All Victoria Azarenka’s 2010 Nike dresses


We are closing our 2010 retrospections of WTA players’ outfits with Victoria Azarenka and Nike. This overview is especially for our reader Pietaar, who wanted me to feature the world No.10 and her fashion.

All Azarenka’s 2010 outfits are very nice, they suit her well, although there is nothing outstanding about them. The fact that they are not impressive or too innovative is not their drawback, not everyone should follow in the footsteps of Maria Sharapova, or let’s say Aravane Rezai. 🙂

Last year I absolutely loved the cut, colors and detailing of Azarenka’s French Open dress (here you can check out all Azarenka’s 2009 Nike outfits). If I had to pick my 2010 favorite, it would also be a French Open outfit. The bluish/purplish one shown above is young and subtle, and looks great on Azarenka.

What do you think Azarenka’s Nike style during 2010? What is your favorite outfit?

I hope you enjoyed our fashion retrospections this year. We covered a large number of players and versatile brands:

I think we can vote on the best dressed WTA player now! I can’t choose between Serena Williams and Ana Ivanovic, but those two are far ahead of all the others, in my opinion. What do you say? Express your opinion in the comments. You can even name someone who wasn’t included in the retrospections. (photos: Court Two, incuboy, © Neal Trousdale, RobynVC, Carine06,, Peter Tsang Chung)


  1. My favourite ones are the dresses she wore from Miami to Roland Garros- can’t decide which colour. I like seeing Victoria in something simple,thight and strong-coloured, as those dresses and the outfit in Sydney. I didn’t like the outfits she wore in 2nd part of season- it’s cute, but all those ruffles just don’t go on with her fire temperament, and that black dress Serena was supposed to wear is just stupid. Anyway, I’ll be cheering up for her, she is one of few young players who’s game I like to watch (although the screams are really annoying) and if it weren’t for her head, I’m sure she would have done a lot more in tennis. As for the best dressed, I’ll have to pick Ana- feminine and sporty outfits on a beautiful girl is a bingo! 😀

  2. My favorite outfit from Azarenka was the one from Doha. I like the colour, and was the best colour combination from that outfit. In my opinion. But I also liked Eastbourne aswell!

    And I believe the best dressed is Serena Williams, all her outfits suited her perfectly and the colours were amazing!

  3. I like Victoria’s dresses. They are not outstanding but yes, they look nice on her.
    The best dressed player for me would be Ana Ivanovic.
    Btw, if it’s possible to vote for the best clothing line then Adilibria gets my vote.

  4. I really like all Vika’s clothes, they are simply, sporty but really nice and suit her well! If I had to pick one it would be Roland Garros’ outfit, mainly because I love the color…

    About the best-dressed player I can’t decide between Vika and Ana 😛


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