Serena Williams faces her stalker in court


Serena Williams was stalked and bothered on multiple occasions during six months by 40-year-old Patenema Ouedraogo who claims he “loves her” and “the feelings are reciprocal”. The man was arrested outside Serena’s gated community Tuesday morning and already hours later Serena faced him in court.

The man was showing up in places where Serena was and interestingly, he said that Serena’s own Twitter updates helped him locate her. Also, he supposedly thought that Serena’s tweets were direct communication with him.

Nevertheless, Serena will not stop using social media sites.


  1. It’s great that Serena moved quickly to put a stop to this deluded stalker. A while back Sharapova had a reporter following her around and showing up at her pressers telling her he was in love with her. Maria put a stop to that nonesense. It’s best when these strong ladies sent a message that this behavior will not be tolerated.

    Oh btw: In one interview Serena did say she would return to action this summer. During Miami, in a presser Caroline said she stopped by Serena’s home to see how she was recuperating and Caro said that Serena told her she would be back on the tour this summer. Frankly, I couldn’t see any reason for Rena to come back and doubted it BUT now there is a scenario that would motivate the 13th-time-GS champion to return: Serena could come back to play in a few of the U.S. Open Series and tune up for (drum roll) The U.S. Open. The scene of her 1st slam victory! That New York crowd would go wild to have their American hero back, besides do we really want to see Kim win again?

    I’m sure the promoters would love to have Serena, Kim and #1 Caro in the draw. It would sell a lot of tickets and just think of the promotional aspects. Likely, Serena would welcome a chance to maybe win and erase some of that footfault incident, if she does win then what a fitting end to crown her retirement with, yes it would be difficult but not impossible.

    Caro has never beaten Serena, if they met at the Open and if Caro beats Serena then it would be a further confirmation of the passing of the torch. Let’s face it a lot of stars and especially upcoming youngsters (Julia, Petra, Vika etc) would like another shot at Serena.

  2. I doubt this incident will give Serena so much motivation, her health state is still not good enough and this month’s news are still telling that both Serena and Venus are doubtful for the French Open.

  3. Likely, you’re correct but no way news of a Williams sisters possible return would be confirmed anytime soon as all the attention is rightfully focused on current tournies and the French Open, then attention turns to Wimby preps and Wimbledon itself. However, who knows what might be going on behind the scenes regarding the U.S.Open…maybe something..maybe nothing.

    Agreed, it’s very doubtful WSs wont be flying overseas to Europe to compete but can surely travel in the U.S.(already doing so). If they’re healthy enough by then and want to provide top American representation in their homecountry’s big grand slam (and it’s preps) it’s their prerogative. And Serena has been photographed hitting on court at their charity sponsored tennis club.

  4. I’m not a big fan of Serena but i definitely support her decision. It’s not normal for someone to be in her situation even though she is a former World no.1 in WTA having a lot of fans, such things are just unacceptable. There are some great fans out-there but yet there are some people like this one, who are just mentally sick. As for Serena being more motivated after this incident, well i’m not sure her problem right now it’s motivation. 🙂

  5. Helen, their return is still indefinite, as for Serena, she was seen practicing a long time ago, months ago, but she’s still not back. I have a feeling she won’t be back soon.


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