Maria Sharapova in the latest Nike Free commercial


Maria Sharapova - Nike Women - Nike Free

Maria Sharapova is featured in a new Nike shoe commercial for their Nike Free technology, which allows you to move as if you were barefoot, giving your feet their natural freedom, thus increasing your strength and flexibility during every workout.

Maria is “Making the most of every movement”, as their slogan says, alongside other female athletes such as Allyson Felix, Joey Duck and Leah Kim. The music is from Adele and her brand new single Rolling in the Deep. (via Forty Deuce)


  1. Migi, that’s not my site. They are stealing my content. I’ve just sent them an email warning. Thank you for telling me.

  2. Good commercial. I had no idea who the other girls are but Masha looks great (as always).
    Marija you were sharp (I hope so :-D)- your stolen articles are removed from that site.

  3. Benjamin, you’re welcome.

    Soko, I wasn’t too intimidating haha. The person wasn’t malicious, he was just testing some plug-in and forgot to remove my feed…


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