WTA fashion at the 2011 Australian Open


As our reader Brenda from Argentina asked for my overview of the 2011 Australian Open tennis fashion, here it is – a little bit of every brand, a little bit of good and bad.

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Let’s not save the best for the last. Let’s start with by far the biggest fashion attention-grabber of the tournament – Venus Williams. The American played three matches (actually two, but she started her third one) and showcased the same number of outfits. The following one is the unofficial ugliest tennis outfit of the decade.

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Venus, a graduate in fashion design and the person behind clothing line EleVen, made the outfits herself.

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Believe it or not, Venus’ dresses, or whatever they can be called, have gained a fan base. Whoever likes Venus’ latest EleVen dresses, please leave a comment! I’m sure the world would love to hear your reasoning. πŸ™‚

I’d like to continue with Nadia Petrova, the representative of Ellesse. Petrova has also had some colorful and imaginative styles (remember her US Open 2010 outfit that had stripes of all the possible colors?). There might be sound logic behind Petrova’s support of EleVen.

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Another fashion favorite is always Aravane Rezai. Even though this time her family drama attracted more attention than her dress, the Frenchwoman stayed faithful to the touch of crazy uniqueness. Although, she definitely can do better!

Let’s move on to adidas – plenty of it.

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The I-look-awesome-in-everything Maria Kirilenko is wearing adidas Barricade line, just like Justine Henin, who shockingly retired from the sport two days ago, and Andrea Petkovic, who wore both all-white and all-green ensembles.

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In the following photo you can also see the back of Maria Sharapova’s Nike dress. There was a lot of talk about Sharapova’s Oz Open Ace Dress and Nike people even made a video describing the whole process behind it, and her shoes.

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Here’s the front part of the dress:

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But let’s get back to adidas.

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Flavia Pennetta was wearing adidas Adipure line, with stripes.

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While Daniela Hantuchova, just like Ana Ivanovic, sported the wonderful adidas Adizero dress. However, I got a bit disappointed by the opening in the back. It would’ve been better without it.

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Samantha Stosur looked sleek in her white Lacoste dress.

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Jelena Jankovic and ANTA failed to bring anything new to the table, and I’m mentioning her only because of her previously earned fashion fame.

Melanie Oudin switched from adidas to Wilson tennis clothes, and here’s how it looks.

Another apparel change involving adidas took place – with Dinara Safina moving from the German brand to Italian Sergio Tacchini.

As for Fila, they chose grass green for Kim Clijsters, and their classic colors for Svetlana Kuznetsova.

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Top seed Caroline Wozniacki was the ballerina of the tournament, with adidas by Stella McCartney white and pink dress.

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Vera Zvonareva and K-Swiss I’ll mention only because Vera was the second seed and I want to show something from K-Swiss as well, but compared to other designs, theirs doesn’t stand out, which is essentially not a bad thing.

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Here’s a bit of purple Reebok, represented by Shahar Peer.

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And some more of Nike, pink and white on Victoria Azarenka.

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For the end, I’ll let you guess whose socks are these.

Wow, I’ve made an extensive overview! πŸ™‚ So many photos, so many brands and different styles. My No.1 option as of late is always adidas. The fashion fun award goes to Venus! πŸ™‚ What are your picks? Do tell!


  1. What a beautiful way to start the day, I expected this overview!! ^__^

    I prefer not to say anything on Venus’ clothes, but I want to say a few words in favor of Nadia, because she doesn’t draw her clothes, she has also apologized to reporters saying that she had received it shortly before the tournament and she couldn’t do anything πŸ˜›

    I was a little disappointed by Nike, Maria’s dress is ok, but not outstanding in my opinion and I didn’t like Vika’s one, maybe because I’m not a fan of Big Babol pink.

    I liked Lacoste dress, simple but nice, and Adidas Adipure Line, but I think the best design is the Adizero dress and the best thing is that they sell it complete with bra and shorts πŸ˜€

  2. My favourite is Adidas adizero dress, although it didn’t bring much luck to Ana and Dani. JJ’s is okay, but a little bit too pale. Caroline wore a beatiful dress, but it seems like we’ve already seen those designs before. I also like what Maria, Stosur (and Cibulkova) and Oudin wore. As for the others, classic and cute. As for Venus- for god sake woman, just stop!:D Rezai can do a lot better, and Petrova’s outfits are always hilarious, I think they should be in year reviews. πŸ˜€

  3. For me, Sharapova’s dress was the best.I don’t know why,it’s quite simple and not so outstanding, but it looked perfect on Maria and the orange looked real awsome in the dark.Second place goes to Adidas dress for Ana and Hantuchova.I really loved all the Adidas outfits this year,colours are just terrific.McCartney for Caroline- nothing new,really,very pretty,but nothing new.Venus…What to say?But I maybe even a little bit like the light blue one πŸ˜€ Petrova’s outfits are starting to be legendary πŸ™‚ Rezai- she can do better πŸ˜‰ Also JJ-pretty,but nothing special,even though I like her in pink.Azarenka-I would like if Nike would stop dressing her like a Barbie doll -.-

  4. Sam, there were many more outfits worth mentioning in this year’s AO, but I thought my overview was long enought already.

    Francesca, really? πŸ™‚ I’m so glad to hear that. What a beautiful thing to hear. πŸ™‚ Poor Nadia, that dress looks ridiculous, especially on her. Yeah, Nike can be more impressive. And adidas rules!

    Kartik, you’re right! πŸ™‚ Oh no prizes this time, but you’re getting congrats from me for knowing the answer! πŸ™‚

    Mirjana, that’s true about Caroline’s attire. It’s beautiful, but all designs revolve around a couple of different styles.

