WTA players and their mothers – part III


We are continuing our little series of women’s tennis players and their mothers, and we’re starting with one of the most famous tennis moms of the present – Jelena Jankovic‘s mother Snezana.

Jelena Jankovic and her mother Snezana

Here’s a very nice video of Snezana and Jelena together, that the WTA Tour took last year for the Mother’s Day. Snezana is talking about what Jelena was like as a child and how she got into tennis.

Another famous Serbian tennis mom is Dragana Ivanovic, also a very frequent site in the stands. Dragana is a lawyer, but more importantly, she’s the mother of Grand Slam champion Ana Ivanovic.

Ana Ivanovic and her mother Dragana

The following photo shows Dinara Safina‘s mother, Rauza Islanova, who used to train her daughter when she was young.

Dinara Safina's mother Rauza Islanova

Maria Sharapova‘s mother Yelena is less seen than her husband Yuri, so enjoy the following few photos of Sharapova and her family.

Maria Sharapova and her parents Yelena and Yuri

Here on Women’s Tennis Blog we’ve already shared one old photo of Sharapova’s family, as part of our article featuring photos of little Masha.

Maria Sharapova and her parents Yelena and Yuri

Maria Sharapova and her mother Yelena

(photos: Zimbio, Sulekha, Chance98, MariaSharapova.com)


  1. Can I just say I LOVE Jelena’s mom? Didn’t know that Jelena went to the States so was super impressed with her mom’s English, but her answers were just so cute and well-spoken.


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