Scandal in Switzerland: sperm bank advertisement with Jelena Jankovic


Thanks to our reader, Zex, I am learning about this hilarious story involving who else than Jelena Jankovic. Hahaha this is the funniest tennis scandal!

Because of the funny faces JJ makes when playing tennis, the WTA star ended up in an advertisement for a sperm bank in Switzerland. Postcards with Jankovic and her full mouth were being sold in many Swiss cities for two francs. The text on the postcard translates as (according to Google): “Make a donation here”.

Jankovic ended up on these postcards without her knowledge and approval, and when it became a scandal, “Modern Times” from Germany, the company that made the postcard, said they did not know it was Jankovic in the picture and were sorry for the inconvenience.

The postcards have been withdrawn both from Swiss shops and from online stores. (source: Novosti)


  1. She is the woman,even if she is not in the top of tennis and sport stories, she will make us interested in her for some other reason 🙂
    Now we know why she is called Drama Queen 😀

  2. Тужно је и ружно шта су урадили!
    Жалосно је што желе да се извуку са дечијим оправдањем, “Нисам знао, мајек ми!”.
    Ово је велика увреда!


    It is sad and ugly what they did!
    It is sad that they want to get away with children’s justification, “I did not know, I swear!”.
    This is a great insult!

  3. I really don’t see what’s so funny about this commercial…. And like Nenad said, you can’t get away with just saying that it wasn’t your fault, and that you didn’t know…
    It’s just stupid.

  4. They are playing stupid now, and of course you can’t use somebody’s face in an advertisement just like that, but I actually think the idea is innovative and funny, and attention-grabbing. Provided that they had JJ’s permission, it would’ve been cool.

  5. OMG! 😀 Even if they had known it’s, why for gods sake they would have used such a photo? 😀 it’s scary! 😀

  6. OMG. This is hilarious; although I will admit that the picture and caption are a bit off-colour and not exactly enticing…

  7. Wow, I’m amazed you think this is funny. So amazed actually I felt compelled to leave a comment! It’s totally demeaning. Plus, as you highlight, the pictures were used WITHOUT HER CONSENT. Successful woman tennis player reduced to sperm bank? Even with her consent it would have been depressing, but without it, the inherent misogyny in that message is infuriating and depressing and I’m surprised something called the Women’s Tennis Blog doesn’t see this. I’m sure people will tell me to get off my high horse and have a sense of humour about this, but just… no. It’s horrible.

  8. Apart from the fact that the photo was used without her permission, personally I find it funny and if it had been done according to JJ I would find it very cool 😛 …

  9. “…pictures were used WITHOUT HER CONSENT”

    nice remark, ha ha
    It would be double funny if she had agreed to that 🙂

  10. It’s just unbelievable, first the incredibly tacky basic concept to start with, and then the unauthorized and highly-unlikely-ever-to-be-authorized use of JJ’s pic.

    Sue sue sue sue sue!

    (But it’s funny too.)

  11. OMG, this is absolutely hilarious! However, no wonder she is so angry, if they did that to me I would be pretty furious, that’s for sure.

  12. Žex, yes, but only if she sues them, and that’s only a projection of one lawyer. However, she should try, with a good lawyer she can definitely get a lot, and for sure she would win the case. No doubt about that.

    Junkdelux, I accept your opinion. The differences between our opinions, as I see it, come from the fact that I see nothing embarrassing in a sperm bank, or sperm itself whatsoever. I share Francesca’s opinion.

    The only thing JJ should be angry for is that she wasn’t included in their financial calculation! 🙂 And that’s why she should sue them. But I don’t see her image has been ruined or anything.


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