Review of Kim Clijsters’ official website


Kim Clijsters' official website

The first thing you see when you arrive at the website of Belgian Kim Clijsters is that it has three versions: Dutch, French and English. When you pick the language and proceed, you arrive at the homepage rich with glimpses of the latest content – from news, photos, and videos, to an extract from Kim’s last blog entry, as well as the list of logos of Kim’s sponsors and promotion of her social media profiles on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook (haha I see a lot of familiar faces in the people who follow Clijsters on Facebook). In addition, highlighted at the home page is the next tournament Clijsters is scheduled to play.

Kim Clijsters Facebook fans

The “info” tab in the navigation menu features Clijsters’ biography, some additional things about her, her records, her upcoming schedule, and also a very interesting section called “family”. When you click on “family” you will be taken to a page where Kim’s husband, former professional basketball player Brian Lynch, is promoting his music! There is a large introduction where Brian is saying what music means to him and how he is just an amateur, and you can hear his song “Beneath the Surface” which suggests that your life doesn’t have to be perfect just because you’re famous and rich professional athlete in the spotlight. Check it out, you can hear Brian rapping!

Kim Clijsters's official website

The website also features a forum, but I haven’t used it, so I’m not sure how live it is.

And last but not least, the website is user-friendly and all the content is easily reachable.

Additional info: was voted “Site of the Year” in Belgium, in the athlete site category.


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