Victoria Azarenka’s official website – colorful, young and fun

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Vika Azarenka - Official Website

The things you notice right away when you visit Victoria Azarenka’s official website are its energy, youthfulness, lively colors, palm trees and the dynamic sliding menu, similar to the one her friend Caroline Wozniacki has at her website. A video featuring on-court and off-court highlights and an interview launches automatically as you visit the homepage, and I’m not a fan of video/audio content playing without a visitors approval/will, but I suppose that Vika’s website can get away with it.

Vika Azarenka - Official Website

There is a section called “Vika’s Voyages”, which is similar to a blog or a diary. Victoria is sharing her plentiful travel experiences with us, as well as what she’s up to at the moment. Of course, there are other expected features such as photos galleries, videos, press, news, schedule, career highlights, etc.

Vika Azarenka - Official Website

Victoria is also active on social networking websites, and links to her Twitter, Facebook and YouTube profiles.


  1. Victoria needs to win something this year, last season was a disappointment, if she is ever going t to make it to the big stage it’s now.

  2. Dear Mrs. Azarenka,
    i am a fan of your game. But my wish is that you don’t make so much noice, we when you play.

    Thank You

    Willy winkler

  3. Hi Vicky,

    I think you are one of the Hottest, Sexiest and Athletic players on The WTA Tour. I wish I could meet you someday and maybe watch you play in person.

  4. Hi Victoria. I’m Mike Beckmann of Kirkwood, Missouri U.S.A. I am a fan of yours. I think you are Sexy & Athletic! Sorry that you lost in Austrlia today. I hope you win next time.


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