    Mg, you actually picked your best of the worst? Ok, if I had to, my favorite Venus’ AO dress would be the black one. πŸ˜›

  5. Thank you girl!!
    I was expectinng for these πŸ™‚
    I think that adizero dress was the prettiest, caroline’s dress was also good, but I don’t like it on her..
    And I have to say that I’m agree with you that MAKIRI LOOKS AWESOME WEARING EVERYTHING!! The best outifit in this open was her doubles one..I love that pink short πŸ™‚
    Venus, Rezzai and Petrova NO COMMENTS! or as we say in Argentina NS/NC

  6. I bought the adizero ensemble in white, I suppose it’s gonna be worn at Roland Garros but I already saw Sania Mirza wearing it against Justine Henin. I think it really looks great (I’m quite thinner than Sania, I think she should have worn a size bigger) but it’s really getting shorter from year to year!

  7. Brenda, you’re welcome. If it wasn’t for you, I could’ve forgotten to do an overview this time.

    Cath, everything that adidas is currently presenting looks great, from designs to colors, to everything. Nice to hear that you as a customer are confirming that.

  8. Nice wrap up on the brands represented!

    I have to say I was most disappointed this tournament with what seemed to be a lack of support in the chest area for the ladies (i.e. Petra Kvitova and Vera Zvonareva). I’m not entirely sure why they chose to go with outfits that seemed not suited for the movements in tennis. I like a little flare and creativity with the tennis attire, but there also must be the proper support! I too liked the addidas outfits probably the most.

  9. My favorite AO 2011 outfit are Ana’s (Dani’s) dress and I like opening on the back (it’s probably functional for Australian hot summer). I wondered about zipper but when I saw it on Ana – the dress looks great. I also like the other adidas adizero and barricade stuffs worn by Andrea, Makiri, Sorana and Flavia (white)and Maria’s and Vika’s nike dresses and Li Na and Petra’s black skirts. Lacoste dress worn by Gisela, Dominika and Sam is very good too. I think that Fila’s outfits are good. I still don’t know wthat do I think about Caroline’s dress…well ..it’s cute. The other outfits are good but not so much as ones 😎 I mentioned above. I don’t want to mention the funniest outfit at AO because it was worn by the player which I like a lot πŸ™‚

  10. I love Venus!, I love her unique style! she can never go wrong she looks awesome in what she wore!, I can’t wait till the french open to see what more dramatic she comes up with!!!

  11. My favourites were the dresses worn by Ana and Daniela (the same, purple one) and Maria. I especially like that Maria is trying some dresses that are not too flashy, like her peacock disaster from last year!

  12. Maja J, I preferred Svetlana’s Fila over Kim’s. Too much green I think. The green adidas outfit that Petkovic wore was much better executed, because it had accents in different colors.

    Stephanie, thanks πŸ™‚ It’s horrible when players have to think about their clothes during the match, instead of playing tennis.

    Jacob, I expected you to show some support for Venus here as well. πŸ™‚

    Trent, I’m sure Venus has more surprises for us.

    Ibtisam, true, this time Maria’s dress was more ordinary.

  13. I loved Adidas line, especially the dress Ana was wearing. Shame it was on the show for only one match ( the exhibition match) :-/
    Apart from that I didn’t see many other dresses.
    The collection of Venus will forever stick in my memory. I think her company should be remained “Down the Rabbit Hole”. Because that’s where her style standards are heading to together with her game.
    That said, I’m actually curious about what attrocity will she produce next. I mean, it’s clear that it is all a cry for more attention. It’s just pitiful that a player who once used to be of such high calibre lowers herself to this kind of ridiculous exhibitionism.

  14. Francesca, she looks like a swan!

    Turkish Airlines is one of her sponsors, and I have to say I love her choice (if it was her choice at all). It’s the best airline I’ve traveled with.

  15. I thought the Addidas Adizero dress was beautiful, especially on Hantuchova. I liked Sharapova’s dress quite a bit. Most of all, I liked Dulko’s Lacoste.

  16. Adidas adizero is the winner.
    -We asked some of the nation’s top tennis retailers how consumers responded to the results Down Under, and found that champions, contenders and even early-round casualties piqued purchaser interests.
    Adidas boasted a men’s finalist in Murray and a women’s doubles champion in Flavia Pennetta, but it was former Aussie finalist Ana Ivanovic who appeared to nudge the needle in sales for some retailers.
    β€œThe biggest winner that I have seen from the Australian Open here at Holabird is adidas’ clothing,” says Sol Schwartz, Holabird Sports’ retail manager. β€œI have not seen a whole lot of reaction racquet- or string-wise. Ladies adizero tanks in the purplish color and the matching skirt have totally flown out the door. The funny thing is, Ana Ivanovic is the main player wearing it, and she went out extremely early in the tournament. Somehow people must have seen her in it.”

  17. Maja J, it’s not a surprise, it really is the best dress of the tournament. And even though Ana went out so early, other players like Hantuchova wore it too, and even before the tournament everyone knew about that dress cause it’s awesome. πŸ™‚

    Glad to her more proof of its popularity, it totally deserves it.

  18. I really liked Venus’s first round dress and her third round dress. “The Dress”, however, was horrific. I don’t find her dress to be any shorter than Justine’s or some of the other women, but I think Venus has more assets that are more viewable (her longgg legs and bodacious backside).

    I also really like Ana and Daniela’s dress but I feel like the purple scheme is getting old…I mean I think we’ve all seen Ana wear like 9379107623720 purple dresses since she was sponsored by Adidas.

    I like Maria’s and Kim’s dresses enough but they’re rather boring. But still classy.

    Oh and Caro’s dress was disgusting.


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