Win Naemeh Shirazi’s sculpted lace earrings


The fourth birthday celebration of Women’s Tennis Blog is slowly coming to a close. Our last contest, as part of the festivities, is including Naemeh Shirazi’s sculpted lace earrings provided by Stevie’s Artisans. You can win one of the seven pairs of earrings shown in this article if you complete the simple step I am about to explain.

Answer the following question in the comments below this contest announcement: Which female tennis player is in the picture? Of those of you who qualify with the right answer, I will randomly draw one person who will be the lucky winner.

Help: she is a three-time Grand Slam champion. 😉 Should be easy.

Naemeh Shirazi’s sculpted lace earrings make a bold statement without getting in the way of the athlete’s performance. Available in multiple styles and colors, her earrings are nearly weightless yet make a strong impact. Naemeh, a Stevie’s Artisan, produces her feather weight designs in striking silhouettes by sculpting yardage of durable, intricately designed lace.  – Stevie’s Artisan’s blog

The contest closes on Saturday, April 9th, at 1 p.m. CET.

You can buy these earrings and other earring styles at and

Good luck!

Update: This contest is closed now.



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