as much as three past retrospections to prove it – from the years of 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Maria Sharapova at Wimbledon 2010Maria Sharapova's Nike dress for Stanford and Cincinnati 2010

My absolute favorite Sharapova’s Nike dresses of 2010 are the day and night dresses for the US Open. I’ve always liked how smart outfits, with touches of elite and high class suited Maria. I don’t know of any other player who can pull off that look better than Sharapova.

US Open day dress Maria SharapovaUS Open 2010 night Nike dress Maria Sharapova

What do you say? Do you like what you see? Have Nike and Sharapova lived up to the expectations?

Mexico exhibition Maria Sharapova

Pietaar, Bróna, TennisxLovex3 and Eefefe, I hope you like my overview. I did it for everyone, but especially for you, because you requested it. 😉

As a perfect addition to this Nike tennis fashion overview, watch this video and see which dresses are Sharapova’s all-time favorites. Sharapova herself is explaining what makes some of her dresses special and why she loves them.

Sam, thank you for recommending me to feature this video! 😉

(photos: Celeb Fan Forum, 6Cab, chasing photography, Stephane Martinache, tennis buzz, © Neal Trousdale, Gadget Andrew, wtawomenstennis)


  1. Thank you Marija!
    I loved looking at all of Masha’s outfits this year.
    I wasn’t too impressed with her two exhibition outfits but I enjoyed all of the other outfits. I’m already looking forward to her outfits next year!

  2. I’ve noticed that I don’t really like it when Maria doesn’t wear her visor and when she wears spaghetti strap tops, ex. Roland Garros, Mexico. It makes her look disproportionate and has a big head (haha). My favorite is Cincinnati followed by the night US Open and day US Open.

  3. This year my favourite one is RG one, mostly because of the colour combination- it’s so different. Also, I like the Wimbledon one. But I have to admit, I wasn’t too impressed by her outfits in 2010, I guess Nike ran out of inspiration. To me it seems Nike will never repeat the designs she wore in 2007 and 2008.

  4. I really like the pink dress and the yellow-blue combination she wore at Indian Wells.Like the US open day and night- suited her perfectly. But Roland Garros is my favourite,even though I think it had too much material on the bottom. I think this year Nike went a little bit too much- like for Australian open,some designs were just too, how to say, extravagant, guessed they’ve already used all the normal cuts.Maria was always extravagant, but somehow elegance was always in first plan, and I don’t think we’ve seen that so much this year.

  5. First of all, Merry Christmas to all 🙂

    This is the overview that every year I love the most, just because Masha is synonymous with fashion, I always thought that Nike has done a great job with her from the beginning. This year my favourite are the US Open day and night dresses, but I also appreciated the two exhibition dresses.

    Thanks to Sam for the video, it’s very nice… I was struck by the fact that Maria’s favorite clothes are my favorite ^__^

  6. Thank you! She has looked great on-court this year. My favourites would probably be Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open night dress, but to be honest there was no outfit this year that I didn’t like! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

  7. but she will never never wear a better outfit than the 2006 us open night dress!! that is the MOMENT of her tennis career! that dress was just perfect for her!

  8. Her outfits are great, they look perfect on her. The only exception is Roland Garros, that one doesn’t work out somehow.

  9. @ Jacob – yay! I’m not the only person who actually likes the AO dress.

    To be honest, I liked all of Maria’s outfits this year – I honestly was a tad disappointed that she didn’t get to wear her Miami outfit though; would have loved to see her try and pull it off!

  10. I had no idea how much thought went into tennis dress design until I saw this video. I loved how the background colours of the courts had a influence (as in the navy dress against the orange court). Also, the Wimbledon dresses were made so interesting using texture. Inspiring!

  11. Jane, it really is inspiring and it is especially the case with Maria’s Grand Slam dresses who often have amazing inspiration and story behind them.


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