Serena Williams talking about her pulmonary embolism for TODAY Show


Serena Williams spoke to TODAY’s Matt Lauer, explaining in detail her recent health state, her pulmonary embolism condition, from the moment she first got hospitalized on February 18. It was an emergency situation because of blood clots in her lungs (her symptoms were a swelling in her leg and breathing problems).

Serena later felt better and the following weekend she had an Oscar appearance, only to end up in hospital the very next day. She had to have a surgery for a grapefruit-size hematoma in her stomach.

Good news is that Serena’s career will not be affected, as all the problems were addressed in time. Click on the image to watch the entire interview or click here.


  1. My God, I’m really worried for Serena.How could this happen at all?What were her doctors doing?Things like this don’t happen over the night. I’m not fan of her tennis,but she is really far better than other players and makes them work more and more to beat her,so her absence is a really bad thing for WTA.And I doubt her comeback now-she is not that young anymore to be able to get back into champion form with not training for months as she did before, but it’s Serena, can be suprises as always.

  2. Mg, as I understand, it is the result of the lack of circulation and it’s very difficult to spot, you don’t have to have symptoms at all. That’s just my understanding, and I’m not very knowledgeable in the subject.

  3. Very worrying about Serena, she appears to at a point of no return, but like Mg said, its Serena, and it wouldn’t be the first time she surprised us! The WTA need’s her, and she needs tennis!

    Sorry to intrude Marija and Mg but my Father is a doctor and he said the pulmonary embolism can give you symptoms of increased respiratory rate, increased heart rate, some shortness of breath and he also said that most people develop this due to extended bed rest, long distance travel and knee surgery can also lead to the development…Serena has had all of these in her illustrious life.

  4. What she had is a known effect of taking EPO. I’m not saying she’s definitely a user, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Gregoire, thanks for sharing your father’s knowledge. Just as I thought, extended lack of movement can develop such health problems.

    Patricia, she will certainly come back, only that she doesn’t know when.

    RichF, I wouldn’t like to speculate on that…


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